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  1. The Albatross F III Long-range fighter-interceptor.
  2. I, HolidayTheLeek had a dream... ...and that dream was to build the largest weeb thing I could think of. With the help of @Xen0m3 and his brother, Mika (who doesn't have a forums account). After two months of concentrated hamon weeb energy, we managed to complete all four of the Kongou Class Battleships. Each of them being in 1:1 scale, having fully rotating turrets, and working catapults and floatplanes each. As of the 18th of June, Kongou is the largest craft on KerbalX (From right-to-left, Kongou, Hiei, Kirishima and Haruna) ----- IJN Kongou Made by Me Kongou is the lead ship of the class, and appropriately the largest one in terms of part count too. I gave her stock decals as well. ----- IJN Hiei Made by Xenome ----- IJN Kirishima Made by Me ----- IJN Haruna Made by Mika ---
  3. Crazy plane you have for your profile picture there.

  4. Contract No.12 Generation 4.5 Uncle Carlos Aerospace presents (again)... The Albatross F Mk III! The Albatross Mk II was an excellent fighter, but lacked range and started to become obsolescent throughout the late 2030s. The Albatross Mk III was developed to keep the Albatross line of aircraft competitive amongst ever improving foreign aircraft. Range and speed were a top priority rather than maneuverability; unlike the Mk II. The changes started with the engines. The thrust vectoring engines were replaced with larger, more powerful engines pulled straight off UCA's (Uncle Carlos Aerospace) own Freeraid bomber. The wings were enlarged and the fuselage was lengthened to accommodate these changes. Other changes included increased fuel capacity and improved systems, which were largely based from reverse engineered from captured Russian and Atlantis fighters. The fighter initially suffered reliability issues as it first entered service in 2042, but these were eventually completely ironed out in 2044. The fighter lacked the maneuverability of it's early variants, but made up for it in speed and range. The Albatross Mk III had both the fastest speed, and the longest range of any fighter in the world until the introduction of Canada's Au-400 in 2066. (Download and read the rest of the lore here)
  5. Eh? 372 parts is nothing! I was expecting to fly some 1000 part craft lol
  6. It definitely falls under contract No. 3. Contract No. 3 is supposed to be prewar to midwar monoplane fighters. Your fighter definitely fits the contract
  7. I think this falls under contract 4 rather than contact 3 great fighter
  8. Hey folks! With HB's permission, I have decided to create a stock propeller derivative to this challenge. If you're interested, please submit! Thanks,
  9. Welcome to the... KSP Stock Prop Design Challenge! The aim of this challenge is to create the coolest looking stock prop designs you can! Your plane will be judged mostly on appearance and as such, speed and performance won't be judged very harshly; as long as it flies, and flies well enough it's okay (though good performance is always good to have). The goal of this challenge is to create a plane that fits both the requirements and aesthetics of what a contract of your choice says. The contracts will range from 1920s-30s biplanes to post WW2 superprops. There will be no definitive winner to this challenge, but aircraft I especially enjoy will have a spot on this original post. Please lay out your submission like this: [Contact No. XY][Generation (biplane, ww2 etc)][Manufacturer name/author(s)][Craft name][Description][Pictures (max 3)][Download link (preferably on KerbalX)] Guidelines/Rules 1) Unless otherwise stated in the contract, the plane must fly only with stock propellers. 2) The Design MUST be original and NOT a replica. 3) Stock designs only. DLC is not allowed. 4) Part clipping/craft file editing is allowed. ----- The Idea The idea for this challenge was blatantly ripped off HB Stratos' and Servo's Original Jet Fighter challenge. If you've stumbled here but aren't a fan, or don't know how to make props, visit their challenge instead: Major thanks to HB Stratos for letting me actually make this challenge even it's literally the same thing. ----- The Contracts Biplane Era ----- WW2 Era ----- Postwar Era --- Hall of Fame! @Jon144's fantastic K4F Scimitar is on the list because of it's superb performance; the best so far! While not as detailed as some of the other props, it's fast, and maneuverable enough to compensate. Good job! --- @erasmusguy's HF-108 fantastically detailed. It doesn't quite fit a category, but looks superb. I appreciate the detail added to it; especially the little men/RCS tanks. Well done. --- @Phantomic's P-45 bolt just looks like a plane straight from WW2. It has nice clean lines and isn't a bad flier either. Fits the contract almost perfectly. Great work! ----
  10. Contract No. 001 1st Generation Jet Fighter Developed by Uncle Carlos Aerospace... Introducing the Seagull FA Mk III! Uncle Carlos Aerospace (aka UCA) developed a fighter due to the rapid obsolescence of the Holiday Air Force. Even with the brand new Storm Petrel fighter, the Air Force was still decades out of date. As a quick solution to the problem was to upgrade this brand new fighter to bring it at least a little closer to modern capabilities. This upgraded Storm Petrel became the Seagull. The Seagull was still nowhere near capable of tackling the latest fighters, and due to it being larger and heavier, it could have been considered worse than the Storm Petrel, however, the Seagull found a niche in ground attack. Being able to carry more payload than the Storm Petrel, it was moderately successful in the ground attack role. It carried eight rockets and two hidden 20mm cannons under the air intakes. (download, or read the full lore on this aircraft [and many of my others] on the KX page here) Nyoom!
  11. Hey guys I haven't been here for awhile, glad to see the challenge is still going. I was just wondering if my HC-3 Dart ever got reviewed. Big thankies and PS, my company is Uncle Carlos Aerospace, or UCA for short.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! Who needs twelve reindeer when you have the equivalent power of 2060 horses?
  13. I'm about to complete my actual submission to this challenge! (it's a heavy bomber) but I do have one question: Are stock propellers allowed? If not, I'll have to modify my bomber to include jet engines (which is no problem!)
  14. Oh boy, this tempts me to bring out the ol' lancaster out! She can carry a surprising amount of bombs despite being a stock prop! Though, this challenge is pretty cool, I might submit a real one eventually EDIT: She can carry a whole 24.12 tonnes! Considering the aircraft (empty) weighs about 33t, I'd say that's pretty impressive
  15. Hello there, I am loving the mod so far, but I am curious if there is anyway to disable 'modcontrol'? At the moment, my friend and I are having trouble spawning in aircraft with modded parts. Is there any way to allow modded parts without manually inputting the names of all the parts in the LMPmodcontrol file? I am completely aware mods are not completely supported yet