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  1. I'd love to help, but I only know a little about RT, TweakScale and TextureReplacer. Although if it is painted that where you want to see, I can try.
  2. Subset OPT_TweakScale2.cfg, now, if TweakScale is not installed, there are no errors at boot time and added another engine to the config (turboRamJetj_60) to the already available (turboRamJetj_60d)
  3. reissued MM patch for RT ProbesPlus_BETA_0.15.1RC, now all antennas and satellites work with RT UPD: Added another module with an antenna to the end of the list (at first it missed, because it's a scanner)
  4. Hello, could you include in OPT Legacy this patch for RT: without him playing with the OPT Legacy and RT antenna does not work
  5. Put photoshop in demo mode for 7 days for free and you will be happy, there are no problems with alpha channels, the main fill is not black (# 000000), but dark gray (# 010101- # 030303) - this will be 1% transparency
  6. Skippy__ can not be worried, there is already a work patch for AirplanePlus. I think so soon will be published.
  7. In advance I apologize if this problem has already been considered, with my bad English browsing 200 pages of the topic is hell. There is MM patch It should specify the name Meshes as: Merged Exterior. How to do this if the name meshes has a space
  8. I understand that, for example, I cited the details without a name Then here's the original file My patch UDP: I realized my mistake had to be specified @MODULE[FStextureSwitch2] The first time I write something like this, and with the English language tight) Thank you.
  9. Hello, I need help in writing MM patch: you need to change the texture location folder of one existing part in one part. I make the adaptation for WindowsShine, the detail has several variants of the texture switchable in the game, if I replace the original textures with my own, then the patch works as it should, but I need the original textures to stay in place , But modified in their own folder. Did so But it does not work
  10. Приветствую, нужна помощь в написании MM patch: нужно у существующего мода у одной детали изменить папку расположения текстур. Делаю адаптацию для WindowsShine, у детали несколько вариантов текстуры переключаемых в игре, если заменяю оригинальные текстуры на свои то патч работает как надо, но мне нужно, чтоб оригинальные текстуры остались на месте, а измененные в своей папке.
  11. What kind of mod does not detect the error, five times reinstalled, errors were stolen. + Some fashion through CKAN have been updated, I do not remember exactly.