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  1. Nanoscissors. A river of nanites eats their way through the material or eats it from edge.
  2. In other words, the Mark 2 was ten times unsafer than Mark 3. But why were they upgrading it to Mark 3 if Mark 2 was enough safe? P.S.
  3. And if rescale the whole Kerbal, we can send a pack of mini-Kerbals riding a 0.625.
  4. Or hypersonic air launch missille carriers. Particularly, because
  5. Google Noname Evil Lawful Lawful Google Lawful Noname Lawful Evil Neutral Neutral Google Neutral Noname Neutral Evil Chaotic Chaotic Google Chaotic Noname Chaotic Evil
  6. A protection mechanism to prevent unplanned redirection and adaptive ergonomics to make them more finger-friendly. Also, a sensor of pressure with visual indication.
  7. In zero-G they need much stronger species, as the sense of taste gets weaker. So, they can eat hot peppers in ketchup like salad.
  8. A lifehack. An additional hour of sleeping for the employees saves a lot of free coffee in the office.
  9. Robot oars aren't needed because of propellers. I mean the usual, muscle oars. To put a crew in, say, an inflatable boat and go to the coast from a floating capsule or from a splashed plane, or just from a ship.
  10. And oars. To make the Kerbal-propelled boats and galleys.
  11. Parachutes are models present in the part files. They aren't generated procedurally.
  12. Granted. Mr. Musk is a hidden flat-earther, and the whole SpaceX story was started to safely move between the Earth tiles. I wish Starship had Starsails.
  13. Banned for banned somebody for Unity which is the KSP engine.
  14. We also can recall the story with the KSP DreamChaser mod.;wap2