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  1. I do not want to die, thank you very much.
  2. @Klapaucius Thanks ^^ It wasn't on KX, but since you're interested, here you go!
  3. Stellae Aerospace presents: The Stellae S-146 Jumbo Jet An unknown company in a big world, Stellae Aerospace has created several multipurpose fighter jets and large cargo planes, but the S-146 is the first publicly released commercial airliner of the company. Derived from the KN-145, the company's most versatile cargo plane, the S-146 received extensive modifications. Seating 168 passengers, this Jumbo Jet can fly 4,500 km with the tanks full, cruising at a speed of 215 m/s at the altitude of 4,500m . The first class cabin is seperated from economic class, and features 4K televisions, showers, and everything you may want during your travels ! Rated "Safer than usual" by our specialists thanks to its anti-tailstrike system ! And all of this available here for the small-ish cost of 304,719,000 ! We wish to you safe travels in our airplane !
  4. So, I have this super maneuverable plane that I made a few versions ago, and I thought I'd give it a try. Had to do a different kind of landing since I couldn't slow down enough for a normal one, main reason being no reverse. But hey, it works ! EDIT: And by reading the whole thread, I found out that my landing wasn't really in the 'rules', so I'll have to try that again.
  5. My first and last submission to the K-Prize was way back in 0.90, so I thought I'd give it a retry ! Aircraft: Pegasus VI, a medium-sized, nuclear-powered SSTO. Payload: four (4) kerbonauts to crew space station RS-300, plus one (1) 'Delta 1' autonomous relay satellite. As you can see inside the cargo bay, two mod parts were used: the Shuttle Airlock and Sunshade from Cormorant Aeronology, they are merely just utility parts and do not alter the behavior of the craft in any way. The rest is fully stock.
  6. *finds the thread after being gone for two weeks* What in the name of the Kraken happened here ? xD Thanks for the revival and the puns though, you guys made my day
  7. Hi ! I was wondering if there was a mod that added smoke trail pods ? I looked for one, but couldn't find any. You know, little pods that generate smoke and often used in aerobatics displays... Exemple pics: Unfortunately, it seems that there aren't any mods that add this kind of thing. And sure the engines generate smoke, but I find it not long and opaque enough, and you can't color it. So I was hoping there was a modder around here who could do this please ? It would be quite an awesome addition for stunts and formation flights. So uh, I hope someone sees this threads and thinks about it. Please ? Cheers !
  8. Mine is probably this: Yes, it does fly. No, it does not go to space (unless using cheats).
  9. I... did it. It, uh, "flies" now. It is certainly the kerbalest thing I have ever built in my 1500 hours of KSP.
  10. So... yeah. Obviously, it's absolutely unflyable and completely useless. But this is KSP, so who cares ? It's actually an attempted replica-ish of a spacship in a musical webseries (WARNING: contains ponies. WARNING N°2: lyrics are in french (there are english subs tho)) Made with Airplane Plus and TweakScale. 404 parts. Edit: It flies now.
  11. Hello ! So, a few days ago, I was in a French Air Force base for some reason, and near the entrance they had a few old birds, including a Mirage IV. And I thought "Hey, I like it ! I should make it in KSP" and after a bit of research I liked it even more, so I had to make a good replica of it. The Mirage IV (read 'four' of course, not 'I Vee') was a French nuclear bomber that entered in service in 1964. It was able to reach Mach 2.2, and was the first military aircraft to include partial fly-by-wire controls. It was, until 1988, the only aircraft in the French Air Force capable of delivering the nuke. Then in 1988 it was slowly replaced by the new and modern Mirage 2000-N, and they were completely retired of nuclear service in 1996. Starting in 1974, they started using it as a recon aircraft too (kinda like a smaller, frenchier, slower and not stealth Blackbird. Actually it's not that close to a Blackbird), replacing the nuclear ordinance with a recon pod. These 'Recon' Mirage IV's were used until 2005, when they were finally retired from service. For economic (and international peace) reasons, I could not equip it with weapons systems and a big ol' nuke. If you want that, get BDArmory. You will only need TweakScale to use this craft. Now that this is said, specs ! Imgur album: My Mirage IV can reach speeds of up to 840m/s (Mach 2.5) at high altitudes, even with external tanks. It is rather easy to fly, but tends to pitch down without SAS. I recommend Atmosphere Autopilot for excellent flight stability, fly-by-wire and a lot of cool stuff (trust me, once you use it, you can't fly without it). You can toggle afterburners with action group 1. For takeoff, afterburners, full throttle, and start pulling up at ~100m/s. Congratulations ! You are now flying. If you really want to give it a try, you can download it on KerbalX. Don't forget TweakScale if you don't already have it ! Hope you enjoy it ! Feedback would be appreciated ^^
  12. Oh god, this mod is awesome ! xD Love the CLLS, now I want to make a Retribution*-like Space Carrier... Also, I have the same bug as the guy above, the tail-hook doesn't visually deploy. it does seem to grab the cable though. But I'm not sure it slows the plane down. It's a little bit weird, I need to do some more testing. *(from Cod IW)
  13. I hate the Mk2 cockpit for the Blackbird. It doesn't fit at all. And the operator is supposed to be behind the pilot, not next to him. The Mk2 Inline fits much better, but it would have been too much in the back and the nose would have been too long. And I tried the shock cone intakes, but they weren't... long enough. But thanks for the feedback ^^ Not bad !
  14. Hello everyone ! I've decided to make a replica of one of the most replicated plane on this forum... the SR-71 Blackbird ! ...or not. There are too many Blackbirds here (some good and some less good), so why not a bit of change ? So I present to you the M-21: a two seater variant of the A-12, modified do carry and launch the D-21, a high-speed and high-altitude recon drone. Only two were ever made, one of them was destroyed during a D-21 test launch (the drone's engine failed to start and it slammed into the rear of the M-21, destroying it), and the other one is exposed at the Museum of Flight, in Seattle. For the first four missions of the D-21, the second and third were partial failures, and the fourth was destroyed in the accident previously described. Following the accident, they decided to drop the D-21 from a B-52 instead, duct-taping a booster under the drone to help it reach altitude and speed for the RamJet to start working. After a few more failures, the drone finally managed four successful missions over China before being retired in 1971. Imgur album: Now let's get to mine ! The M-21 itself has a pretty good handling, probably better than the real one. Thanks to the Whipanther Engine, it can reach 1000 m/s easily in both low and high altitudes. Watch out if you add more fuel for longer travels though, as it will add more weight at the rear, you might get too much maneuvrability. The D-21 is rather fast. It can reach high speeds very quickly. You can choose between long range and poor pitch maneuvrability with the front tank full, or medium range and good maneuvrability with the front tank empty. In that second configuration it can take some extreme loads, I managed a 160 Gees turn About the Bird's engines: Some may not like the fact that I clipped engines inside engines, but I wanted multi-mode engines kinda like the real one. So I'm gonna explain the modes: FullSpeed mode: Both Whiplash and Panther engines are activated. It's the mode by default. Makes the bird able to reach Mach 3+ at low altitude. HighAlt mode: Whiplash only, used at high altitudes, as the panthers will be ineffective. You can also use it at low altitude, but your speed will be limited to ~ Mach 1. Use AG2 to toggle the Panthers. Eco mode: Panther only. For low altitude only, when you just want to fly around without too much speed. Uses less fuel than other modes. Use AG1 to toggle the Whiplashes. Flight Instructions: 1. For the takeoff, right-click on the drone core behind the cockpit and "Control from here" or the NavBall won't be aligned with the plane. Then press Stage once to startup the M-21's engines. Full throttle, and pull up at around 110 m/s. 2. Climb to desired altitude for drone launch 3. When the desired altitude is reached, you have 2 drone launch possibilities: 3a. Real-life style: rise the nose a bit, then pitch down to begin a dive. Press Stage to launch the drone, level the M-21, and switch to the drone. 3b. MGS3 style: perform an aileron roll, and drop the drone when you're upside-down. Level the M-21, switch to the drone. 4. Quickly, right-click on the probe core and "Control from here". You now have full control over your drone. 5. Enjoy ! You can also just drop the drone cause you don't want it, and fly at mach 3.2 in the stratosphere. The D-21 was supposed to eject the data package before self-destroying, and a C-130 would retrieve the package in mid-air. So mine can't land. But it has chutes, so you can somewhat retrieve it. If it doesn't explode. Oh, and the M-21 has a braking chute, you can activate it with ABORT. It's not very useful, but the real one has it. Aaand, final thing, you can access KerbNet from the drone cores of both M-21 and D-21, and have actual recon thing happening and place waypoints and all ! How cool is that ? Download here Enjoy !