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  1. I found that disabling handshake and increasing the serial buffer did the trick for me!
  2. May I ask how you did that? and were using the KSPIODemo files or your own custom code?
  3. Is anyone having trouble with i2c LCD readouts being too slow for updating or just not updating at all? like my LCD just decides to not change its information at all. i know its not the lcd cause when running a different program it displays stuff in real time. is there a way to make the demo code update faster so the data is being fed at a more constant rate and doesn't freeze? (LCD Says 6.59 km)
  4. I installed it for windows both manually and through CKAN on a stock build and i get the same result. No controller toolbar or anything. Latest KSP with both DLC. Also for some reason it doesn't accept my keyboard inputs anymore except spacebar.
  5. Is there a way to do Solid Fuel per stage like there is with liquid and oxidizer?
  6. I use the Sum Dum mod that has exactly what you need http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/48357-WIP-Sum-Dum-Heavy-Industries-Service-Module-System-%28Stockalike%29?highlight=sdhi
  7. if this mod gets updated for .22, can the tier 1 parts be a radial attached cordless drill and beach bucket? (for mining and storing respectively)
  8. Crew report on launch pad This is ground control to major Jeb
  9. I once saw a mod made my nova called the IN-B4 radial stack separator (note not decoupler) . i think that should be stock come .22 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43720-21-Radial-Stack-Separator Also the medium and heavy struts from KW
  10. It's called wubi (Windows UBuntu Installer)
  11. i think it needs to be retextured. it doesnt match the capsule
  12. Remember the card game LAUNCH!? something like that
  13. Yes... Manifold title = INB-4 Lateral Slicing Utility manufacturer = Silisko Industries description = The INB-4 was designed after a singular complaint was recieved by an extremely paranoid parts contractor regarding the lack of lateral stack separators. He quickly ordered his manufacturing devision to produce 15,000 of them. Great as usual, Nova!
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