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  1. I've been making a script that uses terminal_velocity value using vessel.flight(srf_frame).terminal_velocity (based on the Python version from the docs) and it seems that the wrong values for terminal velocity are being calculated I had it displayed as a separate variable in the console and in the script as well and terminal velocity seems to drop from 7-10 km down to 90 m/s and then hovers around 100m/s until 12km for kerbalx craft that's premade in the game, it went down to 70m/s at 9km and I'm not sure what's causing this I'm trying to use terminal velocity / velocity ratio to calculate perfect ascent speed, but it's really bugging out all of my take offs right now any suggestions?
  2. We all know how well Falcon 9 is able to land by itself now, but before Falcon 9 became a reality there were several designs for autonomous self landing boosters. This is their story
  3. haha no I didn't. Thanks for the notice. I hope you don't get in trouble for playing so much KSP Although admittedly, I do it at work all the time too. I'm a full time math teacher and convinced my principal to give me free reign in using KSP to teach concepts.
  4. This is not really an entry, but more of a summary of the mission and an invitation to others to participate
  5. I wanted to see if fairings made a difference as there was some discussion on Facebook in regards to their importance (or not importance due to added weight) Here's the result of a short and simple scientific experiment:
  6. Hi everyone My math students had to try to use the free DEMO of the game to make it to the Mun and do a soft landing. they couldn't do it and said it was impossible so I made this video to prove to them that it was. So now I'd like to see someone try to return from the Mun and land safely. See if you can
  7. I'd have to say no to the MODs as I don't really know what that one does and it can be done without them Heres a submission from someone who did it with even less using the lander can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lww1XZpgAa4
  8. Hi everyone, This is my first challenge and being the math teacher I thought I'd do something I'm comfortable with - use math to do something fun. I used cabin only mode to land on the Mun and return back to Kerbin - so I'd like to challenge you to do the same or better. Full video is here with explanations and such. Rules: no map or nodes no cheats no mods other than visual enhancements F2 has to be enabled for the entire trip Can only use panels inside the craft Try to stay in cabin mode the whole time other than EVA Extra challenge: try to do it in a landing can (no instruments at all) There are no points, it's really a completion task more than anything. I know it's hard to be honest about this challenge, so we're going on an honor system - try to follow the rules as this is a lot more challenging than you think. Provide pics or video if you can. Person making it to a different planet and returning safe gets the biggest bragging right.
  9. Hi everyone I've been trying to perfect an SSTO design that allows me to have a simple craft with most dV left. here's attempt # I don't know anymore
  10. This is a series of videos on the history of space flight. EP1 gz7IMb9ZMIEOpoNwIEP2 gz7IMb9ZMIEOpoNwIEP3 gz7IMb9ZMIEOpoNwIEP4 gz7IMb9ZMIEOpoNwIEP5 gz7IMb9ZMIEOpoNwI
  11. Hi everyone Here's a video I made recently explaining how Rapier Engines should be used in SSTO construction and why it's a lot more effective to use these in regular air breathing mode and avoid the Alt mode
  12. This is episode 4. They'll be coming out every week
  13. I always wanted to get into Kolonization mod, but found it too bulky and complex, but this new LITE edition is great to get your feet wet!
  14. Hi guys I started a series using KSP and will explore the history of space flight and its fact/fictions and the most important missions I'm a high school teacher, so this is partially used to teach my students as well EP1: EP2:
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