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  1. I got my 1.0.5 saved as well and I play it every now and then, same reason as everybody else waiting for some mods to be updated. But I am also playing 1.1.2
  2. The good thing about Moho is that all my probes can be called mohitos
  3. Depends what do you want to send up and how high. You can buy some balloon for $30 to $70... on these ones you could attach a Go Pro and a GPS beacon. The super high altitude balloon will lift up to 1.2kg and can cost $200 to $300, to these ones you could attach a camera, a raspberry pi to log a lot more stuff and a GPS beacon... I've seen good kits go for $700 to $800 (I don't think a kit would/will include the camera). You will also need some helium, but that is purchased on any party shop (the problem I have with this is that the helium is all lost from our planet) @FishInferno should be able to confirm some of this
  4. The camera wasn't pointing on the right direction... all you can see is the latex of the balloon as the ground seems closer and closer
  5. Is that your video? looks pretty interesting although I am confused... What has the Jetstream I has to do with this one? In any case, a while ago a friend of mine prepared a balloon to launch his Nexus 4. On the day of the launch I couldn't go, but my friend basically told me an eagle swoop by and popped the balloon as it was going up... we haven't tried since then.
  6. @kunok You will still need a lot of hydrogen just to produce small quantities of tritium in a stellarator wendelstein 7-x. I got lost: why were we talking about nuclear fusion? As a mechanism to produce hydrogen from on the atmospheric gases?
  7. You would need to do fission (which splits the atoms). Lithium tends to be the byproduct of deuterium and tritium (the main product is helium). You could in theory in a stellarator (or tokamak reactor) absorb a neutron from deuterium plasma, the radical will create tritium by interaction with lithium, but you will need hydrogen to begin with to create this nuclear reaction.
  8. Because building cities floating on the clouds of a planet that is literally an inferno, with corrosive rain and poisonous environment is mental, because in order to build said cities you need to bring almost every single building material from your home planet as you can not descent to pick up new materials. Any kind of presence would have to be for bridging purposes to a different celestial body.
  9. Quite possibly she was added to the home screen as an after thought and was cheap to add her on that screen without any other animation? I mean, I do get your point, it looks as if she was abandoned by the rest of the team and it could be nicer if she is on mun, laying on a chair having sun... sort of like chilling out.
  10. In reality I would like to get planet shine... the game looks nicer with it.
  11. And little wizards running around to the academy...
  12. That is my point exactly... Harvesting ice/minerals from asteroids around venus or bringing something from Ceres/Vespa would be a lot more feasible than having to get close to Jupiter... Plus some of its moons sit right in the Van Allen radiation belts which would be deadly for us. Earth is an almost perfectly close loop, and we aren't running out of water even though the population has grown to be billions. The problem we are facing here at the moment is the massive wastage. Again, harvesting near venus objects would be a more suitable idea. Any colony on venus would have to be temporary anyway.
  13. Hi @Nils277, honestly I don't know how or what to call it but I am going to try to describe what I build in order to take some of this modules to space. At the top I take a TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter to fit in two modules on each side, just between to two attachment points I tend to add another attachment point to connect to it one or more "M-Beam 200 I-Beam" (enough to fit the modules at the end of this there is some kind of adapter to the airstream protective shell (most of the time is the super big 3.75mts). Obviously this takes several minutes to build properly and then it comes the balancing issues... that I connected one greenhouse on a side, and a lab on the other but the weight isn't exactly right (different issue). Ideally there should be one part that allows you to take two modules into space (leave the weight balancing to the user, that's fine) and this part should look like it fits with the other parts and that is structurally sane. I get annoyed when I see the beam clipping a bit through any of the modules to the sticky tape it all with structs to the beam, the protective shell and the top so the engine calculates everything as a single block (or sorts). Do I explain myself?
  14. @ThatGuyWithALongUsername I am giving you a like just for your user name.... and the pic.
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