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    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    (Catching the banner of the movie scientific reabilitation.) I don't know, maybe a translation bug, but they say that the expedition to Proxima will take ten years. So, they have enough fuel and energy for an interstellar balloon starship. And the starship itself. Looks like Io had been chosen by intention. Looks like it's a shipyard, also collecting the fusion fuel for this ship from the Jupiter atmosphere, maybe antimatter (like in KSPI-E) and electromagnetic power from the radiation belt, and so on. Maybe they also use the tidal/geothermal power for the shipyard own needs. All three work best on Io. It's close to Jupiter (so the fusion fuel and tidal power), it's inside the radiation belt (so, antimatter and pure energy). And it's far from Earth and the people's eyes. So, looks like the movie is not that simple&stupid like it tries to seem.
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    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The more stylish is the suit, the less space for the diapers.
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    SpaceFund Reality Rating

    The simpliest man's way. No money.
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    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Rogozin has announced the Roskosmos' todo: The "Federation" ship will be renamed and get "more acceptable" name. Roskosmos is proposing a creation of a new Earth monitoring system "Gosudarevo oko" / "Monarch/prince/duke's Eye" *). The "Eye" should be monitoring the whole Earth, all processes on it, monitoring buildings and changes in them, depth of the trenches, any movements, etc. Also should be navigating airplanes with 25 m2 accuracy (i.e. with 5 m error) *) Historically - a semi-official nickname of Peter I 's Prosecutor General Yaguzhinskiy.
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    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    Io surface area is 0.082 of Earth surface. The terrestrial hypsometric curve: So, they should probably find some highlands as it's said above.
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    The New Dres Appreciation Society

    Dres Do'Urden
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    Cheaters! Cheaters everywhere!

    The font has been cheated.
  8. They have
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    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    So, yes, Io was on purpose. Noone of we has guessed right. A shame. A shame. (Not a spoiler, as right the very opening of the movie). The humans needed energy, they've built a powerplant using "geothermal" (i.e. tidal) energy. Obviously, Io. When Earth had banned the greedy humans, they've escaped to the powerplant, i.e. to Io. Shame upon us, as nobody got this. (Spoiler ahead).
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    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Energomash denies that RD-191 have defects causing a problem with Angara-A5 central block and says that they are working perfectly, and the previous information was taken out of the context.
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    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    The Khrunichev center says it's OK with Zarya/Dawn, it's working perfectly, and the previous information was taken out of the context.
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    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    No problem. They have a balloon.
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    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    M2. Interfax has said about this today, too. Maybe inspired by the new wannabe SDI, or just a coincidence.
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    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Yes, I've confused the authors from several links.
  15. So, the first beings from Earth which have decided to stay on another celestial body and start the Moon terraforming officially.
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    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Not agreed in case of reusability. You can return the 1st stage to the launch center just by making a horizontal retroburn after the separation. You can land the last stage right in the launch center just by deorbiting in in proper time. But everything in between you should catch or find in random area on the opposite well, 90°-rotated, side of the planet, and bring back. So, a marginal reusable TSTO is just a marginal reusable TSTO.
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    Cotton growing on the Moon

    So, they are going to build a space elevator from the low-gravity end.
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    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    The Khrunichev center reports that the original "Zarya"/"Dawn" module of ISS is out of warranty since 2013, though keeps working till 2024 on the basis of common agreement. Telemetric control system warranty is expired 14 times, so they use it only periodically, using the American module equipment for daily needs.;tl=en&amp;js=y&amp;prev=_t&amp;hl=ru&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;u=;edit-text= The Academy of Science reports that theoretically the microbes can cause damages in the life support systems of ISS, and there have been found 100 types of our small cutie pets (including but not limited with staphylococcuses and corynebacteriums diphtheriae) onboard.;sl=ru&amp;tl=en&amp;;sandbox=1 The Energomash also reports that RD-191 may cause a crash of the heavy Angara-A5 on start due to low-frequency oscillations under some conditions. As 5 stage blocks are connected in paralllel, the central block has to keep running at 30% thrust for a long time (to have some fuel after the radial four of same size get separated). So this makes to have it working at lowered pressure inside. They have found that at <38% thrust this sometimes causes low-frequency oscillations which are not so friendly to the engine.;sl=ru&amp;tl=en&amp;
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    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Some of us are ready to pay with a kidney for new info. He is just a true, humble hero... ... or a space pirate.
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    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I have seen a lot of people who can drive worse than the machine. So, the things are looking up.
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    Fun Kerbal names!

    Kosh Kerman