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  1. rapier engines/whiplash engines are far more effective at supersonic speeds than panther engines - especially in cruise
  2. Don't worry about the maths! That's why we have a discord after all - you can always ask for help
  3. in my experience, its always the writing. Most of the statistics from flying can be found by plugging numbers into an equation. Don't worry about being slow, everyone has a different speed of writing - I'm not too swift myself. I've sent you an invite to the judging discord where we organise who judges what
  4. Hello Everyone! As you may be able to tell, we are somewhat backed up when it comes to judging and there is something you can do! A few of our judges have unfortunately pulled out of the challenge so we would really appreciate more people taking part in the judging process. You do not need to be a permanent judge - even helping out with just a single aircraft is great. Thankfully, I've got a fresh install of KSP again so I can get to judging again. Contact me on discord (Holiday#0321) if you are interested. The more judges we get, the better
  5. Yeah, thats the opinion of a lot of people though its needed for a lot of the detail-heavy builds. Most people use it to just make longer/specially shaped fairings tbh
  6. CFE is Craft File Editing - this is where you go into the craft file and change some text to either increase or decrease some values. Editing engine thrust is not allowed, though, you are allowed to make parts lighter by editing them (within reason). As for clipping, a lot of wing clipping is okay as I'm expecting some more aesthetic oriented builds. Clipping of engines and fuel tanks with like 50 fuel tanks/engines in the space of one is what I'd consider excessive. Keep in mind doing this will increase maintenance costs.
  7. Test Pilot Review: @KestrelAerospace's Exmouth Class Flying Boat (Flying Boat... duh) Figures as Tested: Price: 136,242,000 Fuel: 2925 units (capacity for 12350 units, though, only up to 5288 has been tested) Cruising speed: 124.5m/s (110m/s w/ extra fuel) Cruising altitude: 4.8km Fuel burn rate: 0.37 (0.64 full throttle) Passengers Carried: 48 Range: 971km (1427km) Review Notes: Have we gone back further in time? We got sent a few 1940s era aircraft and now we're back to the 30s? Nevertheless, under some closer inspection, it
  8. I'm pretty sure we're all playing on 1.9+ so I don't see why not. Though, I'm not sure why you would use drain valves in the first place
  9. Test Pilot Review: @KingDominoIII's C6-168-S “TRIAD” JUMBO JET from Royal (Low Capacity Medium Range) Figures as Tested: Price: 64,016,000 Fuel: 5160 units Cruising speed: 348m/s Cruising altitude: 4-5km Fuel burn rate: 0.84 k/s Passengers Carried: 84 Range: 2137km Review Notes: It's a weird aircraft with two cockpits, four engines (but two different types), cabins arranged like pencils grouped together and bodywork like scales(?). It's also called a 'jumbo jet' for some reason yet is comparatively tiny... Admittedly, we weren't ex
  10. Test Pilot Review: @MR_somebody's Class 47 Ekranoplan (Flying Boat) Figures as Tested: Price: 139,684,000 Fuel: 2960 units Cruising speed: 153m/s Cruising altitude: 100m Fuel burn rate: 0.73 k/s Passengers Carried: 72 Range: 620km Review Notes: The Class 47 Ekranoplan is an oddity in that it's not an aeroplane but a ground-effect vehicle. This means that unlike regular aircraft that can fly on wing lift alone, it relies on the cushion of air formed when flying at low altitudes to lift off the ground, which, explains the disproportio
  11. Test Pilot Review: @NightshineRecorralis's Saturn SST from Habu Industries (Long Range Medium Capacity) (Saturn SST in flight approaching 1200m/s) Figures as Tested: Price: 107,642,000 Fuel: 3420 units Cruising speed: 1229.3m/s (1164 at 22km) Cruising altitude: 21-22km Fuel burn rate: 0.66 kal/s (0.48 at 22km) Passengers Carried: 112 Range: 4071km (5578km at 22km at speed of 1164m/s) Review Notes: The Saturn SST was a rapid departure from the previously vintage airliners UCA was contracted to test. Sporting large, forward swe
  12. The requirements are moreso suggestions rather than strict requirements. If your cruising speed is lower than expected, it will still fit in long-haul because of range. --- Also, on another note: lads, apologies for letting the backlog grow! A lot of us (most of us aren't from the U.S) are on exams right now and would appreciate it if submissions are kept to a minimum while we're busy so it's not as much of a pain to clear up the backlog. Thanks for understanding! (some more coming from me later today or tomorrow)
  13. Yeah, thats fine - planes need to accelerate (even if it takes 3 minutes) and we'll take that into account when testing. I'm sure there's plenty of ways to get a good flight profile (even with fluctuating speeds) without autopilot.
  14. We don't use any autopilots for cruising purposes as the judges are mostly stock players. Cruise speed is whatever you feel the aircraft works best at - if it's found that cruise speed is higher or lower than expected, it will be stated in the review. EDIT: There is no limit to submissions, however, it's best if you restrict them to your best ones only. Less is more
  15. Test Pilot Review: @mrdanger2007's Model 308 'Altoliner' by Kerlington (Short Haul, Low Capacity) Figures as Tested: Price: 82,682,000 Fuel: 360 LF, 440 Ox Cruising speed: 195m/s Cruising altitude: 2800 - 3000 Fuel burn rate: 0.08k/s Passengers Carried: 40 Range: 1170km Review Notes: "Woah, are those radial engines? I thought they stopped using those like, fifty years ago" - One of our test pilots. Unfortunately, one of our partnered companies - Phantom Aerospace, had decided to cancel their judging contracts and as such, they
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