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  1. The external tank may be configured to use Oxidizer in one part and Liquid Fuel in the other part. As the fuel is been burned, this configuration may create an unbalance in the tank. Try changing both parts of the external tank to use both Liquid fuel and Oxidizer each part to keep stability.
  2. I would like that also! I love this shuttle, is very.... kerbal... Still I am using it, real plume fix the lack of engine effects but the rcs, iam using Internal RCS mod instead: but the landing gear is still messed up and i dont had found a workaround yet... Internal MFD's are working partially... anyway, i still enjoy it...
  3. Is clear that I was misunderstood. I never asked and never said and i never wanted to imply that i wanted this to be official... I am just sharing it so any one who wanted can use it... I am doing a voyage all around kerbin, sometimes i drive my little mobile base but other times i let it to run with BV, but i got the problem that others antennas brake, or others are bulkie, or not strong enough, so i needed a low profile-strong enough antenna, just like the DTS-M1, but this need to be stowed because is structurally weak, that is why i came with the idea to integrate it in a part that i was
  4. Iam using the old Kerbin side and Kerbal Cities Pack... i guess Kerbin side Remastered will class... Is there a way to get only the KSC campus like in the old Kerbin side?
  5. No conflict at all between Plume Party and Real Plume. Is a different mod than real plume. Plume Party installs some little parts which are meant to be placed hidden inside your craft (engines, tanks, wing tips), then activate them with some action key or staged (work like engines), to get particle effects in your tanks or engines, like vapor, cool, fuel leaks, etc. Well, that is just for the mod part provided by @benjee10 only, not for the full mod.
  6. Greetings! -is posible to use the Background Resource Processing mod as standalone? Thanks in advance!
  7. Greetings! I Just installed the mod, latest version. I have a station equipped with 40,000 (+ -) electric charge, the station can hold around 24 kerbals, but was crewed with around 12 at the time. Mostly SSPER parts. The station have plenty of solar panels, fuel cells and L/O tanks for emergency shortage, but just loaded the game after KH was installed, and the whole 40k+ electric charge depleted rapidly just in a few minutes! That make it unpractical for me ¿is there a way to reduce the electric charge consumption? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi! just installed the servos but have not textures, but the controller and battery...
  9. There are around 5 parts in PlumeParty that work as engines (but are not in the engines tab), just search for "plumeparty", place them in your craft and use the gizmo to hide them inside, use the custom event keys to activate the engines before launch or whenever you want.
  10. Station part Redux mod have a Telescopic docking port (the one to the right in the image), an airlock hatch (the one to the left) and a hub (pick any that suit you) wich iam using and without knowing the one showed in your picture i ended with something similar.
  11. Use Plume Party by JadeOfMaar, is working with 1.8, and have some little vapor vents which project the vapor in the direction you place them.
  12. A real pity, i love this shuttle, is the true kerbalish one around, i loved flying this one and i would like to fly it again.
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