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  1. ATM is int working i have to us opengl and the fps is low in GL i get normal 60 to 30 fps and open gl i get 20 to 10.
  2. I get a low fps using GL is that normal?
  3. i try running it once and the only problem i got from it was when it was very intense to run on the ground, but in orbit it was fine. looks good so far cant what for the finished product.
  4. well its stable with realism overhaul all you need to do is raise the cloud altitudes. hmm so is it possible to make custom configs or will it be, i mean?
  5. hey, just wondering if you can give me any spoilers on what you're working on right now. im going to see what happens when you install this mod with realism overhaul and see if there's any compatibility issues (i am away this is not intended for RO).
  6. Global warming, it would just be cool if there was just a automatic wind system let alone all the other things your planning. I'm glad you're working on this again.
  7. EVE 7-4 seems pretty stable with ddsloader and mechjeb.
  8. Interstellar i think has a problem, i'm not sure though.
  9. im guessing theirs no support for kerbside ? but ether way loving it hardness.
  10. if only i can play in career mode, but its still fun anyways.
  11. I never can choose if i want to play rss or stock heavily moded its to hard to many incompatibility to have both.
  12. I believe this might do what you're talking about. it works with ksp .25 i believe
  13. i'm not sure if you fixed it but as far as i know planet shiner isn't working.
  14. ya go ahead that would be cool... and i can't seem to figure out how to embed on the forum .