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  1. Seems you turned my Hex ISRU processors into refrigerators. I'll have to go manually switch one out on my moonbase setup. Easy to do with KAS and EL.
  2. I'd love to load up that craft file and see how you have it set up, please share it!
  3. And now it's working on my main version of the game that I didn't change a single thing on. I loaded a brand new sandbox in it, but that wasn't working an hour ago. Okay something weird happened, check out the screenshot and the log for this screenshot. I loaded my original copy of the game, it quickloaded into my testing sandbox save. It was working completely correct there. I then loaded my main save and I noticed the alt-right click was working correctly on some of the buttons in my home but then not others. Then I clicked on the JC button and saw stuff in it I put in the sandbox
  4. So I took out half my mods, created a new save and the alt-right click was working in the fresh save. But then without closing KSP I went back to game load and loaded my big save game, clicked through all my crafts that failed to load, and I Could Not right click the menu? Here is a new log of that game session: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Av1EdAOGC27IirBkB9kehqY0k_IaXQ
  5. Hmm, if I just remove all mods and start with a new testing save I would be shocked if it still happens. Should I try that or just a partial removal of mods?
  6. I've been trying all of the buttons on my toolbar randomly. I had JC installed for a while and it was working before, but today I went through and updated all of my mods that were not getting updated by CKAN. I read through the changes on here and was excited to get your mod working again but then it wasn't? I suspect it is some kind of interaction with one of my many mods. I had QuickHide installed which hides stuff in the stock toolbar, but it still happens after I uninstalled that.
  7. I've been trying to use JC, but when I install it and alt-right click on my stock toolbar nothing comes up, the interface acts like I did nothing. I've tried deleting and reinstalling. I just realized I only tried to reinstall from CKAN, should I try to download from github and try that? I also tried to remove any references to Janitor's Closet from other places, but I'm not seeing anything in my save files or outside of the mod's folder? Is there any other place the config is stored? EDIT: I can block parts in the VAB/SPH.
  8. That makes a lot of sense. ISRU has kind of been hanging off the end of KSPI-E which was always more focused on propulsion. Maybe consider splitting it into 3 mods, 1 for fuel storage, 1 for propulsion/reactors and one for ISRU?
  9. @FreeThinker When changing the fuel of the MPD in the VAB, why doesn't the thrust and ISP change when you middle click on it? Also the reported thrust for Hydrogen is about 5x higher than it should be?
  10. Have you considered putting a blinking NEAR FUTURE ELECTIC MODE ON in the power helper? Then it could be turned off for people.
  11. Um, everytime I end my timewarp the Regolith drills deactivate, when they were active the whole warp. This happens for even a 20x warp for a few seconds, so it isn't resource related. I also have tons of power. Anyone else?
  12. That sounds very useful. Any plans for LqdHydrogen and Hydrogen, because certain fusion reactions require Hydrogen?
  13. So the only number that affects the game is Reactor power, all others are just flavour used to make the reactor power number? Also it appears that the P-Li6 reaction power doesn't match this table. P-Li6 is getting 7.932GW / 8.773GW = 0.9041 power relative to the reactor, when the table says it should be 0.22 P-Li7 gets 9.639GW / 8.773GW = 1.098 power relative to base reactor, when the table says 0.977 And they both have the same Fusion Maintenance power of 512MW when the table says one is 6x and the other is 8x? Am I doing this right?
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