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  1. Stock P-51D Mustang

    Hello all! I have made an aircraft I'd wanted to make for the longest time. It's the P-51 (the D model in particular)! It took me a while to figure out how to make a bubble cockpit, however, not trying to toot my own horn but, I think I've done a pretty good job! Like a lot of the aircraft I'm building these days, I've made a speedbuild for it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions and Download 1: Decouple the propeller from the craft 2: Turn on SAS for the main craft, but not the propeller 3: Switch to propeller (using [ ] keys) 4: Hold down ALT + E until the roll meter is completely to the right 5: Wait until the aircraft takes off 6: Fly like normal, but avoid dipping below 20m/s. Download (HERE)
  2. Duna on Spark!

    The bottom of that is just beautiful!
  3. Hello! I've made a replica of the IL-2 Shturmovik. Before I start off, I'd like to credit MajorJim! for the initial design for the bearing I use, and Azimech for showing me the design with the RCS balls. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The IL-2 was a ground attacker developed in the Soviet Union. It had a reputation for taking huge amounts of punishment, but still being able to fly home. This was because of the fact it was incredibly well armoured; this made it immune to small arms fire. The armour worked both as armour and the actual load bearing component of the aircraft. Like the WW1 Junkers J-1, it had an "armoured bathtub" which meant the armour surrounded the pilot and other components, like a bathtub. The IL-2 was the second most produced aircraft ever. Stalin himself loved this aircraft, describing it as "essential as air and bread for the Red Army". Despite being one of the most produced aircraft, only a handful still exist. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The real plane (in the spoiler) The video of it being made: Some pictures: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top Speed: 78m/s Top Speed (In a dive): 120m/s (however at 100m/s, there is a big chance of the propeller breaking) Stall Speed: 19-20m/s Takeoff Speed: around about 26m/s Climb rate: 10-15m/s _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: 1: Press space to decouple the propeller from the main craft. 2: Turn on SAS on the main craft (NOT THE PROPELLER) 3: Switch to the propeller 4: Hold down Alt+E until the Roll bar in the bottom left is completely to the left. 5: Switch back to the main craft 6: Don't touch the controls, and it should take off when it gets to 23-24m/s. 7: Fly like normal, but be gentle when it comes to dives. Don't exceed 100m/s. Tip: Turning makes you bleed speed a lot, be sure to stay above 24-25m/s. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download (HERE) (now on KerbalX) Thanks for reading!
  4. The Legendary Spitfire (Stock) V2

    Hello all! I've decided to start using KerbalX (I have no idea why I didn't do this earlier) Thank you.
  5. The Legendary Spitfire (Stock) V2

    I've never thought of using those parts, I might try that out to see if it's viable EDIT: I couldn't figure out how to use the heatshields or the FL-A5 adapters in the tail fin, however the heatshields looks pretty good applied to the horizontal stabilizers. For the tail fin, I just jammed a few basic fins to finish off the shape. I like the shape, just not the orange it adds. At the moment, I'm kind of on the fence about it.
  6. The Legendary Spitfire (Stock)

    Hello all! It's been a while since I've posted on this thread; however I've made an updated version of this Spitfire! The thread is here: Thank you!
  7. The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When every aeroplane you see looks like a potential replica to build.
  8. For a very, very long time now, I've wanted to make a new version of that Spitfire I made a while back. I personally thought it wasn't very good, and I could've done a much better job, so I finally did. Now, technically, this is actually V3, however, I never released the other one I made since I figured out new techniques of making smoother looking aircraft as soon as I finished it. Just for perspective, here is the real Spitfire: Here is my old replica: And here is the newer version I made: As you may be able to see, the newer version is much cleaner, and is much closer to the original Spitfire. As an added bonus, It's also much faster, and the propeller doesn't pop out and break as easily. I have also included a speed build which shows myself building the Spitfire; the video is here: I didn't design the bearings used for the stock propeller in this aircraft. The original design being created by MajorJim, and then being modified using different parts by Klond and Azimech. Anyways, here are more pictures. The download and specifications are down below. Download: (HERE) Top Speed: 78m/s (sea level), 87m/s (3000-4000m) Top Speed (in a dive): 120-130m/s (depends on altitude and angle Stall Speed: around about 19-20m/s Takeoff Speed: around about 20-21m/s Climb Rate: 10-15m/s _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: 1: Decouple the propeller from the craft 2: Turn on SAS for the main craft, but not the propeller 3: Switch to propeller (using [ ] keys) 4: Hold down ALT + E until the roll meter is completely to the right 5: Wait until the aircraft takes off 6: Fly like normal, but avoid dipping below 20m/s. Thanks for reading this post! Be sure to check out the BF-109 I made recently (HERE)
  9. Hello all! I'm back, and I've made a new replica. Unlike all of my other replicas, I have decided to record the making of the BF-109. So far, this replica has been one of the easiest to build so far; only taking about/less than an hour to complete and test. (I'm only showing 40 minutes of building footage in the video because the extra 10-20 minutes were just tweaking) The video is here: The stock bearings used were initially designed by MajorJim, however, a similar design, using different parts (the one I use in the plane) were designed by Klond and Azimech. Download is in the video description.
  10. The Screamin' Stuka (JU-87 Stuka Stock Replica)

    After many problems with the editing software, and procrastination, the video is done!
  11. Nobody has made anything with propellers yet, so here I go! (all of these stock) JU-87 Stuka Spitfire B-36 Peacemaker (still a WIP) MiG-3
  12. Show us your MiG !

    Thanks! I remember my first working prop aircraft in 0.24 actually. It has gone a long way. However, "good fighter characteristics" is a bit of a stretch. It flies well and manouevers well, but it stalls easily, and it's top speed is like 80m/s.
  13. Show us your MiG !

    I want to be the odd one out of and include something different from everyone else (in a good way). The MiG-3. (yes, it does have a proper propeller, and it's stock.)
  14. Since you don't seem to understand how these designs work, it's pretty simple actually. Due to limitations of the game (in that being no parts that act like bearings) the spinning bit of the propeller itself is detached from the main craft to be able to spin freely. However, whilst the propeller itself is technically detached, it's still kept in the same space using some sort of housing (either using a fairing, structual fuselage, or a mix of RCS balls and thermometers) this is how it spins. As for how the propeller is powered (I may get off topic); Electrical propellers utilise reaction wheels and trim controls (Alt + W/S/A/D/Q/E) to spin the propeller. As of now, it is the easiest, most powerful, and most practical way to power propellers. Because the propeller is powered by electricity, it's very simple to just clip several RTGs to generate power. This creates infinite electricity, which makes the plane have infinite range. A disadvantage of this kind of propeller is that you have pretty much no thrust control; it's either FULL POWER or no power. Turboprops use a jet engine's (or multiple) thrust to spin a propeller. In my opinion, turboprops are WAYY cooler, but have limited range, are bigger and bulkier, and less easy to build. They're much better with something like a helicopter though, since they have control (somewhat) over the thrust the propeller produces. Tip jets use jet engines to spin a propeller, but unlike a turboprop, the jet engine is directly attached to the propeller (these kinds of engines were the first to fly propeller/helicopters in KSP). A disadvantage is the propeller itself has to carry all the fuel, instead of the fuel being on the plane. Designs are also quite bulky, and like an electric propeller, there's pretty much no throttle control (unless you are extremely quick with switching craft). Hope you learned about propellers in KSP, and how they work. As for making the most optimum blade, I'm not the best for this, other people are much better at this than I.
  15. The Screamin' Stuka (JU-87 Stuka Stock Replica)

    Thank you! I might as well make a video of it in action. Possibly tomorrow.