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  1. I tried multiple times in last couple months to get RO and all depended mods running, including doing tech tree with pearl etc, I never get starting engines I remember from 1.1.3 tech tree and it is always kinda messed up. Is tech tree even functional in current beta RO version? I play carrer only and it make no sense with no engines or crew modules showing up properly in VAB
  2. RSS/RO?

    Please explain!


    1. Hrv123


      Are you new to KSP?   RSS = Realistic Solar system, plus all real planets etc exactly x10 larger ingame than in stock.

      RO =Realism Overhaul      = Realistic everything for playing in RSS.


  3. Ha mods and 1.2.9.! Im interested in playing only RSS/RO and that behemont of cluster of mods is still in work for updating for current game version. Il never update to 1.2.9+ once RO is 1.2 ready.
  4. A question, Im trying for couple of days to start RO+RP-0 thats wip. My issue is I get modules in tech tree wrongly all over the place, with and without Community tech tree, and all parts that show are marked as non-RO parts, actually when thinking most of parts showing are stock ones and no 1.1.3 starting engines showing hmm. So is RO tech tree modules positions still not done and Im wasting lots of time to make it work or Im getting some unsuspecting mod messing things up? For now I figured Amp Year messed modules the most.
  5. Most likely dumb question, is MB compatible with RO/RSS mod bundles?
  6. Yes, ksp is worth every cent, endless fun (and explosions) in RO/RSS.
  7. +1 stutterer here to. Happening in RO/RSS heavy modded game, lots of part rocket, at launch. buts its like every 3-4 second a pause. CPU issue right? Only my CPU usage, per core, newer goes to 100% to explain this issue
  8. Have same issue, so Im not alone with game stuttering. I was always contemplating it is cpu><ksp related issue with physics, not memory one :/
  9. I got that bug in 1.1 something, but it went away ( for me) with 1.1.3. Didnot see it in 1.2, but didnt play much of it still.
  10. Pressing refresh on mods part of forum, waiting for RO 1.2 update, one more day passing.
  11. Wasted 5 hours of my live to make kerbal entering EVA not start spinning craft and have Jebediah catapulted from it. Failed, it still spins every time. This game is starting to suck life from me to much, each next update has weeks to wait mods update and then entire new things are broken and get chance to kill carer game. Contemplating more and more ksp is cool and all that but unplayable with RO/RSS and other realism related mods, black hole of real time wasted to make game with all mods work, and then it get somehow broken. Time to shelf game for half a year or so, again.
  12. Il distract my self with other stuff until team is back from vacation But yes, 1.1.2 x64 win is version with most unstable VAB and some kind of memory/cash issues braking exe I had.
  13. O no do use mods, kerbal engineer redux is a minimum minimum, it tell you delta v of stages while you build ship in VAB, It really really makes difference from flying in blind and do proper successful mission goals. Still, even with out mods, once you get a hang on deploying stuff in LO in ksp vanilla its really easy to go from there. I personally go with three stages rockets, after first each second x10 heavier, ading 4th for Mun. If I would use math in game, my head would explode :/ I dont wish to play game any more without those couple basic mods, that kindy should maybe part of stock game anyway. As for Scott M., there are lots of streamers that did game tutorials and crazy stuff with ksp, but I find S.M. to be most interesting for me, I learned so much about rocketry and science from him, only trying to learn to play this game Now It should not required to watch all that and there are now more game manuals and player done infographics I think, but those youtube videos really helped me when I jumped into beta couple years ago and do my first save kerbal from low orbit evil mission :cold sweat:
  14. Playing RO+RSS only, for year or two. Early game is fun, LO stuff and going to Moon, and back, is fun. But after Moon, IRL time and effort needed to plan, build and execute missions to other planets are considerable larger, to do orbital randezvous to build larger spaceships is pain for me, to do space station logistic even larger. To collect more science for better ship parts to collect more science is kinda, well, lacking higher goal? Only once start building something that should be LO space station. What is making everything a pain for me is that at one want point VAB exe stop working and/or bugs kill it, not fun to for hours fight game itself to make your 1000+ tons rocket work as it should at all, pass launching first step. So usually around Moon missions and kerbals on it, and back, I stop current game and wait for next bunch of updates and then repeat the cycle. Missions have some load game but VAB, I hate wasting IRL time in VAB from bugs. Atm I should do multiplying launching boosters made from engines, fuel tanks and parachutes, 100 tons and more, nothing fancy, and Im trying NOT to do them as long I can as I know what pain it will be to simply try to make that work and dont kill the exe in VAB. EDIT: KSP vanilla is sooooooo easy, so little delta v needed to move around that is to easy and then boring, you can send rockets with starting first couple tech one way to Duna easy. Dont anybody educate them self with Scot Manley videos So I cant really understand people who cant go interplanetary in vanilla O_o