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  1. Yes, but how do I scan for ore. I tried with a bunch of different settings with the M700 survey scanner, but it instantly scans the whole of Kerbin, and doesn't even show that data in the ScanSat map.
  2. I've been trying to understand this mod for hours now but I really can't get the hang of it. Can someone explain how I can get ore, biome, terrain data on the scansat maps and what do I use to scan for ore. I don't want the ore scan to be instant but I don't know how to do it.
  3. Hi PRO modders, I wanted a mod for KSP which shows a glideslope that a spaceplane can follow to land on a runway. I know that planes in real life use it too. This way, you won't need to use Mechjeb to land gracefully.
  4. I wanted to know a list of good mods that would be useful in the career mode. This will not only help me, but other KSP players as well. Post them below with the mod title and download link and possibly a brief description.
  5. I want to make some KSP videos on a mac. Can you guys suggest on how I can record KSP with decent framerate and no lag on my mac (retina 13"). Also, suggest in-game camera angle mods.
  6. Make sure you have enough fuel in your ship. If you don't have enough fuel, Mechjeb will still point at the node and attempt at a burn.
  7. WOW! This is better than I expected!!! BTW what did you use to create those camera shots in KSP?
  8. Before downloading this, I wanted to ask how the carrier (not the shuttle) comes down? Because if you detach the carrier before doing the orbit burn of the shuttle, then it is going to be deleted as soon as it enters the atmosphere.
  9. I think I fixed it because I used Imgur as you suggested. By the way how do you put those links underneath your message?
  10. This is the Lorax Space Shuttle. It is completely stock but will only work in KSP 0.25+. It is good for taking small payloads into orbit. Can also be transformed into a crew transporter. It flies really well in the stock game but I haven't tried it with FAR. It has 2 solid fuel boosters to help it get off the ground; 1 Rockomax Skipper engine under the external fuel tank to provide extra thrust; 2 Rockomax Mark 55 Radial Mount Liquid engines to stabilise; 2 monopropellant engines to use to get into orbit when the external fuel tanks separate; 2 Basic Jet engines to fly to the space centre when you enter the atmosphere after deorbiting. It has a docking port, a cargo bay, parachutes on the solid fuel boosters and the external fuel tank to recover them if you use the StageRecovery mod. And much more... Just remember that as you are flying, you will have to change the thirst limiter in the Rockomax Skipper engine as the fuel goes down. That should be pretty easy if you can recognise where that extra thrust could be turning your ship over. Action groups in craft info under title. Download More crafts from me: lorax284 KSP Crafts
  11. By suggesting Google Translate, do you mean to record text-to-speech and reversing it? Also, how do you reverse an audio clip, can you do it in iMovie and Premier Pro? And how do I get the sounds out of Chatterer?