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  1. Using Kopernicus you don't need to remove Dres, you can make it a moon of Gilly. It's more cruel.
  2. Depends not on piloting ability, but on reaction speed in unpredictable situations.
  3. Brief version: "America" with(out) swollen "a" and mistyped "er/ur", like if pronounced/written by illiterate person. Note. A person using this form intentionally is not necessary non-illiterate.
  4. SW weapons are useless in KSP unless they are modded. But even then the celestial bodies are indestructible.
  5. Why do some people always have the Centerline Docking Target rotated 90° from its standard description?
  6. Postponed till 2022 long ago.
  7. It won't have microtransactions because they don't last so long.
  8. They asked you to move the file from left to right. They didn't want you to make the file shelf empty. They just want to take the file from the shelf where they always take it, and if you need to move it on the shelf, you welcome. [Log in] [Log in a friend] [Log in all friends] [Vouch for another user]
  9. You've edited your post like if it was something important.
  10. If they actually still hope to find and mine the scattered lunar platinoids and lantanoids to bypass the Chinese 95% of world production of the latter , they can discuss the coming 50 years later shares. Maybe already did.
  11. If the flight costs 6 mln USD, then some crazy billionaire can just spend 1 bln on 150 cargo flights from some poor world region to another one, just to get the safety history to ensure others. If make the cargo bay pressurized, but leave a secret hatch to it in the gear compartment, he will have a hundred of test volunteers sneaked inside. It's important to have it sealed, warmed, and with soft airbags inside, to prevent potential injuries. Then he celebrate the "10 000th passenger" day and start selling tickets.
  12. So, that's what I mean. "Fellow Jedies! Generally speaking, we are Generals. Yes, Kenobi, U2. UR a General Kenobi, not a Chosen Kenobi, stop trolling... yoding... Like if you are our only hope. Btw, while Yoda is not here, do you know why Yoda is not a troll? Because there are no bridges on his swamp."
  13. Successfully annoyed @Starhelperdudein the megathread, because nobody posts here.
  14. As a star wars fan you should know then, What General is Kenobi? There are different Generals, is he Brigadier, Major, Leutenant, or which exactly General? Just a Common General? Also as he is Jedi, maybe he is Jeneral? Did you actually see his rank written somewhere or just heard it?
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