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  1. HolidayTheLeek

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've reached a big milestone when it comes to hours in KSP! I'd probably have more if I'd bought the game earlier instead of pirating it... anyway. That's 1000 hours of making prop planes and replica aircraft! I need to go to space more hehe
  2. HolidayTheLeek

    World War Craft Megathread - Planes, Tanks, Ships, etc.

    I have quite a few, but they may seem out of place since they're stock. Either way, here are some of my favourite designs that I've built so far. (chronological order) TB-3 Zveno ( --- Supermarine Spitfire Mk-1 ( --- Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik ( --- Consolidated B-24 Liberator ( --- Avro Lancaster ( --- North American P-51D Mustang ( --- Gloster Meteor F3 ( --- North American F-82 Twin Mustang (
  3. HolidayTheLeek

    F-104 Starfighter Replica!

    Fantastic! I'm normally not a fan of modded designs, but this is cool!
  4. HolidayTheLeek

    KSP Military Mega Thread

    Stock B-24 Download link (HERE) Other craft of mine (HERE)
  5. HolidayTheLeek

    Holiday's Stock Replica Aircraft Depot (UPDATED)

    Sorry it's been a while, I almost forgot about your request. Anyways, here it is finally! The B-24 Liberator! (more images in the spoiler) Link to KerbalX is (HERE) I genuinely enjoyed making this thing! Hopefully the next replica I make isn't as late.
  6. Nah I haven't built one yet. I am however working on a design that uses stock props. I've ditched the nuclear power idea (as it was too expensive) for one that uses fuel cells. Hopefully I'll get it up later today.
  7. Wow! This cool! I was considering making a helicopter/autogyro, but I don't think I would've made something as cool as this!
  8. HolidayTheLeek

    Stock propeller help?

    I see you're trying to use docking ports to redock the props. Good job on getting it working! Personally, I've had better experience using claws. They're bulkier, but they tend to be more reliable for me.
  9. HolidayTheLeek

    Stock propeller help?

    I don't have the making history DLC, but I could certainly help out with propellers. For smaller propellers (0.625m) I'd recommend the RCS ball bearing. It's currently one of the best out there. I'm not the best at explaining things, but if you want, I could give some craft files of propeller designs I use in my own craft. (I don't know if they work in helicopters though) If possible, I could examine your craft and hopefully you'll get some working aircraft/helicopters for eve
  10. Yeah, definitely. I just wanted to start this since I wanted to see more stock props. I thought fighters, bombers, and airliners would be fun to see with only props. Anyways, do you have any designs you could share, or nah?
  11. "Price of your aircraft multiplied by 10, but 1000 if it's a jet." It's in the rules somewhere. It matters, just like the Regional Jet Challenge. A lower price is better, however better performance can compensate for a higher price.
  12. Hello All! I have made a challenge inspired by this one, but with an emphasis on Stock Propellers. Military aircraft are also a thing for this challenge. Sorry about advertising. Any rules and suggestions to improve my challenge are greatly appreciated.
  13. Inspired by the Regional Jet Challenge Whilst the thread is mainly focused on propeller driven aircraft, jet powered aircraft ARE allowed on the condition that it uses a maximum of 800 units of fuel. Kerbin has gone through an oil crisis; airlines and military around Kerbin are now using aircraft they can no longer fuel and are in desperate need for new aircraft. It is up to your company to provide aircraft for either the military or airlines that have almost the, or better performance then jet powered counterparts. Of course, in most cases it isn't possible to match the speed, however propeller driven aircraft tend to be better in other regards. vvv Note: PLEASE READ vvv _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is a good aircraft then? The military is in need of aircraft that can either turn well, or perform Boom and Zoom style attacks. The military also wants cheap, easy to maintain and rugged aircraft as well. As for things like bombers, the military is in need of bombers with good defense and bomb load, while being strong enough to take a few hits. The Airlines are in need of aircraft that are safe, reliable, comfortable, have a reasonable price, are easy to maintain and designs that are flexible enough to be put in other uses. Obviously, it's better if the aircraft is cheaper, however the aircraft's performance can compensate (to an extent) a high price tag. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules Must be compatible with 1.4 of KSP. The only mods allowed are Stock parts (duh), BDarmory and Airplane Plus. Maximum of 700 parts. (this can be negotiable if the aircraft only goes slightly over) If the aircraft uses liquidfuel, it is classified as a jet Propellers from Airplane Plus are allowed, but the aircraft is considered a "jet" if it uses liquid fuel. Command seats are allowed as long as a cockpit of some sorts is built around it (an open cockpit is fine). For military aircraft, no missiles are allowed (as these use fuel) For military aircraft, only 50cal weapons (turret included), 20mm vulcan (fixed and turret), and the GAU-8 Cannon are allowed (a plane with an abrams cannon would be amazing if it can be done). (feel free to suggest any more weapons) Part clipping to any extent is allowed. Creating variants for aircraft are allowed (explained down below) What is a Variant in the context of the rules? To make a design more versatile for different roles; it's possible to submit different variants of the same aircraft. A variant of the same aircraft will be counted as a variant if it has roughly the same structural layout of the previous design. You are allowed to change the engines, add more guns, make wings slightly bigger, or lengthen the fuselage. If an aircraft variant is too different from it's original, it will be counted as another plane rather than a variant. Military Categories (closed until BDarmory updates) The specifications do not need to be met as long as the aircraft makes up for it in something else. Like an aircraft having a slow speed, but good turn rate. Fighter Speed of more than 80m/s Armament of at LEAST two 50cals reasonable turn time 1 pilot only 1 engine only Heavy Fighter Speed of more than 100m/s. Armament of at LEAST 6 50cals. reasonable turn time. at least 1 pilot, however 2 or having a turret is preferred. At least 2 engines (maximum of 4). Ground Attacker/Light Bomber Speed of more than 70m/s. Armament of at least 6 50cals. (cannons are preferred) Must carry a few bombs. reasonable turn time. at least 1 pilot, however 2 or having a turret is preferred. Must be easy enough to aim at ground targets Heavy Bomber Speed of more than 60m/s Must have a bomb load of at least 5000lbs (or if you're metric like me, 2267kg) Must have at least 2 pilots and 1 turret (more turrets are recommended) Reasonable turn time (of course, it doesn't need to be fighter like) Must be stable enough to aim bombs properly. Maximum of 6 engines, but must have at least 2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Airliner Categories The specifications do not need to be met as long as the aircraft makes up for it in something else. Like an aircraft having a slow speed, but good comfort and passenger count. Like the Regional Jet Challenge: The Mk1 and Mk2 Crew Cabins count as 8 Passengers Mk3 Passenger Module and Size 2 Crew Cabin count as 24 Passengers Seaplane Speed of at least 60m/s Must be able to takeoff and land from water with relative ease Must hold at least 16 passengers. Maximum of 3 engines. Flying Boat Speed of at least 60m/s Must be able to takeoff and land from water Must hold at least 48 passengers Minimum of 2 engines, and maximum of 4 Island Hopper Speed of at least 60m/s Must have short takeoff and landing Must hold at least 16 passengers (max 24) Maximum of 3 engines. Regional Airliner Speed of at least 70m/s Must have reasonably short takeoff and landing Must hold at least 32 passengers (max 48) Must be comfortable Minimum of 2 engines and maximum of 4 International Airliner Speed of at least 80m/s Must have reasonably short takeoff and landing Must hold at least 56 passengers (maximum of whatever you can do) Must be comfortable Minimum of 3 engines, maximum of 6. (optional) Can fly with 1 engine not working. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to Submit Aircraft must have a title in bold, and at least 1 picture so I can figure out what is and isn't a submission. Clarify if the aircraft is a military aircraft/airliner and make sure it is clear what category the aircraft is in. A download link for the aircraft in the post. Price of your aircraft multiplied by 10, but 1000 if it's a jet. Instructions to fly, optimal propeller pitch, and recommended altitudes (Optional) Pitch the aircraft to the military/airlines. Why is your aircraft so good. Why should they buy it. Describe special features of the aircraft (even made up ones). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Military Submissions Fighter Heavy Fighter Ground Attacker/Light Bomber Heavy Bomber _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Airliner Submissions Seaplane Flying Boat Island Hopper Regional Airliner International Airliner _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Judges Just ask if you want to be a judge. @HolidayTheLeek yeah, that's it right now.
  14. HolidayTheLeek

    Stock Antonov AN-225 Mriya Replica

    the size of this thing is alarmingly close to the size of my aircraft carrier I built... I can't believe this thing flies! I thought my lancaster was big haha! Good work!
  15. HolidayTheLeek

    KEA(R) Airliner Size/Speed/Range War

    Hmm, I assume costs here don't matter right? If so, I have a number of somewhat ridiculous aircraft.