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  1. Rework of LK 2 parts with color swap test:
  2. I made a small mission , early mercury program (little joe) , you need mods: KER, BDB, tantares , tantaresLV and the folder inside this link : program part
  3. Now that ksp dlc is here, i finish those 3 parts, i think it will help make better historical mission, compatible with BDB parts in mind: Mercury parts btw i tried my other parts , all seem to be working.
  4. wip mercury orbital booster = try it
  5. WIP, i made a alternative orbital booster for mercury ( BDB style), with 4 individual solid booster shots.
  6. Sry guys, i was taking a break from KSP, i work on a personal project, so i don't have new parts. All parts mods seams to work fine for me in 1.2.2 , tell me if there is something.