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  1. @linuxgurugamer Ah, I see. No need to apology, its totally understandable considering the number of mod you maintain. Again, thank you for your work. Thanks!
  2. @linuxgurugamer First thanks for maintaining this awesome mod. I don't know how people play without it. I happen to also have the same issue that @Flo611 have. I do not see any requirement on the OP. Outside the usual module manager (I have version 4.1.3 for Ksp 1.8.1) is there other requirement?
  3. Anyone has a MM config that multiply mass and resource amount of US2 wedge? I use to have one I think, I do not remember how to do this with modules like USFuelSwitch
  4. Give them a chance. Will see. Anyways KSP on its own never have been much, it always have been about mod. I do not think I played it more that 10h stock.
  5. Yeah, to their defense Squad were indie developer with limited experience and knowledge. But I would bet my hand that new dev saved as much as they could. Producer are there to push for economy. I still hope that they aim high.
  6. Exactly. There is hope on that side. The KSP2 trailer probably costed more than KSP game original development. They have more technical resource and fund. I am a bit sad they retained Unity trough...
  7. Given what we see in in game footage floppy Unity rigidBody will be a thing again. Trough it seem that on the second launch was not floppy so they might just do both to show the difference. Anyways, it should be something that can be adjusted. Wheel collider should be fixable. As for SSTU, it vastly surpassed its original goal. I would find it hard to play KSP without SSTU even if the part count problem was not a issue. Stretchable tanks looks better and are easier to play with. Engine stack too. All of it make it easier. If anything, I would hope they inspire themself from SSTU. Forgot to say, they retained the weird part look of KSP1. Trough not on the new stuff, there is hope.
  8. Redoing your work is never fun. But they said they re-coded from the ground up so they might be less frustration. Its a different team. They seems to have more experience than Squad when they started. I will buy KSP2, no doubt and no regret.
  9. You guys got my money already. I have been waiting for that for so long. Please tell us more about the new feature. Specially the colony part, I always had wished to have something like this in KSP(1)!
  10. OMG. have you seen the KSP2 trailer. Of course its not in game footage but it seems pretty cool. The colony part is something I have wished for a long time. Hope you gonna mod on that Shadowmage because looks like we will get these premade fuel tanks again.
  11. @Daishi they look fantastic. Do they open?
  12. hi @Shadowmage Is it me or the inflating part do not get their storage volume multiplied anymore?
  13. Hi there! In my opinion KSTS is one of the best non part mod around. For veteran player like me its really good to skip the repetitive launch from kerbin. @whitespacekilla You mentioned a newer fork that allow off Kerbin operation. I am really interested into that. You see I am building a refining station around Minmus, I would really like if I could automate the resupply from Minmus mining site. Think its possible?
  14. @Paul Kingtiger It seem that angular lift is inverted on the tapered fairing 1.875-1,500. I have no idea how the new drag system work, but it seem that you cant invert angularDrag anymore.
  15. @Well I like the Phoenix allot. Since its one piece It fly very well. Have you considered adding a cargo bay? I think that small one, just few cubic meter near the center of mass would make it perfect.