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  1. It appears other apps are having issues as well, and it seems to be connected to the Unity engine somehow. Here's the Reddit thread:
  2. Well, same here: Trojan:Win32/Critet.BS file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Chatterer\Plugins\Chatterer.dll I trust that these files are safe, or did this get compiled with an infected dependency? I'm going to err on the side of caution for this one. Pity, as everything feels eerily quiet now.
  3. (And this is why I rarely share my work online anymore: every use believes they know how it should be). For what it's worth, I like the trimmed-down controls of this mod versus Precise Node, and it does add some interesting features. That said, they are similar enough that I'll use whatever stays compatible in the future. I'm just glad that both mods exist so that there's double the chance that one of them will get updated when KSP 1.1 finally arrives. The game is a headache without it! Thanks, for taking the helm on this one.
  4. Honestly, the ability to tweak the settings kind of make this a moot conversation, doesn't it? I suppose one could request the ability to change some of the percentage gains mid-game if they feel it needs some tweaking. I rather like the Normal settings: the easy science and the ability to revert means there is little grinding to do. Admittedly, you can find yourself running out of funds if you foolishly keep doing the 1-star and 2-star missions, as most of them don't pay as much money as it will cost to fly them (and you have a 2-contract limit which prevents a good stack of contracts per launch). Just reach high and things progress nicely. I'm sure there will soon be plenty of guides on what to upgrade first for those that have a difficult time starting up, but I feel they've done a pretty good job with balance.