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  1. It is the pieces of the pig lard fried on a pan. I know this, so I'm more human than you.
  2. +1 Looks like it has a sliding undernose shield, currently shifted forward. Look at the slots, through which the nose canards are sticking out. *** Or maybe an artist was inspired by Dali.
  3. A beaver after biting a concrete pole instead of a tree. A dumpster hamster.
  4. What can we learn from this Mir video? When somebody blames you on something being unwashed, not cleaned, old pizza box on the window, just say him: "I'm collecting environmental samples".
  5. An antagonist sibling species of Contragameryt2017 A leaf-eating tropical bug. 5 mm in diameter (i.e. twice bigger than its closest relatives.), *** Penguinea Piggeon.
  6. It's a soup jellyfish. We put them for spice. Bar tender! Two drinks of whiskey, but don't measure it with mouth this time.
  7. Mir wasn't the first space station. *** Anyway P.S. Anybody still doubts that ISS should be killed with fire in several years? Before it gets sapient.
  8. Other machos also fly at mach speed, so need a lot of backups. Ability to change the color of the engine plume.
  9. I mean the Ancient Martian Empire. Somebody had to dig out all those channels...
  10. The bureaucracy initiates an anti-cartel investigation against the pair of hill-developers in Twinhill. A Suspended Twinhill.
  11. Goodnight. Are you going to pay the bill? Waiter! What is this hotspot on the table?
  12. Yes, they scratch the letters in the paper mechanically. Chip or Dale?
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