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  1. In Minecraft even atoms and planets are cubic. It's just scary to see its gravitation and electricity inverse-square laws.
  2. A conspiracy: the bankers have been digitized and exist as AI, and that's why they have invented the cryptocurrencies, to generate moar money even without the people.
  3. But they are, and this is the only excuse for this primitive game existence.
  4. Their windows area is enough great to provide everything inside with broken glasses, and their wind area is enough high to make them start bending to cause additional crashes.
  5. In my late70s-80s we were getting theoretical and semi-practical knowledge of gasmasking, onflashfalling, and radmeasuring in classes, but the main idea was the mass evacuation from the city. The duck-and-cover drills were never a thing in Soviet schools, because it was obvious and written in books to fall under the window or in a trench, far from glasses. (Due to the WWII films and books, most part of the duck-and-covering was clear from early years and was just freshened.) *** <doesn't matter>
  6. They just say "what happens when the wind is too strong". So, as the two in the middle aren't rotating, probably they were safely locked, while the two aside either kept rotating, or their locks failed. They say that the Chinese workers have found a way to remove the garbage from the wires by attaching a flamethrower to the quadro actually, octo copter. Netherlands, a special test stand to generate waves, channel is 300 m long, waves are 5 m high.
  7. No, what I'm saying is that it's very hard to predict multifactor stochastic events, and London is not ccover with horse manure to roofs, as it was predicted by the previous generation of ecoalarmists.
  8. Granted. You need nothing. Now you are happy. I wish for a virtual DNA-based modelling software with GUI to create and watch random species (like in Spore, but not manually created).
  9. It's full of nozzles everywhere, https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/page2 and some of them are attached to nothing. (The flickr album of the famous NK member David L. Rickman aka Capt. David, may him stay forever in our memory.)
  10. If Apple falls, NASDAQ will. "prince" - "princess", "duke" - "duchess" What's the male parallel to the "chess"?
  11. Banned both for desacration of geometry.
  12. I wish for internal visualisator to generate memes from mind.
  13. A segway consists of segroads. Try to find your cookie now.
  14. In Chernobyl they rushed into solution by dropping the bags with sand and boron from helicopters, to absorb the neutrons. Soon it appeared that they just pushed the radioactive dust up and made the things even worse. *** Happily, the story had an unexpected happy end. The mutated and ill animals appeared very soon in the local forests. But as most of the people had left the territory, it became a natural shelter for wolves from neighboring forests, they came and ate every mutant which were expectedly weaker than healthy animals. The wolves were mutating itself, of course, but the mutawolves were immediately eaten by other wolves. So, currently there is no mutated fauna (and flora) at that place. So, the natural self-regulation process has repaired the damage.
  15. That's because the atmospheric pressure is low. Waiter! Please, potatoes and tomatoes.
  16. "Good attempt. But no. Get back to your chores."
  17. When a solid body is decaying by turning into gas, it's called "sublimation". This is what happens to water at 35 km height. It boils/sublimates from solid directly to gas without even getting liquid, so a liquid water can't exist at such pressure at all. But much sooner, at 19 km, it can't be liquid at the body temperature, it starts evaporating. So, to stay intact, it's necessary to provide an external pressure. From 10..12 km - to prevent the dissolved nitrogen and other gases boiling, from 19 - to prevent the water boiling itself.
  18. The programs can be written in procedural, object, and declarative language. Both human and "Smith" follow the declarative language rules on high level, but operate with entities and their instances in object language encapsulating the procedural language for simple actions.
  19. https://translate.google.com/website?tl=en&nui=1&u=https://www.interfax.ru/world/816363 https://www-interfax-ru.translate.goog/world/816362?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=ru The 7h long EVA session is completed. The cosmonauts have installed the passive antenna of Kurs-P and the docking target on Prichal, reinstalled the TV camera, and put the TV cable between Nauka and Prichal. The hand railings aren't installed. One spacesuit spilled the drinking water inside. There was a communication failure (10 minutes of no communication). The ERA integration is postponed due to technical issues. The integration of Nauka will take about 10 EVA sessions, including 3 ones to integrate ERA. Next time the ESA astronauts will be helping with ERA integration. ERA is made by Fokker Space. The next ship, Soyuz MS-21 with Oleg Artemyev, Denis Matveev, and Sergei Korsakov, will dock on 2022.03.18.
  20. The first football on the Moon. But fully peaceful. Exploded on approach sensor only to spread the tokens and save the rear ones from crashing.
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