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  1. Is the repository private? Getting a 404 error.
  2. I run my own slimmed down theme of the forums by blocking/editing some certain elements... I've just checked it against the other 3 new themes and its all working perfectly too! I guess because its only colour changes. Shameless plug for anyone wanting a streamlined, text/posts only look to the forum:
  3. This is a Kerbal Space Program forum. Not a spaceflight or what I had for dinner yesterday forum.
  4. Updated uBlock Origin elements to get rid of some of the KSP2 marketing that's been added recently and updated the CSS to indicate the use of the extension Stylus (instead of Stylish) and to correctly shift the sub-forum lastPoster over to the right hand side of the table due to a skin update. EDIT: Added side-by-side comparison links so you can easily see the difference.
  5. Hi Dakota, thank you for doing that, it certainly is a lot easier to navigate and is more visible. The only other thing I could suggest, is to potentially make it appear similar to how it used to be, is to create another main forum category, "Kerbal Space Program 1 Mods" above the "Community" category, which would contain the sub-forums, "KSP1 Mods Discussions," "KSP1 Mod Releases" and "KSP1 Mod Development." You currently have about 1/3 of all the forum posts that have ever existed on the forum (since the great accident) squirreled away under one link. It would be nice to have them separated out again, as they previously were, so you can track the latest post status for each respective sub-forum. EDIT: So, just for clarity, the layout I am suggesting would be as follows: Kerbal Space Program 2 Mods - KSP2 Mod Discussions - KSP2 Mod Releases - KSP2 Mod Development Kerbal Space Program 1 - KSP1 The Daily Kerbal - KSP1 Discussion - KSP1 Suggestions & Development Discussion - KSP1 Challenges & Mission ideas - KSP1 The Spacecraft Exchange - KSP1 Mission Reports - KSP1 Gameplay and Technical Support -- KSP1 Gameplay Questions and Tutorials -- KSP1 Technical Support (PC, unmodded installs) -- KSP1 Technical Support (PC, modded installs) -- KSP1 Technical Support (Console) - KSP1 Expansions -- Breaking Ground Expansion -- Making History Expansion Kerbal Space Program 1 Mods - KSP1 Mod Discussions - KSP1 Mod Releases -- KSP1 Tools and Applications - KSP1 Mod Development -- KSP1 Modelling and Texturing Discussion -- KSP1 C# Plugin Development Help and Support -- KSP1 General Mod Development Help and Support Community - Science & Spaceflight - Kerbal Network - The Lounge -- Forum Games! - KSP Fan Works I hope that makes sense. No dash = Main forum category Single dash (-) = Sub-forum Double dash (--) = Sub-sub-forum
  6. I've been this having trouble with and Clean vanilla install of KSP 1.12.5 with only MechJeb installed: Boot KSP Start new Sandbox save Open editor and load a stock craft, I chose the 'Kerbal 1' with a MechJeb computer added, and send to the pad. Open the Ascent Guidance window and then change the mode to PVG. Toggle on 'Edit Rocket Staging' and the 'PVG Settings' window opens in the top left corner and its blank and you cannot move it. Since I also have the issue that you click 'Engage Autopilot', then stage to launch and the ascent guidance doesn't do anything. With it correctly functions and launches the craft and controls the ascent, since the ascent guidance seems to not trigger. I'll get some logs. EDIT: For this I used the same Vanilla 1.12.5 with MechJeb above, followed the same process as the bulleted points above and then let the craft ascend under the SRBs (the central LVT engine doesn't throttle up as the ascent guidance fails to take control) and then let the craft fall and crash. Then I quit to main menu and closed the game. You can see the exceptions being thrown as soon as I open the Ascent Guidance GUI. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zo47m3ew88gsf68/KSP.log?dl=0
  7. Handpicking parts to use from ReStock is not a supported feature... and kinda goes against the idea of the mod, I think both Nertea and Cineboxandrew mentioned as much previously somewhere. You can of course white a stock part and then go in and manually butcher the config patches to stop ReStock making edits to the stock part in question. You're on your own at that point though. With respect to using ReStock parts/assets on other mods' parts, again, you're on your own and would require an understanding as to the part config syntax/format and also as to how Module Manager does its patch handling. I would suggest you take a look at the Module Manager Wiki for some guidance. https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki
  8. I think you have a misunderstanding of what the blacklist/whitelist does. By default, all stock parts that are replaced by ReStock are blacklisted. Whitelisting a stock part will override the blacklist and ensure that the models/textures for that stock part are loaded in the case that another mod uses those files.
  9. You can browse for 'Popular Mods' but I think that just ranks mods by total download count not, as you mention, within a specified time frame. SpaceDock is integrated with CKAN from a mod developers standpoint, I wonder in the future whether it could trigger CKAN to open and tick the mod for installation(?). Finally, its up to the mod developer to add screenshots to the SpaceDock listing page, it is available, its just not many use it as you can just click a link through to the forum page where they are typically posted. As far as Nexus Mods goes... there's no nauseated Kerbal emote I can use.
  10. With reference to the above, would you be happy with all the rocket parts being solid pink cylinders and cubes, the sky be jet black and the ground be plain white? Arguably having parts textured serve no gameplay purpose, having normal maps to simulate ground visuals serve no gameplay effect, having stars in the skybox serve no gameplay effect. I wonder where this line sits and what you'd be happy to retain and what you'd be happy getting rid of? I'd love to see weather effects in KSP even if they are visual only.
  11. Thanks Gargamel, it is a bit of a pain not being able to see the 3 KSP1 modding sub-forums split like they used to be. Considering they contain the vast majority of posts in this whole forum, it seems a bit weird hiding them at the bottom. When you look at how much engagement has happened over the past decade with specific respect to those Add-On forums... I think the poll results at the top of the thread speak for themselves.
  12. Thank you for the response from the Team. I'm sure the KSP2 player base can appreciate the hard work that you are all doing to facilitate this open communication, especially at this time... and hopefully everyone can appreciate that their favourite KSP1 mods may not be in a stage to be re-made in KSP2 yet. I'm sure all those who contributed to the letter will see your Team's replies and will ask some reasoned and well-thought out questions (just not too many! )
  13. Hey Dakota, I hope all is well at IG HQ! Glad to see that you've found this amongst the all the action and thank you for passing on our words, I think a pertinent point to reiterate is that "We feel it's essential for the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod development community to express our views and standpoint, publicly, to the player base for clarity. Rest assured that we believe the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team is already acutely aware of the issues raised in this letter." I'm sure you're all going a million miles per hour at the moment... or, well... 447040m/s as we should say.
  14. EDIT: I'll add further signatories here to preserve the OP for posterity, seeing as there has been a direct reply to it from the Community Manager. @AtomicTech - ReStock-Waterfall Expansion, AtomicTech Inc. Junkyards @Clonos - PlanetJam 1 @dboi88 - Coyote Space Industries KIU Team (@OldCopper, @mark7, @Launcelot) - KIU Chinese Pack (KCLV, KCHS, KCDE) @magico13 - Kerbal Construction Time, StageRecovery, ScrapYard @TheGhastModding - PlanetJam 1 & 2, Kopernicus Expansion Continueder --- This is me speaking personally now ( ), yeah I appreciate what you're saying, Munix and I would agree that is likely to be the case. I'd like to also highlight the section, "alongside 3rd party tools," and what that implies. I reckon that a lot of the modders listed above will most definitely utilise 3rd party tools/libraries etc. alongside an official mod loader to leverage their customisability and rapid iteration potential.
  15. Dear Kerbal Space Program 2 player base community and Kerbal Space Program 2 developers, This is an open letter from the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod developer community to everybody involved in Kerbal Space Program 2. As a summary, this letter will cover the following points of topic: The KSP1 mod development community feels that the game is not yet ready for modding in an effective and manageable way. An official mod loader is not currently available for the game, which brings with it several challenges. We would like to address the issue of 3rd party mod loaders. There are currently a lot of bugs in the game, and fixing these may have significant changes on API. Game-breaking bugs and performance issues should be prioritized before focusing on modding. There is a disparity in the design direction of parts and features, and it would be beneficial to have clear guidance on this before modding in earnest. The KSP1 mod development community is publicly addressing these areas of consideration for the benefit of the KSP2 player base understanding. We would like to address the KSP2 player base regarding mod developers and their work. As members of the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod developer community, we wanted to address the current state of the game concerning Kerbal Space Program 2 mod development. We understand that many players are eagerly anticipating the release of mods, and we too are excited about the possibilities that modding can bring to the game. However, at this time we believe that the game's state does not allow for the Kerbal Space Program mod development community to engage, wholeheartedly, in effective and manageable mod development. The primary reason for this is that the official mod loader is not yet available for use. Without this tool, mod developers are unable to create mods for the game and distribute them to players for use in an easy and managed way. Whilst we understand that the development of the official mod loader is a complex process that takes time, we prompt the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team to take into consideration its completion and publication so that modders can have a stable and public platform to build from in a standardized manner. We also want to acknowledge that third-party mod loaders have already been created and are being used by some members of the community, however, we believe that it is important for the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team to provide an official mod loader that is fully supported and integrated into the game. As a long-standing community of over a decade, the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod developers have always been very collaborative and have worked together to find agreeable standards within the mod development community using platforms that serve the needs of plugins/parts/gameplay/etc. mod creators in a managed and communicative way. While we appreciate the efforts of third-party mod loader creators, we believe that the official mod loader will provide a more stable and consistent platform for mod development alongside 3rd party tools, where necessary, to leverage processes that the official mod loader may not support or does not provide the scope for a mod’s development and implementation. We hope that the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team will consider this and review the timeframe of the development, and release, of an official mod loader that is fully supported and integrated into the game at some point in the not-too-distant future. Furthermore, there are currently a significant number of bugs present in the game that must be addressed before modding can commence in earnest. The fixing of these bugs may affect the API, making it difficult or even impossible for modders to create content that is stable and compatible with the game, potentially disrupting player experience. We challenge the development team to prioritize the resolution of these bugs so that mod developers can work with a stable and reliable platform. As addressed above, we appreciate that there are many significant bugs and performance issues currently in the released version of the game that are affecting player experience and gameplay. We feel that these should remain the focus of development to ‘fix’ the game for the core audience. Additionally, we have noticed a significant disparity in design direction between the game and its predecessor, Kerbal Space Program. This has left many mod developers unsure of how to approach mod development for Kerbal Space Program 2, as the game's direction is not yet clear. We ask that, in due course, the development team provide guidance and documentation on mod development so that we can better understand the game's design and create mods that are in line with its vision, not only from a codebase standpoint but, more importantly, from an artistic design standards aspect. We appreciate the hard work that the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team has put into the game so far and we understand that creating a game of this magnitude is no small feat, however, we believe that modding is an essential part of the Kerbal Space Program franchise experience and we hope that the development team will consider our concerns and work to ensure that mod developers have the tools and support they need to create great content for the game. While it may seem as though the previous number of points are solely addressing the game’s development and that it may come across as directed towards the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team, we would like to clarify that our primary intention is to convey these points to the Kerbal Space Program 2 player base clearly and transparently. We feel it's essential for the Kerbal Space Program 1 mod development community to express our views and standpoint, publicly, to the player base for clarity. Rest assured that we believe the Kerbal Space Program 2 development team is already acutely aware of the issues raised in this letter. Finally, we would like to reiterate a plea to the Kerbal Space Program 2 player base to please be patient as the game's development progresses. We understand that it can be frustrating to wait, but we believe that the development team is doing its best to create the best game possible and to provide a platform to use to create mods. We also ask that you please be respectful of the existing mods, their licenses, and their authors. Mod development is an important part of the Kerbal Space Program community, and we ask that you respect the hard work and dedication that goes into creating these mods. To conclude, we urge you to enjoy the game and the community. Kerbal Space Program has always been a game that encourages exploration, creativity, and innovation. Let's continue to support each other and make the most of this incredible game... and to the KSP2 development team, "Good luck, we're rooting for you!" Thank you for your attention and for your understanding. Sincerely, The Kerbal Space Program 1 (and hopefully 2 going forward) mod developer community Signed: @610yesnolovely - Reviva, Wacapella, Kplanes @Acea - Naval Artillery System @Ailex - Starilex intra-vehicular solutions : Mk.1 pod 'needle', Starilex Nightstar @AlphaMensae - Modular Launch Pads @Angelo Kerman - Airships (Heisenberg), BARIS, Blueshift, Buffalo 1 & 2, Classic Stock Resources, DSEV, EVARepairs, Kerbal Flying Saucers, Mk-33, MOLE, More Servos, Pathfinder, Sandcastle, Servo Controller, SLOTH, Snacks, SunkWorks, Wild Blue Core, Wild Blue Decals, Wild Blue Tools @Arrowstar - KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool (KSPTOT) @astro_119 - AeroSpace Technologies and Reusable Operations (ASTRO) @ballisticfox0 - KSRSS, Gas Giants Enhanced + Moons, Beyond Home @Balto-the-Wolf-Dog - Prakasa Aeroworks @Beale - Tantares (LV) (SP), Commonwealth Rockets, Project Manager, Netptune Camera, Gemstone LV, Special Delivery @benjee10 - HabTech2, Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit, Artemis Construction Kit, Planetside Exploration Technologies, reDIRECT, Historical Kerbal Heads & Suits, Coriolis Space Systems @blackheart612 - Airplane Parts Plus, Grounded @blackrack - Scatterer, EVE-Redux, Singularity @blowfish - B9PartSwitch, B9 Aerospace, Advanced Jet Engines, Simple Adjustable Fairings @cineboxandrew - ReStock, Conformal Decals @CobaltWolf - Bluedog Design Bureau @Consta - ArchaeSP @Daishi - Universal Storage 1 & 2 @Damon - Tundra Exploration, Tundra's Space Center, KSC Extended, KRE (Kerbal Reusability Expansion), Shangsheng Orbital @DMagic - SCANsat, DMagic Orbital Science, Contracts Window, CapCom, Tracking Station Evolved, Basic Orbit, Universal Storage 1 & 2 @DRVeyl - RealAntennas, Procedural Parts, Procedural Fairings, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 1, Realism Overhaul mod suite, RealFuels/MFT @DylanSemrau - Photon Corp, Boring Crew Services, Chrayol Design Org, Provenance Aerospace @Eskandare - Kerbin Side Remastered (KSR), Eskandare Aerospace (EA), Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX), Unnamed Submersible Base Mod (Unreleased), Unnamed O'Neill Station Experimental Mod, Thermonuclear Turbine (TTX), Kerbal Rotor Expansion (KRX), Kerbal Shuttle Orbiter System (KSOS) @EStreetRockets - ORANGES, Rocket Motor Menagerie, Asbury Western Stars Industries, Eisenhower Astronautics @flart - Speed Unit Annex, Community Part Titles, KVASS, Water Launch Sites, Utility Weight, CommNet Antennas Extension / Info / Consumptor @GregroxMun - Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered, Seven Worlds of SLIPPIST-1, Whirligig World, Week World Planet Jam, Planet Jam 2 @hemeac - Kiwi Tech Tree Overhaul, Mid Century Rocketry, Aerobee Rockets, Kiwi Suits @Icecovery - Automated Aerial Refueling System, Comfortable Landing, KSP Secondary Motion, Custom Parachute Message, Shaddy @Invaderchaos - Bluedog Design Bureau, Optimized Rocketry and General Exploration Systems (ORANGES), BDB Now in Colors, SOCK Recoloured, KSRSS @jrodriguez - BDArmoryContinued, PhysicsRangeExtender, BDArmoryMultiplayer, BDModularMissiles, OfCourseIStillLoveYou @Judicator81 - SimpleRepaint, PartInfoInPAW @Kari - Starship Expansion Project @Katniss218 - CameraToolsKatnissified, StagedAnimationKatnissified (Animkat), EngineLightKatnissified, RSS planets, Katniss's LUT, Parts Pack, Cape Canaveral & Baikonur Cosmodrome @Knight of St John - Stock Waterfall Effects (SWE) @Lil_Bread402 - Transport Space Technology/Systems, StarstroSpaceSystems, SSOUPP, SOCKrepainted, reCOLOR @linuxgurugamer - 290 Mods (at time of writing) including: Anyres, AQSS - AutoQuickSave System, Automated Screenshots, BigBen, Bob's Panic Box, Click Through Blocker, ConstantTWR, Craft Import, Fill It Up, HeapPadder, IFI Life Support, Integrated Stack Decouplers, JanitorsCloset, Kaptains Log, KRASH, KSPLogger, LoadingScreenManager, ModularSegmentedSRBs, ModuleAnimateGenericEffects, ModuleAnimGenericResourceUsage, ModuleSequentialAnimateGeneric, Notes2Log, PartInfo, PatchManager, ShowFPS, StockDefaultSettings, Toolbar Controller, TotalTime, TutorialFixes, Vessel Notes & Logs @Gameslinx - Parallax, Beyond Home, After Kerbin, Before Kerbin @Maffif - Models for KSP: Interstellar, Bluedog Design Bureau and SK Nuclear @MATVEICH_YT - Shuttle Payload Delivery Systems, H-II (H3) Transfer Vehicle, reCOLOR @Morphisor - History of Spaceflight, Research Advancement Division, Bluedog Design Bureau contracts @NathanKell - Modular Fuel Systems, Real Fuels, Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 1, RealHeat, Staged Animation, AJE and SolverEngines, Kerbal Konstructs, Proc Fairings, Proc Parts, KSP Community Fixes, Contract Configurator, TestFlight @Nessus_ - Tundra Exploration configs @Pkmniako - Other Worlds (2015, 2017, 2023) @nightingale - Contract Configurator, Strategia, Waypoint Manager @Norange - XN Aerospace @Pak - Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle @Pehvbot - Less Real Than Realism, Less Real Test Flight, Rackmount @pizzaoverhead - Atmospheric Sound Enhancement, Battery Indicator, CollisionFX, FreeIVA, KerbTrack, RCS Sounds, Reentry Particle Effect, Sound Overhaul, Soundtrack Editor, Water Sounds, Wheel Sounds @Poodmund - Outer Planets Mod, ReStock, Pood's Skyboxes RO/RP-1 Team (@Al2Me6, @siimav, @Stonesmile, @Theysen & more) - Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 1 @Rodger - Bumblebee, Bluedog Design Bureau @R-T-B - Kopernicus (v1.9.X+) @Rudolf Meier - Infernal Robotics Next, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Next @sarbian - ModuleManager, MechJeb 2, SmokeScreen, CustomBarnKit @severedsolo - Bureaucracy, Earn Your Stripes, Oh Scrap, Where Can I Go, Alarm Enhancements, All Aboard, PAWS, Double Tap Brakes @sirkut - Infernal Robotics @SofieBrink - Starship Expansion Project @stratochief66 - Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression 0 @stupid_chris - RealChute @sumghai - SDHI Service Module System, SDHI Strobe-O-Matic Warning Rotator Lights @themaster401 - Astronomer's Visual Pack, Better Atmospheres Reborn @TiktaalikDreaming - The Nexus @tony48 - KSRSS @Zarbon44 - Intercolor @tygoo7 - Dodo Labs, Tundra Exploration @Vals_Aerospace - Coscoroba Logistics @ValiZockt - Smart Docking Aid, Kerbalism Companion Calculator, Plugins for HabTech2, Planetside Exploration Technologies, Historical Kerbal Suits and Tundra Exploration @Viper - Bluedog Design Bureau @VITAS - SpaceDock, DMP @Zoeille - Aurora Space Center, Apollon, Picsou @Zorg - Bluedog Design Bureau, RealPlume If you are also a member of the mod development community and agree with the sentiment expressed above, please feel free to post in this thread communicating as such. Post on the /r/KerbalSpaceProgram sub-Reddit: "Making a mod is hard, making a game is harder." EDIT: I will try to keep the post up to date with signatures as much as I am able to.
  16. Make sure you call it Kerbal Joint Re-Re-Reinforcement Continued Unofficial Redux 2
  17. Hello there! I wanted to take a moment to thank you, the Original Poster, for the chance to win a computer game. It's always exciting to have the possibility of winning something, especially when it comes to a fun activity like gaming. Your generosity in offering this opportunity to others is greatly appreciated, and I'm sure whoever ends up winning the game will be thrilled to have the chance to play it. It's kind gestures like this that make online communities feel more welcoming and friendly. Once again, thank you for your kindness and for adding some fun and excitement to the community. I wish you all the best and hope that you have a wonderful day! Sincerely, Poodmund This post was brought to you by ChatGPT
  18. I'm spotting a fair few inconsistencies across UI elements and menus with respect to units of measurement. Both 't' and 'T' for tons, 'km' and 'KM' for kilometres. Would be great if this could all be unified as per SI nomenclature... somebody in the UI team obviously knows this is important as its correct half the time.
  19. @PD_Dakota, in the latest sneak-peek, it seems that the UI introduces a new unit of distance measurement in Kelvin-Molarity... but I can't understand how that relates to distance. I jest, on the left we have the correct notation of m/s in lower case for metres per second but the incorrect notation of KM in upper case for kilometres. Might be worth unifying all unit cases to be in correct notation. For reference, if anyone is interested: https://ukma.org.uk/style-guide/ As an aside, say what you want about SpaceX, they sure do know how to make very clear and readable interfaces. Take the Dragon docking interface for example: https://iss-sim.spacex.com/ Its really easy to read and navigate.
  20. Legible and easily readable is always good for any UI.
  21. At this point, I would expect the answer is, "No, sorry."
  22. Changing the game of Kerbal Space Program forever. An ACTUAL story line and gameplay feature.
  23. As the developer of OPM, I fully support the MapSO bugfix to remove the bug of spiky terrain at the poles, I think that I even, inadvertently, reported it to SQUAD back in 2018 but it never got a response. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/17005
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