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  1. RedParadize

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    There is no docking port on the front of that right? I mean in the design there is not. Its a bit sad trough...
  2. I wonder why they didn't use a simple EP curve for that. It's so easy and instictive to use...
  3. RedParadize

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    That's awesome!
  4. Hahaha! told you! People don't get promoted to work less! Glad for you, and be a poodle when the salary negotiation time will come!
  5. RedParadize

    L.C.A. project v1.2.1 - CLOSE

    I think we misunderstood each other. As long as you release it, RO/RSS or else. I will be happy. There is other BFR on the market but I prefer yours. I will happily do the config change.
  6. RedParadize

    L.C.A. project v1.2.1 - CLOSE

    I would not say your mod have no prospect. The Burian might not be that popular. But your BFR would definitively be. It have a nice "realistic" finish that other mod do not have. I like the cargo and crew+small cargo. Lots of very nice functionality. I, like most people really, do not play stock. I do not play RO/RSS, but do not mind fixing config to make it work for me.
  7. RedParadize

    Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    I do not think (and never said) that it would "fly" like the shuttle, not at lower altitude. But it no doubt can create enough lift to stay in the upper atmosphere long enough to slow down to more reasonable speed. As a exemple, look at the entry profile of the Apollo vs Soyuz, both have a high density/volume, one have much more lift than the other. Like I said, I am very curious to see how and when they plan to flip it in earth atmosphere. I have difficulty to imagine something that big turning around without breaking or having huge G stress. If I add to guess, it would probably be at high altitude, a bit like the booster are doing it, but that's just me guessing. Still,, even with the wings and altitude the weight distribution will be a issue. They might use LOX/LM vernier who knows. I wonder if they considered putting the header tank in the nose, that would bring the weight closer to the center... Anyway, for both case it would require more complex piping. I have think a bit more about the "nose up or down" thing. It probably will depend on the approach. If the BFR is orbiting, then I would guess it would go nose up from the start with a angle of attack like the shuttle to minimise heat load. If it's coming from Mars however, it think it would be nose down at start and then roll to be nose up. The Idea is that BFR will be coming from Mars much quicker, above orbital speed. You do not want to have a too shallow entry profile or bounce on the atmosphere. So you start nose down with the lift pulling down to maintain the shuttle in the atmosphere, once you get bellow orbital speed then you roll nose upward to maintain yourself in high atmosphere as long as possible. I think I put enough word like I "guess" and "think" to show my level of confidence on my own expertise on the subject. Don't you think?
  8. I am not doing this, I will wait for SSTU and other mods before updating.
  9. RedParadize

    Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Your guy might be right. What SpaceX video showed is the BFR landing on Mars, coming directly from Earth and breaking into its tin atmosphere without orbital insertion. In that case it does make sense to be nose down as there is almost no atmosphere on mars. While it was not said clearly, Musk said that, unlike Earth entry, Mars entry would degrade the shield. If I had to guess, I suspect landing on Earth would be nose up, like the shuttle. That way minimise G and is easier on the heat shield. ( I am very curious to see how they will flip the BFR in the much denser earth atmo, specially when coming back from mars. It have to be pretty high into the atmosphere I think, otherwise it would be pretty hard on the structure and crew.)
  10. @ShadowmageThank you. It is a good way to proceed I think. And who knows what the future will bring, after the dust settle you might have a revitalised interest.
  11. @Shadowmage I am currently taking a break from KSP, but I feel concern as it's a game I always go back to... as long as I have SSTU with it. If you think it is becoming too much for you I can't ask you to keep going, specially that I am just a player and still I am taking a break. With that said, I would say SSTU deserve to be in the released section. Its quality is on par or surpass released mods. SSTU deserve to be known, because its not a mod, its many mods, its a total conversion. I would say that while you stopping development would make me sad, the current version is more than adequate. So, if you get it to 1.4(1) and then do nothing but maintenance until you fell like doing more I would be more that happy. This mod is too good to die, it have to survive, one way or another.
  12. RedParadize

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    Hummm... I see it more like Take2 making sure they can't be sued for... well... any reason. Facebook have the same thing you know. It doesn't mean they will steal your stuff.
  13. Congratulations mage! Hahaha! I do not believe that!
  14. I did that before and its easy. You just have to multiply the position value by your rescale and they will line up with the rest. (It probably sound obvious, and if you often work with 3d stuff like me it is. I sometimes find it funny when someone do not know what I consider to be basic, but for non initiated it is not)
  15. Deep Space Exploration Vessels have a radiator that is a bit like that. By default it act like a normal radiator, but you can eject coolant to get a quick cool down. Obviously it won't do it on its own and doing it when coming out of warp would be too late, but you could do that before warping. A simpler way to avoid explosion is to cut power of what's not needed. Then start warping slowly until heat dissipate (warp 4 and bellow), then go full warp.