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  1. I'm not sure what exactly merging ships would do that you can't already do. Docked ships can already drain resources from/provide resources for each other automatically, all controls (throttle, maneuvering, action groups, etc.) trigger for both ships, they're even labeled as a single craft. The magnetism can be a little violent sometimes when you're docking, but it also makes things easier. Maybe docking ports could have a slider for magnet strength so that people can decide whether or not they need it.
  2. I've had folding wings fail to work because they had landing gear on them, and those use Heaviest. From what I've seen, autostrut tries to avoid strutting across robotic parts if you set it up manually. That could explain why locked autostrut sometimes works. I'm not sure why it breaks, though, or if it's only a problem with locked autostrut. For all I know manual autostrut breaks too, and I just haven't seen it yet.
  3. I'd like a feature like this. They could maybe add a pilot suit, which would give Kerbals access to the EVA chute before level 2, with the downside of no EVA pack and/or helmet.
  4. I just want them to finish the solar system. It bugs me (more than it probably should) that there's a Jupiter analog, a Pluto analog, and none of the planets in between. please, you don't even have to do the work yourself, you could just make opm stock and i wouldn't mind
  5. It's funny you mention this, because reentry heating is a difficulty option. I think they're fine the way they are. They already have downsides: they're heavier than solar panels, they produce less EC/s than fuel cells, they're incredibly expensive, and they're unlocked in one of the final nodes on the tech tree. Making them decay takes away one of the only upsides they have.
  6. Plus, last I checked the actual ladder part of the ladder clips through terrain
  7. I mean, you could always use the Mobile Processing Lab. That's a great way to get loads of science from long-term bases and stations.
  8. I love the new butter stick variant of the Mk 2 Lander Can! I've always wanted a part like that, it was clever to turn the lander can into it
  9. Modules I landed and docked. Not shown: The 8 or so discarded boosters surrounding the base
  10. My scanner finally arrived at Ike! About time! It's not like it was one of the last rockets to arrive, despite being the first launched... Anyway, I found a nice, ore-rich spot... ...and used a rover to scout out a nice flat location. Let the construction begin! Alright, so the next part is the drills... ...why are they orbiting the Sun. That's fine, I'll just set up a maneuver node and skip to the next part, the dockpad! ...Why is it orbiting Kerbin? Well, it looks like this base won't be finished for another 2 years or so. *sigh* At least it can gather science. Science is always good.
  11. I now have quite the fleet of rockets on its way to Duna! This is gonna be my first base on another planet! Well, moon of another planet. But still! I'm excited!
  12. Now that my Laythe rover has arrived, I can start focusing on my colonization of Ike! (I refuse to call it kolonization) My Minmus base ended up being a science-only base because I was having issues with the drills, but I've redesigned the module and they work now! That being said, I need to launch the scanner first before I start sending up base pieces. Alright, one down! ... Nine more to go. (And this is after I made the base smaller)
  13. My Laythe rover has reached is destination, during the middle of an eclipse Laythe has never looked so terrifying Picked a poor landing spot Probably could've picked a better antenna. Oh well. Time to start my Ike preparations!
  14. Presenting the Penguin, the world's fastest sub!* Yes, in case you couldn't tell, it is also a plane. What stops me from submerging any plane and calling it a submarine? Well... nothing, but... but... BUT THIS ONE IS A SUBMARINE! *may not actually be the world's fastest sub
  15. Whoopsies Well after a four-week vacation I'm back! The above picture was taken during a science expedition I started before my vacation. Despite some... mishaps... along the way, the rover, kerbals and science all made it back to my Minmus base intact! MOAR SCIENCE!!1! So, now what? Well, I've got my sights set on a certain little ball of rock... I'm coming for you Ike...
  16. Finished my base Patbro can finally come inside. Now that that's done, I should probably rescue the Songbird, since the crew is starting to complain about snack lackage. Now it has enough fuel to de-orbit! Yay!
  17. Technical difficulties Praise SQUAD for autostruts. I've added another module to my base: SEE THAT WASN'T ON HAZARD-ISH'S BASE I also had to ditch the "rover," due to numerous non-aesthetic issues and equally-many aesthetic ones. Unfortunately the rover pilot is going to have to sit out in the cold until I add more crew space on the base. Hopefully his suffering will please the Kraken and we won't have another incident.
  18. So... I did it. I unlocked every node in the Tech Tree (that has parts. I have Community Tech Tree installed.) I... guess that means I'm done? Nah, I still have some loose ends to tie up. In case you hadn't figured it out, the reason why I did a scan of Minmus is that I'm going to build a base (what else would I do?) And it's going to have a LABORATORY! Which means MORE SCIENCE! MUAH HA HA HA-- Wait, it's not going to have any mining equipment. I didn't need to do the scan. ... Hey look, pictures! Featuring the world's most hideous "rover." Minty Mining Station? I have no clue what you're talking about. I'll add more modules later, but this is the bare minimum I need for SCIENCE! Also I swear it will look less like hazard-ish's base when it's done
  19. Didn't take any pictures because I forgot/didn't feel like it I did several things: I brought the Songbird back from Eve. It's currently sitting in HKO because I ran out of delta-v, so I'll have to go and rescue it. I rescued another ship in orbit around Dres. It barely didn't have enough delta-v to get back to Kerbin, so I refueled it via Klaw. I cycled out the crew aboard the Zodiac Station. Bob and Val are now up there, among others. Did an orbital scan of Minmus. my evil plan begins...
  20. First, it was the Songbird. It weighs 27 tons and costs 24,000. Then it was the Burro. It weighs 40 tons and costs 27,000. The next step is obvious. Weighing in at 445 tons, the Pisces is my largest shuttle by a huge margin. It's also my most expensive, costing 156,500 (good thing this isn't a career save.) It's capable of hauling orange tanks into orbit, and more! So what am I going to do with it? I'm so happy you asked, voice in my head! I'm going to build a space station! Tadaaa! The station's only purpose is to process science. I might add more in the future, but this is all I need for now.
  21. Been working on a new shuttle lately, the Burro: It's just a larger, unmanned version of the Songbird. Because it's larger, it has more Delta-V and can carry larger payloads Re-entry went well... ...And I managed to land before nightfall Not that it would've mattered, since testing pointed out a critical design flaw: the solar panels were being obstructed by the cargo bay. This is why testing is important. Tests with a payload were also successful, although I didn't take any pictures. It had nowhere near as much delta-v as it did without a payload, but it still made it to orbit and deposited the payload. So overall this is a very promising craft! As much as I like the Songbird, I feel like this has much more potential as a LKO shuttle thanks to its larger payload capacity. The Songbird still works fine as an interplanetary craft, although I may need to work on a better lifter.
  22. I've been doing tests on a non-interplanetary version on the Songbird. This version is intended to carry small payloads into orbit. Its lifter consists of two small liquid fuel boosters, as opposed to... well... this: It also uses Terriers instead of Sparks, since, as overpowered as they may be, Sparks just don't provide enough acceleration for circularization burns. I've successfully gotten this small payload into orbit: I'm not actually sure what to do with this, since I don't need to put small payloads into orbit, but hey, the whole thing weighs only 27 tons and costs 24,187 (payload not included.) That's good, right?
  23. So something unfortunate has happened. With the release of 1.3, something has ruined my memory usage and as such I've had to stop using most of my mods, save some visual mods and a few others. Fortunately I've been playing on my Science save lately, and I haven't used any non-stock parts yet. So no harm done. I just can't play on any of my other saves unless I get my mods working again. Besides, I might as well get used to it now that Take-Two owns KSP While I'm here I might as well give a brief progress report on my science save, in the form of a picture: Needless to say I've come a long way. Especially since when I first started playing on this save again I hadn't even landed on the Mun yet. But who cares about the past! My current mission: the Songbird! In case you couldn't tell by Gilly in the background, this is an Eve mission. The plane design was purely coincidental. I chose the Mk 2 fuselage since I wanted to have a cargo bay, plus I was planning on doing a small atmospheric dive to gather more science. The fins were then added for aesthetics, then I realized that if I made it aerodynamically stable it could function as a return vehicle. The current version has a small rudder, but originally it didn't have one because I didn't really need it. It uses two Spark engines for propulsion: It has about ~2,100 m/s with its payload, and exactly 2,600 m/s without (how convenient.) What is its payload? Why, it's the Moon Scoot! For those of you who haven't played any of the scenarios, the Moon Scoot is used in the "Exploring Gilly" scenario. I'm using it to gather science from all 3 of Gilly's biomes. So far I've gathered science from only 2. So yeah, that's where I'm at currently. Maybe I'll go back to posting regularly. We shall see.
  24. Correct! I'll have to try harder pictures in the future. To be specific, it's an SSTO attempting to land at orbital velocity using its brakes. I managed to not destroy the plane, but I ended up having to use my engines to slow down anyway. Then I visited my Minmus base because it was nearby: And then proceeded to go straight to escape velocity from the surface, which was terrifying. Especially when the camera switched to orbital mode.
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