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  1. Hello ! Not a bug report, but it would be great if someone could give me some help on this one... I've got KSP 1.9 installed on a windows and a linux PC. Both have the same addons (except EVE which is installed only on windows), all installed via CKAN. I played for some time on windows, and I'm now trying to use my save on linux. But the game is unresponsive, and the KCT GUI won't show. I've got the following in KSP.log: Did I forgot something? Should I try removing and re-installing KCT? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Removing and re-installing KCT via CKAN resolved the issue! Sorry for the useless post :s
  2. I had the same bug and managed to reproduced it with only FAR ( installed. See: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/20451-0-25-Ferram-Aerospace-Research-v0-14-3-2-10-21-14?p=1547265&viewfull=1#post1547265
  3. I tried to make a custom install stanza, but I'm not sure what's the best way to do it. ^^ The path in the archive is: KerbalAlarmClock_3.0.4.0/GameData/TriggerTech/KerbalAlarmClock Is there a way to avoid a version-dependent "install_to" directive in this case? "install": [ { "file" : "KerbalAlarmClock_3.0.4.0/GameData/TriggerTech", "install_to" : "GameData" } ]
  4. Hello! It seems that Kerbal Alarm Clock is installed in <ksp>/GameData/KerbalAlarmClock/ but it should be <ksp>/GameData/TriggerTech/KerbalAlarmClock/ I guess the structure of the 7z archive is the problem here. I'm not sure how the metadata file should be modified to handle this...
  5. I also encounter this issue quite frequently, on Kerbal 0.25, win32, with only Module Manager 2.5.1 & FAR On my computer, the warp duration needed to get this bug seems to be around 5~10mn (real time), no matter the speed or the location (landed on Kerbin, LKO, GKO) I wasn't able to reproduce it on linux (either 32 or 64 bits), but that was on another computer. I couldn't reproduce the bug with the previous version of FAR (