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  1. The key phrase of any propaganda. Several generations of theories had been disproven one by one just in XX century (geosinclinal vs continental drift a funny fact, we were studying both at once, relativistic theory vs newtonian physics, quantum mechanics, pudding atom vs planetary atom with pudding nucleus vs proton-neutron nucleus, and so on, the brief list is too long to bring it here) . All of them had been established in their time after long debates and experiments, There were much hotter epochs in the Earth history, there was a 100 m rise of ocean level, and nothing catastrophical happened. So, the GW is just another theory, to be debated and discussed. *** Not to go political, but just an example. Imagine you suggested fifty genders and BLM in a 1950s US school, or segregation from 1950s in 2020s school. Or both in the middle, in 1980s. Or similar local agendas in any other country. I believe, here on this forum, there are people who had caught all three listed epochs. And every time the school was teaching the only proper view. So, there is no difference between schools in countries of different political specifics, there is different agenda and set of ideas.
  2. Banned because it has been created itself.
  3. Banned because it was a finespelling. P.S. Also for champignoming. P.P.S. Interesting... champignon-ing vs champi-gnoming champignoning champignoming
  4. 1. Periodic exams. Who can't pass on his own, should be forced to study in school to assist him. 2. Propaganda doesn't depend on school vs home. Both can propagate something totally wrong or widely considered wrong to that moment and right a decade later. The medium decides, the communities forming this medium, the socia conditions, other factors.
  5. The programmers are programmed to program the programs which program the programs.
  6. 5/10 You can be a humanling. 0/10 Moderator is a neutron slowing material. *** Y do I no that I am a hewman? Because I am not the opposite.
  7. Every 30 years schools change their non-propaganda into opposite non-propaganda. Imagine the modern agenda in a school of 1980s, or agenda of 1950s in the same school of 1980s. All three schools (of 1950s, 1980s, 2020s) were sure they know best what the kids must be thinking.
  8. Propulsion mode: heat the fluid and throw it out to produce thrust, use a direct heat-electricity exchanger as a low-power source of electricity. Energetics mode: heat the fluid and run t in a turbine loop, generating high power. Of course, you should design the engine system this way.
  9. Banned for asteroid freedom. It's not hiden, it's visible. Just the text color is the same.
  10. +1 A democratic school knows better what your kids must think. Say, global warming, kitchen junk separation, various things listed in the forum rules.
  11. Their carrier project was lacking the key component of success.
  12. Did anyone notice, that on the AI hype growth, the Forum Games thread stalled. The last post is Oct, 10, 2022. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe...
  13. In my schoolhood they couldn't be able even to say about the computer games, because there were no personal computers, only calculators.
  14. When several years ago I wrote that SpaceX should better develop a cheap expendable 3d-printed rockets, it was laughed at...
  15. It has sails. A sailship submarine. A submarsailship.
  16. If ULA buys Dragon, they can rename it into DracULA.
  17. Happily, I was enough self-educating to ignore the school professionals all school decade long. It's a pity it wasn't possible to ignore the school and self-educate officially.
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