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  1. I really only have one or two good screenshots. The first 3 have Scatterer. Last one is stock, for the most part. Any modded parts aren't shown. I'm cool with having my forum name displayed. Fun note: I got inspired by Stratzenblitz for this last one.
  2. After watching a video describing vexillology and how some cities have terrible flags, and how some cities have great flags, I have decided to take it upon myself to remake this following the rules more strictly. Although I'm probably still gonna keep the rainbow and break a rule with that, maybe rework the plane, remove the runway. I don't quite know if I'm going to keep the lettering. Perhaps make the lettering bigger? One of the rules is that you should test it on a 1 x 1 1/2 inch piece of paper so that if it does not fit on the design, it's gotta be reworked. I'll brainstorm a couple
  3. I made a prototype of the Rocketman Shorts. Should I continue working on it? I'm not sure if I should just leave the rest of the canvas blank so that it looks like it's a pair of shorts, and then you can adjust the background color relative to mission, or if I should fill it with something else.
  4. I've been messing around in GMOD (completely unrelated) remaking aircraft insignia.. Would be nice to have an insignia option for fuselage, but I digress. I might yoink some ideas from aircraft insignias and put them as a flag, but for now I've got this: Kraken Aerodynamic Research.. I think? I haven't looked at any of the descriptions of planes I've made lately, considering it's a fictional company and all. No relevance to land vehicles. Bonus points if you can make the underwear as a flag.
  5. This does bring up an interesting point, as it seems that the inland space center actually has a proper name. (Who'd a thunk?) There's even a uplink to it as well, suggesting it's not (entirely?) abandoned. (As I may have previously assumed because of the career world record's saying that it was abandoned.) The name for it in the 1.2 prerelease (it may change, we don't know.) is Baikerbanur or something around there. Most likely a reference to Baikonur.
  6. The main reason I've probably not got too far over 1000 hours is because I took way longer breaks between version releases than I probably should have... whoops?
  7. @IgorZ have you ever thought about putting 3-D printers into the mod as well? Obviously not as an external part but as an internal part. It would be nice to be able to make things in orbit with a 3-D printer and not have to spend 100,000 to get supplies up to a station just to fix some solar panels. Also, slight issue which might have been me on my end: DO NOT ever put the struts between a station core and anything docked with it... it tends to do some less than desirable results.
  8. Sent a kerbal to Duna today in career. I don't plan on going back. Once you get a bunch of science from that area it's probably enough to launch you towards end of the tech tree, rather boring at that point. When I'm not restricted I don't make as unique vehicles. I mean don't get me wrong I still make sandbox vehicles, it's just that there's not as much challenge you need to beat. But in career you've probably already got orbital labs up around the mun and minmus, so the needs of you ever going to another planet are significantly reduced, not to mention that because of the months of the (poor
  9. Saaame. I can try doodling stuff every now and then.. perhaps I need to post a WIP of one of mine.
  10. Depends on the gamemode tbh. Kerbin if it's career, because you really REALLY don't like to go to other planets while you have orbital labs doing science. If it's sandbox.. probably still Kerbin because of planes. But it applies to any planet with an atmosphere.. perhaps laythe if it were a vote (as difficult as it is to get a plane to laythe sometimes) I think overall kerbin. Nice to stay near where you know the kerbals are safe...r
  11. I play around with mods. Only 1 has parts in it (KAS/KIS) but crashes are a really big issue. Wish the game was slightly more stable in 64bit. Of course though, KAS is a pretty heavy duty mod when you start building things in orbit (Space Stations) but it's better than having the aerodynamics on all of the parts you wanted up there. Really reduces the delta V when you do that.
  12. Basically did a lot of Career mode. Sent a kerbal to Duna and I'm looking at the orbital labs I have set up around kerbin and the mun... doing a bunch of small contracts to boost some money.
  13. Now, I've been playing since 0.17.1 (I'm sure that's not a long time for some people) and I've never really bothered to look at the forums. Well, now I have and now I am interested in checking in on it a lot. Basically, saying Hello before I go into a forum browsing sort of spree while playing KSP. (Which might get a bit messy when I do important things in KSP...) I guess I'm an SSTO/Airplane person. Given how I was playing before the Steam days of KSP, I probably got more time in than 750 hours that are on there.. probably over 1000. Anyways, thanks for reading about how long I've been playin
  14. My sort of take on terraforming the moon is a bit odd perhaps. The domes are nice, but yeah you would need to make the glass pretty dang thick, and then there's the problem of maintenance on the glass. You can't just *poof* the glass and fix it. However, you might just need 2 very large layers of glass (oh... probably 10 feet on each.) seperated by a human sized or larger space. That's mostly so you don't have to worry about the top layer breaking and then everyone dying. We're not exactly worried about gravity instability for the dome are we? The holes made from larger meteorites are gonna b
  15. Phoenix seems to be a popular SSTO designation eh? Wonder about Griffon Vulture (One of the highest flying birds.. thought it was rather fitting) being a common name. Though, you don't hear much about Vultures being named after planes.
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