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  1. Interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing the missions.
  2. Cargo spacecrafts are very important for supplying materials such as food and experiments to orbiting objects like the ISS. But failures are always possible. Progress M-12M Progress M-27M SpaceX CRS-7 Cygnus CRS Orb-3 (Any others feel free to post)
  3. The presentation at the Science Club meeting went well, they thought it was an interesting theory.
  4. I cut the thrust and it didn't shake as bad. Thanks for all the advice given!
  5. It was set to go off after decoupling not at decoupling
  6. I had a question about solid fuel rocket stability. I made a rocket with a srb for the first stage. It shakes a lot until stage separation and then after that if the second stage liquid fuel engine doesn't activate immediately, the rocket fails. I was wondering if there was a fix for this. It has cost me a couple of missions, since I play with no reverts and 30 days between launches.
  7. I have two missions for you: Origin 1 and an Eve cubesat. Origin 1 is a asteroid probe http://www./download/wcq8wc5z4dx3aaw/Origin_1.craft And the Eve cubesat is designed to ride along with EEV http://www./download/hua88umzzzz1pl4/Eve_Cubesat.craft (tweakscale is also required for Origin 1's claw)
  8. Sure, but since I'm not an expert, it will take longer than usual
  9. I'm working on the math right now, it is taking a bit though
  10. I read about that, nasty stuff methylmercury is
  11. I am using galaxy mergers as observation data. If dark energy ruled the universe(like they say it does)then technically they shouldn't merge, no matter the dark matter, because 73% of the universe is dark energy. The hybrid particle would solve this. I am also using my telescope to observe the sky looking for more data.
  12. I have been conducting some research into dark matter and dark energy. The thing that always gets me is that the two act completely different, one causing a repulsive force, and one causing a gravitational force stronger than anything else. My theory is simple. The idea is that a hybrid of these 2 items exists. It would be a heavy particle, but with a high energy level. When two galaxies get close, they would come together, then continuing accelerating through the universe. I will be giving a presentation at my school science club meeting, and was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how t
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