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  1. Yep, plenty of mods have been updated since the list stopped updating.
  2. Oh scrap was just an example, I just found it odd that the last index was 3 days ago. I know that jobs and such come first, just wanted to bring it to someones attention that something may have broken.
  3. For example, Oh Scrap was just committed, yet it doesn't appear in CKAN ,
  4. Some mods that were recently added to CKAN's NetKAN repo haven't appeared within CKAN, I think something may have broken. Also http://status.ksp-ckan.org/ is listing some errors, might be related
  5. I still can't install them Installation of block 2 fails because it can't install the shuttle lifting body.
  6. I also want to know this, because block 2 is on there, but it can't be installed because block 1 can't be installed as firespitter isn't updated for 1.4.1. on CKAN.
  7. I can't get it through CKAN, as it says it requires firespitter, which isn't updated
  8. One thing i noticed yesterday is that when i recovered the one vessel I had from the tracking station, the groups it was in were not removed, instead they were just empty.
  9. I figured out what it was, it was scatterer, which is odd considering when I started the install for the pack, it installed scatterer.
  10. For some reason when I check this mod on CKAN, it turns red, and I am not able to install it
  11. For some reason, almost none of my rockets get the lighting effects, which is really annoying.
  12. I personally have not got it to function at all on my game.
  13. I get a whole lot of Null Refs when using this mod, i was just on the launch pad and the console was getting spammed with Null Refs [LOG 14:40:34.469] Loading ship from file: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/KSP_x64_Data/../saves/Testing Sandbox/Ships/VAB/Auto-Saved Ship.craft [LOG 14:40:34.500] InsterstellarFuelSwitch Verify Tank Tech Requirements [LOG 14:40:34.553] InsterstellarFuelSwitch Verify Tank Tech Requirements [LOG 14:40:34.582] InsterstellarFuelSwitch Verify Tank Tech Requirements [LOG 14:40:34.595] InsterstellarFuelSwitch Verify Tank Tech Re
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