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  1. I manage to do it on my side, I would share it with you but I used SSTU cargo module instead... Its a great little shuttle, beside the cargo issue the only thing it miss is a science lab that fit in it. I used a re-scaled one in the mean time. I hope you continue to develop it, it deserve it. Having said that I can't wait to see that lander too. Btw, its always good to have at least a small cargo bay. Science parts are really expensive, recovering them save allot of money. I would therefore suggest to have a small shielded cargo bay on your lander, maybe one on each side for balance. Its just a suggestion of course.
  2. Nice! Do you need to open the shuttle in unity to add a cargo bay? I am trying to add it by myself right now and I do not quite remember how it work.
  3. That's the kind of lander I always have been looking for. My only comment would be about the solar panels, look a bit skinny to serve as landing gear. Maybe if they opened to 100 degree it would look a bit more solid? That would also make it more convenient to disembark Kerbals. Regardless, it looks great! About the mini Shuttle: I noticed that the cargo bay do not shield interior, in fact there is no cargobay module in the config. Is it something that you plan on adding later on? Having the two door opening separately might make it more complicated, but UniversalStorage2 does it so it must be doable. Another thing, the part menu of the Shuttle Orbiter is... pretty packed! I do not know if its possible to reduce it. Maybe some of these option could be hidden in flight? RCS adjustment are not identified (as far as I know they cant be), I bet only few would take the time to tweak them. If it is possible to hide the RCS related slider and button it would make the list allot shorter. Again, very nice stuff!
  4. I have a bug when using this with NearFutureElectrical Fission reactor. There is a huge spike in heat when I close down the reactor, even when adding extra radiator. The reactor scram trigger this as well. I am using allot of mods and I am not sure if one of them cause that problem. Anyone else have this issue? To reproduce: 1: Pick a Reactor, add radiator until heat is under control. 2: Launch the craft. 3: Activate the reactor/radiator and wait until the reactor reach nominal temperature. 4: Close the reactor.
  5. Capsule is very nice. Only think I would wish for is if the nose cone would shield internals, docking port create a substantial amount of drag, It would also be nice place to add antennas and science experiment,
  6. @lemon cup I would be curious to know your graphic setting and mods
  7. Thank you very much! Can you pm me the link of that discord? Nevermind, I found it. KOTTABOS Games? Whats your name over there?
  8. Thanks. Modeling, texturing and rigging are things I know I can do. As for the unity/ksp integration I am clueless. If its something that interest you I will definitively need help to finalize it. In fact, before going further I have a bunch of question that really need to be answered. Such as can wheels be folded using the same joints as the suspension? If not I may have to alter my design.
  9. After messing around a bit, I think I finally have pretty solid design. Atm it has space for 3 kerbals but I may reduce that to 2. Here is a overview of how it may look: Left: Deployed with shutter open. Middle: Internal/pressure hull view. Right: Folded wheels and closed shutter. Keep in mind that I am only working on the general layout, mesh are temporary and will be completely redone once I figure out all the details. Cylinder at the bottom is 2.5m and with 1.875/1.25/0.625 circle. @JadeOfMaar At this point I should probably create a topic of my own. Its seems that your two design are pretty much set and what I am posting is totally different. I do not want to derail your development tread.
  10. Another day another design. The two Axis wheel folding turned out to be much more space efficient. With the space freed I could fit 3 kerbal in that. I am very found of Alexustas's ASET pod, so I tried to inspire myself from it. Yet I am still not satisfied with the shape of the pressured hull. On the bright side the roll cage on the top gave me a idea on what to try next.
  11. On my side I think I will switch wheels folding to a two axis arm. Single axis eat up all the space between the front and rear wheels. This will also allow me to be more flexible in the suspension choice. I have allot of pending questions regarding animated part. I have exported animated rig to Unity and Unreal, I however never did it to KSP... First, I need to know if I can use rotation of the suspension for the folding itself. PRC kind of do that to some extent, but it also has some bug if the wheels are spawned unfolded... If I cant use the suspension, then it will have to be a separated part that do that. That or a animated node on the rover main body, If I do it that way Wheels will have to use those node and not be surface attached.
  12. Rod popping out is the piston placeholder you can see on the front when deployed. I am still playing with the shape, with few tweaks I can get it down to x=1.4m y=1.1m z=1.45m. I do not think I can make it smaller than that using the current layout. Arguably, there isn't much benefit form having it that much under the 1.875 bar, as far as I know only BDB have stuff between 1.25 and 1.875. At best, it will allow it to fit more nicely in a entry vehicle... at the cost of not being as pretty as it could be. I have few suggestion regarding your rover: One thing that have been bugging me is the end of the window at the rear, because of the transparency of the pod it leave the impression there is a vertical wall and it break the shape. If you were to cut that window in half by adding a bar like on the second image it will balance it and feel more natural. Lastly (sorry for having butchered your render!) Reducing the slope of the front window would allow you to move the seat more forward, that in turn would make the first section shorter and allow you to fully move the rear wheels to the next section. It would also make it look more spherical when the rover is at its shortest.
  13. @JadeOfMaarInteresting, I has a old racer vibe. It might be a tad too tall to be wall mounted trough. I made that quick mookup, no render yet, too early for that. I was trying to capture the Apollo lander angular look... and its clearly not good enough for now. I will probably delete the upper window, or maybe make them triangular. I am happy with the way the wheels fold trough, its a single axis rotation, a simplicity that add some realism and hopefully easier work down the road. The circle on the bottom is 1.8m and it fit within that. There is space for a 0.6 docking port on top and on the rear. Given that the wheels fold onto the rear one I will probably replace it with some storage, rtg or else. Whats for sure is that it will have a rollcage, light and stuff all over the pressurized hull. I will probably start over a few time before making up my mind.
  14. I was thinking about chopping the front hull to the shape of the sides window. But that work too!
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