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  1. HolidayTheLeek

    Strategic Bomber Procurement (Reboot!)

    I'm about to complete my actual submission to this challenge! (it's a heavy bomber) but I do have one question: Are stock propellers allowed? If not, I'll have to modify my bomber to include jet engines (which is no problem!)
  2. HolidayTheLeek

    Strategic Bomber Procurement (Reboot!)

    Oh boy, this tempts me to bring out the ol' lancaster out! She can carry a surprising amount of bombs despite being a stock prop! Though, this challenge is pretty cool, I might submit a real one eventually EDIT: She can carry a whole 24.12 tonnes! Considering the aircraft (empty) weighs about 33t, I'd say that's pretty impressive
  3. HolidayTheLeek

    [1.5.1] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    Hello there, I am loving the mod so far, but I am curious if there is anyway to disable 'modcontrol'? At the moment, my friend and I are having trouble spawning in aircraft with modded parts. Is there any way to allow modded parts without manually inputting the names of all the parts in the LMPmodcontrol file? I am completely aware mods are not completely supported yet
  4. HolidayTheLeek

    River-run Air-race Challenge

    Hello all! I have decided to submit my first attempt in the stock propeller section. This is currently a stop-gap time before I can develop faster stock prop aircraft. My time was 23:19.
  5. Thanks for the review! UCA has been waiting a while. Something about the aircraft must've changed in an update when in storage for so long!t We at UCA don't actually remember the HC-2 actually being that stable. Though, that might be more likely because this craft was designed so long ago that we simply don't remember it's flight characteristics. That comment about "fast speed" (230m/s) came from when UCA was a company that only really built propeller aircraft or very rarely, slow jet aircraft well, that was a shameless promotion lol. Back when we made prop aircraft only, 100m/s was considered fast, and having a takeoff speed more than 30m/s was considered high! We were also surprised the plane flew with one engine only; this was never intended in the design/ Anyway, the amount of aircraft ordered wasn't stated in the review. Is this a mistake? Sorry if I seem rude here. this is referring to the review on the HC-2 by the way, I didn't realise there was a next page xD
  6. Uncle Carlos Aerospace Proudly Presents: The HC-3 Dart! ___________ (More images and the download link in the spolier) Cost of the Aircraft: 55,199,000 Mass: 54.8t Parts: 89 Passenger Count: 128 Cruising altitude (read instructions on KerbalX): 17,000m to 20,500m Cruise Speed: About 995m/s to 1100m/s (This fluctuates a lot during the flight) Cruise Throttle: Slightly above 1/3rd Throttle. Fuel Consumption: About 0.90 - 0.30 (This fluctuates a lot due to the way this aircraft cruises) ___________ After the failure of the HC-1 Island Hopper, which used nuclear powered propeller engines, airliner development at UCA (Uncle Carlos Aerospace) went back to conventional jet technology like the HC-2 Country Hopper, and now, the brand new HC-3 Dart. UCA is a company that primarily produced propeller driven fighter aircraft, and bomber aircraft. When a supersonic jet airliner was proposed, many of UCA's engineers thought that developing a completely different kind of aircraft that the company has never produced before, was impossible. After watching several Sci-Fi movies from the 1950s and 60s however, the engineers found their inspiration. The sleek, tailess delta winged aircraft was created (the first few prototypes had tails, but due to control issues, they were removed). The HC-3 Dart is capable of circumnavigating the planet in about an hour and ten minutes with about a quarter of the fuel left. The uniquely pointy fuselage of this aircraft was surprisingly developed using the engine housings of the HC-1 Island Hopper. As the material was used as a bearing, it had low friction/drag, it was strong, and had a high heat tolerance (to deal with the heat from the nuclear engines of the Island Hopper). These qualities made it the perfect to use in the fuselage for the HC-3. Modified Mk-1 Cabins were placed side by side inside the fuselage to fit 128 passengers as well as the fuel and luggage for the aircraft. Three very poweful Whiplash engines were used to propel the aircraft to it's cruise speed of over 1000m/s. Because these engines are so powerful, the aircraft is capable of flying on only 1 engine from any side, however at least two is prefered; this gives the aircraft excellent safety. Two engines are positioned under the wings, and the other far back in the tail to reduce noise in the cabin. The tailless delta configuration of the aircraft reduced drag, and allowed many control surfaces to be fitted. To further enhance maneuverability, the wing tips are all moving control surfaces. This allowed the aircraft to be controllable at high speeds, and have surprisingly good low speed characteristics. As shared with all UCA aircraft in the HC lineup, the Dart is equipped with a wide set landing gear to make ground handling and landing easier for pilots. There is also a tailwheel so the aircraft is pretty much impossible to tail-strike. Because of this, I think the HC-3 Dart is a perfect aircraft for the Kerbal Express Airlines.
  7. Ah cheers! I'm not necessarily sure what that means, but cheers anyway :)
  8. Fantastic looking plane Agent Awesome! Has a nice design. The wings and canards are really cool! Anyway, may I ask, approximately when is my second submission (The HC-2 Country Hopper) going to be reviewed? I'd like to post another aircraft soon and I'm curious when my previous submission will be reviewed. I understand you guys are busy, and I hope I'm not asking for too much. Thanks!
  9. HolidayTheLeek

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've reached a big milestone when it comes to hours in KSP! I'd probably have more if I'd bought the game earlier instead of pirating it... anyway. That's 1000 hours of making prop planes and replica aircraft! I need to go to space more hehe
  10. HolidayTheLeek

    World War Craft Megathread - Planes, Tanks, Ships, etc.

    I have quite a few, but they may seem out of place since they're stock. Either way, here are some of my favourite designs that I've built so far. (chronological order) TB-3 Zveno ( --- Supermarine Spitfire Mk-1 ( --- Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik ( --- Consolidated B-24 Liberator ( --- Avro Lancaster ( --- North American P-51D Mustang ( --- Gloster Meteor F3 ( --- North American F-82 Twin Mustang (
  11. HolidayTheLeek

    F-104 Starfighter Replica!

    Fantastic! I'm normally not a fan of modded designs, but this is cool!
  12. HolidayTheLeek

    KSP Military Mega Thread

    Stock B-24 Download link (HERE) Other craft of mine (HERE)
  13. HolidayTheLeek

    Holiday's Stock Replica Aircraft Depot (UPDATED)

    Sorry it's been a while, I almost forgot about your request. Anyways, here it is finally! The B-24 Liberator! (more images in the spoiler) Link to KerbalX is (HERE) I genuinely enjoyed making this thing! Hopefully the next replica I make isn't as late.
  14. Nah I haven't built one yet. I am however working on a design that uses stock props. I've ditched the nuclear power idea (as it was too expensive) for one that uses fuel cells. Hopefully I'll get it up later today.
  15. Wow! This cool! I was considering making a helicopter/autogyro, but I don't think I would've made something as cool as this!