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  1. I have been working on one with a fixed pitch.
  2. I just started playing KSP again, and I wanted to build a basic electric helicopter. Nothing too complex, just one that could lift off of the ground. I tried building a rotor for several hours, but none would lift off unless I hacked gravity. I can't find any tutorials or ships to download, or any forum threads that explain the design of one in detail. Can someone who has built one give me some tips?
  3. Wait, you aren't supposed to destroy the restaurant when you order? Can jet steel melt fuel beams?
  4. You have a point, but will a hundred people clicking a link and not liking the video give him that much more attention? I'd understand if it was on a larger website or one with people who would be likely to subscribe to him, but a link on a video game forum?
  5. These forums are much saner than the majority of the internet, which is somewhat surprising considering that this isn't a science forum, it's just a place for people to talk about a video game.
  6. http://www.wacotrib.com/news/business/mcgregor-sets-new-limits-on-spacex-rocket-noise/article_174a13fd-652b-5139-a4fa-2d328cc89f0e.html
  7. I wasn't trying to give him more attention, I was just surprised at how idiotic he was. Too bad there isn't a way to watch YouTube videos without it counting as a view.
  8. Dragon 2 has two hatches. Why not have solar panels come out of one of them?
  9. I wish that was true. A list of some of the things he has done/said to date: Made a series talking about how the landings SpaceX has done to date are fake Made a video about how rockets don't work in space Invented two new "laws of motion" Claimed that he has invented an extremely powerful battery (of course, he has provided no evidence of this) If he didn't use computers on a regular basis, I would not be surprised if he thought they didn't exist.
  10. Not sure if you would survive, but you would probably go deaf and might get burned.
  11. It would be hilarious to see his reaction to it, but he probably wouldn't accept a copy if we gave it to him.
  12. Andromeda... Galaxies count, right?
  13. Gets Kracken. Inserts small children.
  14. Oh god the stupid... He thinks that KSP is an evil plot by Elon Musk to get people to believe in the barge landings SpaceX is doing. And he has 800 subscribers. The video does contain some mildly offensive material, but the link starts the video after that. He is so misinformed that he thinks KSP is free and uses this as "evidence" that it is paid for by the government. I'm fairly sure this doesn't violate the rules, but please lock this if it does.
  15. We want to see if starvation is different in space. Don't worry, Jeb will get back before he dies... We think. The livestream of the Duna landing was hijacked and replaced with pictures of a kerbal that Danny had a little too much "fun" with.
  16. The object of this forum game is to find a website weirder than the website before it. Rules: 1. Nothing NSFW or otherwise against forum rules. 2. No using timecube or yyyyyyy.info. 3. Don't use anything you made yourself. I'll start: http://humansarefree.com/2016/02/aliens-forced-americans-out-from-moon.html
  17. Wait, what hat? (As sound gets louder, runs over to hat with a match and lights it on fire.) The nearest computer to you has all of its files replaced with gibberish.
  18. There are four days per day (somehow).
  19. After Scott Manley finished his last stream, he wasn't able to turn if off. As this was causing confusion, several people began posting random content (apparently including porn). Scott has now lost several YouTube rights, and lost over ten thousand subscribers. I hope the problem gets fixed soon. Link to video explaining it all.
  20. I was reading about nitrogen compounds and found the page on dinitrogen pentoxide on Wikipedia. It is the anhydride of nitric acid, and as such has nitrogen in the +5 oxidation state. As it is fairly easy to store and has more oxygen per nitrogen atom than N2O4, I thought that there had been at least one study on it being used as an oxidizer for hybrid or solid rockets (melting point is 41° C, so only thing that might be needed is air conditioning), but I couldn't find anything after 15+ minutes on Google. Anything that I'm missing that makes it so impractical that no one has even considered using it?
  21. I thought it was a combination of the pressure and the heat. Pretty sure >150 C temperature is enough to make electronics stop working.
  22. Yes!!!! First the news about NASA's budget, now this. I don't need any more presents for Christmas!
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