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  1. IIRC on Apollo 13, everything went wrong and exploded because the wires leading to the stirrer ended up exposed. So, when the astronauts activated the stirrers, a spark got generated and then everything was on fire. Then again I may be completely wrong about the exact details. Pretty sure it's an Apollo 13 reference.
  2. I assume you're not a native speaker, in which case, I must advise you: Lighten up on the caps. You need one at the beginning of a sentence, and one if you're referring to a specific named thing. Other than that, nowhere. Regarding your actual question, yes, that's actually highly annoying-even for me, when I played on Mac, the screen would always be shifted about a half-inch down because menu bars.
  3. Maybe a statue of a Kerbal with a hoe standing next to the abandoned parts on the Island Airfield. I also like the idea of a Christ the Redeemer-type thing over the space center. (Christ the Redeemer being that big statue thing in Rio de Janeiro.)
  4. Anyone wanna bet that 1.1.3 will be followed three seconds later by 1.1.4? Not being pessimistic, though-I just like even numbers, they feel better
  5. Everything I'd say has already been said by others in this thread, and I'm no good at farewell speeches anyway. So... So long. And thanks for all the fish.
  6. Maybe try taking off by standing on the tail? Technically that's a VTOL, though the "L" might be a bit more difficult...
  7. Hmmm. I personally think Kerbinside would be better, as it would be much easier to launch vessels.
  8. Personally, I got a gaming PC for reasons unrelated to 1.1 (namely, because I wanted to play AAA games and that sort of thing.) I may drop $50 on two more sticks of RAM, though-my install is pushing 7.5GB memory use. Don't go with the Tomahawk. The only reason I got it was for the wifi, but the wifi card comes with no screws for installation and is generally a pain even if you can order the screws (though if you are still going with it, you'll need M2 x 3mm machine screws, three of them with wide heads).
  9. "Loot crates" isn't really a good description. They're free to open and all that-you get one at the end of a match depending on your performance; higher-ranking crates give better stuff, crates in higher-level battles give better stuff, crates from longer games give more stuff. There's no real pay2win or anything-it's actually a very fair business model. You buy premium (which basically doubles your earnings) and you can buy lots of crates (IIRC it's $4 for 25 max-level crates.) Used to be you only paid premium currency for cosmetics, but now you get cosmetics free in crates and there's no premium currency. It's much better than, say, WoT or that kind of thing. I'd recommend you watch Lathrix's let's play of the new system, actually.
  10. Hey, guess what, it now has loot crates.
  11. Your image is not available. Hope you like dinosaur-based infinite runners.
  12. We must consult the Internet Bible. ... The Internet Bible Lets Forth Its Infinite Wisdom.
  13. Um... I live near a Mexican mole cart in Portland, does that count? (By mole, I mean the chocolatey spice sauce, not the small rodent)
  14. These are all references to a certain online comic. Patiently Prevaricating... Giving NASA Presentations... Performing Oberth Kuiper Maneuver... Stealing Hats...
  15. Generally, you'd want to put them in your computer's trash folder, as the mod hasn't been updated for a while. Try CameraTools, it's being updated. Once you download it, plop the CameraTools folder in GameData in your KSP directory. Finding your KSP directory is a little more difficult. If you downloaded the game through the store, the KSP folder is named "ksp_win" or "ksp_osx" and is probably in your downloads folder. If you downloaded the game via Steam on Windows, the KSP directory will be at C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program. Put that into File Explorer's (or whatever they call it) address bar thing. If you downloaded the game via Steam on OS X, the folder is in Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program.
  16. Fairly sure that if you are running 5 or more crafts at the same time (for instance, in the ASC dogfight series that is happening [/shameless plug]) an i7 would help. I wouldn't know, though... We must test this!
  17. Parts that not everyone wants are routinely added. Citation: The three billion posts on this forum about how Squad should stop adding plane parts. What? The only glitchy parts I can think of are landing gear, which you don't even bring up. That's because the atmosphere was a placeholder, because the game was in alpha. Why are you complaining about this? Does it affect anything in the recent version? I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Well, no... If your vehicle can't drive, I wouldn't call it a vehicle... ...also seems to work quite well, so I'm not sure what point you're making. It's ice-skating because you designed or drove it poorly. That's how real rovers work. If you take a sharp turn at 20 m/s (about 40 MPH or 72 KPH) you should expect to spin out, lose control, and probably break everything.
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