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  1. I'm sure "excluding information and beauty mods" applies
  2. Jeb got so tired of the constant yapping of those horrible tourists going to suborb ("Where are my peanuts?!") that he went for some recreational flying. Luckily he could be convinced to make some observations while he's at it.
  3. What, I didn't make it to the Highest Speed list? What a shame
  4. Stats: Distance traveled: ~35 km (5.5 km east, 29.5 kmsouth, Pitagoras gives us the 29.9 km visible on screenshots) Max depth: -983 m, touched bottom a couple of times Max speed: conventional 10.5 m/s, surfacing 20.3 m/s Weight of craft: 9.4 t (72.7 t with Pelican)
  5. Alternatively you can increase the surface area by rotating your craft so that instead of falling top/bottom first it falls 'sideways'. It won't just slow you down faster but after a while, when you can't keep the craft horizontal anymore but at an angle you'll gain 'sideway' acceleration due to assymetric forces, which will increase the distance you cover and thus slow you down even more. I usually do my suborbital tours with a top stage of 3 Mk1 command pods on top of each other + 3 chutes (Mk16+2*Mk2R). With an uncontrolled fall I'm lucky to slow down to safe speed around 700m above sea level. With turning it sideways I reach same speed at around 2500 meters (plus I can actually get closer to KSC).
  6. Save file(s) became corrupted, had to start a new career. Back to ferrying tourists and testing parts. Sigh
  7. Folks, I give you the Millenium Tinfoil Dimensions are quite close to the "original", however flight performance is...suboptimal. Technically it is a fully functional spacecraft, it has propulsion, RCS system, a big reactor (32 RTGs), docking ports...everything. Should you be able to land it can even mine and refine fuel. And as long as it's in space it even flies
  8. Just a little something I put together today for our pale blue dot
  9. While waiting for the training vessel to come back from Minmus I decided to mine some science from around KSC, so I built this all-terrain vtol rover thingy. It has every piece of scientific equipment short of the research lab on, so it gives 35-45 science in each biome - so the ~35 biomes around KSC gets me ~1200 science. Not yet sure how to land it in some spots like on top of SPH watchtower for example...
  10. Sent up a "station" to Kerbol orbit per contract, then decided that I have absolutely no need for it and tried to return it to Kerbin (had some spare fuel) After some aerobraking orbits finally began to fall over the South Pole Luckily the booster stage had some parachutes (seems I overestimated the fuel needs by a lot...luckily)... ...and managed to land the thing. Most of it anyway Meanwhile the Original Three are on their way to Duna - Valentina is back home training rookies
  11. Have been experimentind with off-centre control with the Flying Tortilla
  12. After a long time away from the game (10 months or so) I began playing KSP again today. The result: the Albatros-B When it's not carrying its 40t baby it's quite maneuverable and fun to fly. And in case of problems the cockpit can separate from the craft and land safely
  13. If you import a craft vrom VAB to SPH, it would. But you can rotate it right side up And if you build it in SPH, no issues
  14. Finally made it through (mostly) the grinding of part test and survey contracts to some real missions: two rescues, a training trip for a crew of 7 in LKO, and finally launching for the Moon soon (R&D is still Tier 1)
  15. I believe you might refer to this thread: Leveling Up Kerbals - The Training Program