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  1. About the crew tube. Its pretty sad that such nice part have not real use. Given that we now have cargo system, why not have them do that? I would also like it allot if they had limited capacity radiator and fuel storage. Now that I think about it, a mini mod that make crew generate low temp increase would be pretty awesome. It would justify the presence of the low capacity radiator of HeatControl, they seem to have no use atm, even small reactors cant be cooled by them.
  2. These new part looks pretty damn good. Here is my new Mun/Minmus taxi. Perfect to ferry crew and expandable landing module.
  3. Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of you have this issue: The black line around the vehicle flicker and its very annoying. It doesn't happen in space or without the 6.4x scale I have. My previous build was 1.81 and didn't had that issue, this is 1.11.1. Do I need to change some setting to remove this artifact?
  4. The PMA-3 looks like something that could have reaction wheels. As a utility module it would fit nicely.
  5. Can you see reflection? I see them in vab but not on the pad. Also it seems that everything that cockpits no more have menus on my side. Correction: the menu issue seems to only happen in VAB. so I guess it still kind of usable
  6. Regarding Trust, I can live with a acceleration of 2ms. Under that planetary orbital maneuver start to be really messy, you can't just go higher before doing interplanetary transfer, you have to do it in multiple pass. I play with kerbalism and scale at 6.4x. That mean crewed transit time is really important. But anything above 200k dV is excessive (unless you have other stars to go to). What I usually do is send material, supply and fuel separately at lower speed, sometimes with chemical or nuclear booster. Then send the crew at dash speed with dedicated fast taxi. That image predate X-6 C
  7. If you want support you gonna have to be more specific. "breaking my game" and "going crazy" don't say much.
  8. I see, I forgot to change the atmo definition back to 280km that was part of the problem. For He3 and D abundance was lowered right? that seem to be the reason why I had to dive deeper to get them. I will try to reduce "50 km^3 of atmosphere per second" on my end and see what happen. I think the hard cap will still be very noticeable. Will see.
  9. Hummm. I do not think it had the intended result, at least on my end. It just changed the instant filling of tanks from 206km to 199km. It do fill slightly slower trough, in like two seconds. From what I can see it only apply to hydrogen, I guess its because FFT was not updated yet right? Maybe I can change the value in the part and patch. Gonna try on my end.
  10. I saw that one coming! Mk2: Ps; Gonna give a try to new version, thanks!
  11. @NerteaI see, so the minimal static pressure is 0.0001? I think you might want to either raise that or factor in the fact that at that speed the actual pressure in front of the intake would be much higher (that is if it didn't had a inflatable shield in front of it!) I think that I found a bug while going up: Pressure displayed by the scoop do not reset it seem.
  12. @NerteaHere is few image of what happen during the decent, Sensor and scoop are selected and you can see atmo drag in vessel info: First image: I am clearly in the atmosphere given the drag I have, given what I have in SpaceDust\Definitions I should have been since 280km Here is the moment where I detect something, value are low, but its there: Just before I hit the magic 206 000m alt: And when I finally hit the 206 000m, tanks go full instantly. Note that hydrogen volume isn't that much higher than it was at 210km
  13. But... atmosphere do exist. I have 40m/s of drag at 208 000m. I will check the concentration give me a minute.
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