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  1. @Nertea Yeah I miss FFT too. I remember that fast forwarding caused explosion due to overheat. Personally I would fine if the compromise was lowering the temperature generated, even if its not accurate.
  2. @Shadowmage You know the ticket that have been openend about part reseting on spawn? Just wanted to say I have it too. It seem to happen very often with the common bulkhead/split tank setting.
  3. @Jimbodiah Why 1.3.1 over more recent version?
  4. Thanks @Shadowmage I even like the description! Edit: looks like available volume wont go over total volume. It make sense I guess. Is there a totalVolumeModifier too?
  5. Hi @Shadowmage I have been thinking about adding subcooled type of tank. Its mainly for aesthetical reason, but I trough that I could implement it trough SSTU_CONTAINERTYPE. Basically what I would like to do is to artificially increase the volume (and raise activeECCost and boiloffModifier like crazy). There is no volumeModifier field in the other container... Is there any way to do that? edit: If thats not possible, I could still add a subcooled type (SubcooledHydrogen etc...) and add a always on converter that change it back to non-subcooled...
  6. RedParadize

    BFR by Alcentar V1.2

    @tater Yeah, like I said I have seen it now. It is better than the first two proposal on that aspect. But the trade off is huge, mobile wings, bigger thermal stress.... I am still thinking that entering ass first is a better option. But hey, I am not a expert...
  7. RedParadize

    BFR by Alcentar V1.2

    I still do not see how they will flip that thing around for the landing... Actually I didn't watch the conference... Now I see... still realy doubtful
  8. @drhay53 @Starwaster I have difficulty connecting regular SSTU docking port... The only way I found to make them connect was to spin until it secure the connection, not great when you want to align. Maybe its a related issue. @Shadowmage In wish file upgrade for the fuel tank container are configured? I have almost everything unlocked but I do not seem to be able to unlock the zero boil off. Fun note, Everyday Astronaut used your merlin model as a reference in its last video.
  9. @Shadowmage No Realplume. If you tell me that you do not have that problem under Realplume I will install it. I have a much better computer than before. About the deflate. Excess could be dumped as they currently are. Trough a warning would be nice, regardless if you implement this or not.
  10. @Shadowmage There is a FX bug with the RD-110. It looks like its always on.
  11. @Shadowmage I know I should not write this since you have so little time available, but I just can't resist. A "nice to have" feature would be to get your rocketpart back when deflating. Maybe not all of them... A bit like Ikea stuff, when you move you always lose some part...
  12. Remember what I said when you had that promotion?
  13. @Shadowmage Yeah, as our discussion progressed my assessment of the problem and what I wanted to do evolved... At least we found a bug I guess... I will simply patch the HAB so they have a increased capacity when inflated. I will also change the deflatedCrew to 1 on the variant that have a integrated hatch... sound like something you might want to do too. I may increase the capacity of all of them, just enough to make them more competitive against tanks and container. That bring me back to one of my original question: I would like to know how to mm patch the ModelData... Edit Hahaha! Looks you answered before I could post this!
  14. @Shadowmage Now I see the source of confusion... I was trying with the HAB 1B. That one do not have its stored resource increase with inflation, same with the other HAB I tested.
  15. @Shadowmage I am a bit confused by your answer. If you look at the two image you posted, while the battery change from 80 to 800. The usable volume did not. So if I get it right, to make the "Storage" container volume change according to inflation state, it need to have a specified volume in it? Like the battery?