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  1. Underneath the science section there's two instruments that can do that and there's one part of the UI: Part wise: The accelerometer which reads out in g (when stationary on the surface, it'll give you the strength of gravity at that point). You can measure it on Kerbin's surface (ideally sea level) for your reference point. There's also the gravioli detector, which regardless of its motion will read out acceleration due to gravity at that point (again, you can measure it on Kerbin, ideally sea level) UI wise: your g-force meter to the right of the nav ball, while not very precise of a measurement, does include the force of gravity, so a stationary probe there can give you some idea of the strength of gravity.
  2. Well, depending on your mod layout, there's three other methods I can see (I use the first two personally) outside of what you've already been trying (I honestly have no experience with on the ground docking methods: so I can't give you much to improve your method there, though I'm sure others might be able to) Planetary Base Systems + KIS/KAS: Launch a base segment (like a lab, habitat, greenhouse, etc), optionally with two end storage parts (so you can haul extra stuff, and still easily balanced). Then KIS/KAS pipe them together like so: Second option, if you use Extraplanetary Launch Pads: you can launch a workshop (with survey stakes) and some rocket parts (or make them on site) and then construct a big base directly, like so near your survey station (I don't have a screenshot of the construction process) Third option: if you use Ground Construction: you can launch your box of materials, a workshop, rocket parts and then build it there.
  3. And thank you for your speed on responding to it and filing the issue on github for me. If there's anything else you need me to examine or pass you from the save file that may help you out: just ask (I won't be ditching the quicksave file for the foreseeable near future). I've resumed usage of the mod on my save, and enjoying each moment of it.
  4. Here you go: I've done a bit more troubleshooting, and I think I've narrowed down the issue somewhat. Here's the test craft I used, fully stock: No connection as you can see: but, I was thinking it might have something to do with the station module I launched before this all started. The station has no unmanned control points (probe core or otherwise), no electricity but it does have a relay antenna (tuned to frequency 1) as you can see below: But, while in control of the testing craft: watch what happens when I disable the station's antennae from the CNC menu: We have connection! But, if I turn the station back on, switch to the station, then back to the test... No connection. It seemed the issue might be with having craft that have active relay antenna, but no unmanned control point: they seem to mess up the entire network for some reason. So just for sake of consistency and trial: I retried this with my current save which I had been playing for a bit after removing CNC (I made a quicksave as soon as I experienced these issues to do some tests), and, due to the change over, the station reverted to frequency 0 (public broadcasting).... and oddly enough... the test craft, same identical one as the first image, still has connection. So switched the station to frequency 1... switched to it... then switched back to my test craft... And it still has connection. The difference between these two circumstances is I built a bit more onto the station: it has electrical capacity now (but still no unmanned control point), and now a (stock) science lab (which has a Kerbnet access module as per stock). Image of the slightly improved (still under construction) station: It'd seem, at least from my observations that it's either something to do with a vessel that has no control point but with relay antennae (since my debris doesn't give me the same issue), lacks electricity and/or lacks Kerbnet access... or some combination of the following as those seem to be the only relevant variables changed (I have launched a few more direct connection satellites in the gap of time of course on the present day save). I do hope this helps.
  5. I love your mod as I've probably stated here before as I've been using it for quite some time on previous saves: and rather recently on my modded career save on Galileo's Planet Pack I've ran into a slight issue. Everything had been going smoothly, I was able to construct an Iota relay network, frequencies and all were acting as intended... But after launching up a station element with a relay antenna, I went to launch another station piece... and found I was unable to make a connection with the segment on the launchpad. I retried with just a probe, a battery, and an antenna: but still no dice. Opening up the logs, it seems that during it I'm getting spammed with this NRE during this failure (I would provide the whole log, but it's too large for pastebin: so if there's another relevant section you need, just ask, I can replicate: I just imagined this might be the most relevant section): Doing further troubleshooting, I found that removing the mod fixes the issue immediately: my probes being able to connect again without issue. It only effects newly launched vessels: my currently orbiting ones seem to be capable of keeping their connections across their respective frequencies. Removing the mod, then re-adding it also does nothing to fix the issue either: as those NRE's crop up again and still no connection to the probe. Other relevant information if it matters: I'm on a 10x scale GPP save with a tier 3 tracking station, with extra ground stations enabled (all of them are tuned for frequencies 0, 1, 2, 3). I have tried all stock antenna with a stock octo probe core, all of them fail in the given situation. I have tried cycling frequencies through all of my existing frequencies and still no dice. I've tried gaining altitude in case it was some sort of terrain occlusion bug, still no dice. I am using the latest version of KSP, with the latest release version of CommNet Constellation from Spacedock, and the 3.0.1 version of Modulemanager (I updated to it right before launching the first station element if I recall, from the 2.X.X versions) Mod List if it may be an incompatibility (most of these I've tested through, and seen no conflict (the only one which seems to effect stock antennae being science relay, which I've used extensively before in combination with the mod with great results)) Apologies if I'm missing any critical information or compatible with any of the preceding conditions, but thanks for giving this a looking over.
  6. 100%. The compounding problem here is "the bar" I think. There's a decent amount of people who want to try and act like Squad isn't a company that has to make profits and exists in this utter bubble separate from all game making entities. We don't have DRM (where we have to be connected to an online server in order to play a single player game), we don't have "supporter ranks" (where you can/could buy privileges, like shelling out $100 to have a Kerbal named after you), we don't have invasive analytics programs that quietly harvest our personal information like email, gaming habits, and more, we don't have microtransactions, we don't have to pay for updates, we don't have entire parts of the game stuck behind a paywall (that being said, I think EVERYONE would be upset if the DLC was basic game features, like if they made us pay for bug fixes, ala games like Asura's Wrath where they put the ending to the story in DLC), we don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee for a game we've already purchased, we don't have version locking, we don't have bans on modding the game, we don't have platform locking (like at least one game that was Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 that obsolesced its online play *cough cough*), we don't have blatant pandering (we never get some social commentary in the game like Rust's "randomized player body features"), we're not being marketed some "season pass", we're not being marketed an "ultimate edition" and so many more things. All of these things are actual things that occur at the hands of other developers and publishers. KSP has been around for nearly 6 years now, and we're waiting on the FIRST DLC/expansion to come out. I mean, Kerbal Space Program is the first game they've ever published, and yet they've gotten so much right that I even now had to check if they published any other games because I still have a hard time believing they don't have a bigger experience record. Sure they haven't been able to give us updates like some publishers can swing, and sure their contests don't yield huge prizes, and probably a few other things where big AAA publishers do things that Squad can't. We've had our forum debacles sure, but in the whole I feel Squad to be one of the most ethical in terms of how it treats the consumer when compared to other publishers out there. Even among indie publishers, Squad racks up at being better than most in my personal opinion with how they treat the consumer. I don't support the idea presented in this thread of extending at all, much less all of 2013, the reasoning has been better put more eloquently by others in the thread and I don't see myself adding anything constructive there. I love KSP and I love Squad, they may have their faults, but it's still miles beyond many others.
  7. Ah, my apologies there, I should've checked over at the Kopernicus thread. I understand completely, thanks for your patience, quick reply, and hard work on the mod. Loving the planet pack a lot though, just between Gael, Iota, and Ceti alone it's really re-energized my career plays. I'm really looking forward to continuing to play it for a long time and seeing each planet first hand through each of my various missions. Thanks again!
  8. Loving the mod so far, only recently sent out an unmanned probe into a solar orbit (haven't been anywhere beyond Gael and Iota manned, been at Ceti unmanned) on career. I'm on the most updated public release version, on KSP 1.2.2, and I found this contract erm.... well, I think the image speaks for itself. "Yes. We'd like you to drill for ore.... on the sun. Will 466 grand cover it?" "Doesn't seem to be anything we can't handle." The only mods I use which alter contracts is Strategia and DMagic Orbital Science (which so far seems to work just fine despite not being mentioned in the contract compatibility thread) with of course the contract configurator dependency and all... albeit contracts in general, stock or not, as you can tell here don't seem to register progression. Probably known from what I see, but I figured this sort of contract is a bit... more than usual.
  9. Personally looking forward to the option to pick individual frequencies for each antenna, makes more realistic designs like the NASA one below more practical (that is, one dish pointed towards a Kerbin ground station, then another tuned to say: a ground base on the Mun, rather than the current system) Though, not sure how feasible it is or if it's possible within the proposed framework... I would love to see a feature that allows for backup networks as well, that is, for those of us that do a bit of roleplay type building in their saves or like having redundancies (where they might not want to hinge on a single network, where if connection suddenly drops, it can automatically attune to a different one). Also: another personal idea for a simple housekeeping feature (that I'd feel would be useful for people with lots of probes), potentially a "network merge" option to combine two networks into a single one? That is, if I have 5 satellites on network A, 5 satellites on network B, and 10 satellites on both: I could merge Network A and Network B into a single one, rather than jumping around all of them, resetting them to Network A and then deleting Network B. Loving where this mod is going though, just started using it recently in my newest save game on GPP, beginning to set up a network around Iota using it. Apologies if what I'm suggesting is already there in some way, still early into using the mod.
  10. I've had the previously mentioned heating problem with my reactors. The attached is a base I've been using pre-update, where before pre-update I could run everything, no problems. Reactor core stable at 1000K/1000K, no heating issues, drills running perfectly, all modules running, so on so forth. The only update I've made since this point is updating Roverdude's MKS, Roverdude's Lifesupport, and the associated files/folders included in those two. As you can tell it's a bit weird here, as I've got 2 large deployable radiators, 2 medium deployable radiators, 6 small deployable radiators, and one of the MKS thermal control systems to cool a 2.5m nuclear reactor, and 8 of the medium drills. The heat on the 2.5 sized reactor keeps climbing (and thermal efficiency as a consequence keeps dropping), while the drills stay same on the heat, the cooling % of the medium and large is slowly dropping below the efficiency provided in the screenshot. Ultimately this leads into a cycling where the reactor shuts down, that then leads to everything else shutting down. More oddly enough when I put the place up to time warps of about 10000x, the radiators begin to work TOO WELL, cooling the reactor down below 1000K but otherwise operating just as the radiators should. Closing down any of the radiators in hopes that the bigger or more numerous radiators will pick up the slack doesn't work out. Am I doing something wrong here that got patched in the recent update? (I did see there was a slight change to the heating, but only something to prevent overheating) Or is this a bug?