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  1. Work has let up a little so I am back working on the rewrite. I don't know a date right now I'm back where I can work on it for the first time in a while. @infinite_monkey As you might expect from a telescope with a jumbo sized set of cameras, it produces a large amount of data. I haven't messed with Kerbalism in a really long time so I really don't know how it works now. I'll look into it when I get to the science part of the rewrite.
  2. @rottielover Long duration exposures for planets are already planned and I have also been considering random targets as well. As far as other types of scopes, they need to have some other function other than just changing what the object looks like. I don't feel that just taking the same picture with a different processor/camera to be enough to gain additional science. While real world applications this is a major difference, from a game-play balance perspective, I don't feel that it warrants a whole new set of science. Options i am considering are like the radio telescope but using a
  3. This is due to it not taking into account the zoom setting currently used. I'm not just going to update it to 1.6 since there are a lot of issues with it. I've restarted the rewrite so things will be cleaned up and working quite differently. I don't have a timeline on it yet but I'm progressing steadily. I've learned a lot about unity in the last couple months so things should go quite a bit smoother this time. I did have one ready but after learning some things, it was generally a really bad setup and decided to redo it. I'll try to get basic test versions out quickly and then start buil
  4. Probably an error in the contract. I'll have to check the changes to contract config
  5. I haven't even got to play 1.6 yet so I'm not sure of the changes.
  6. There are currently only 3 of the processors working, the wide field ones. Each level is capable of giving more science for a given body. They have to be mounted in a telescope mount, either one manually placed in to the bay of the big telescope or the internal bay of the fungeye. I am still working on the rewrite but work keeps sending me to Puerto Rico so I haven't been able to do much for the last couple months. The new models are not going to be around any time soon so I'm having to do the rewrite with the current models.
  7. Update for 1.5.1 Change log: Updated for 1.5.1 Changed out of power GUI action to close and notify user rather than just blank the window
  8. Update for 1.5.1 Change log: Updated for 1.5.1 Changed out of power GUI action to close and notify user rather than just blank the window
  9. I am working on a basic patch for compatibility. Work has been crazy lately but looks like I may have some freeish time starting next week. I'm going to release both a 1.4.5 and a 1.5 version as soon as I get the time. Still working on the rework too though.
  10. I'm waiting on models but since I don't have an ETA on them yet, I'm going to do an update of the 1.3.1 version for 1.4.5. It may take me a week or two to get it out. Once I get the models out, I'm going to release it as a new version of CactEye. @Flyk I'm not sure why the processors are missing. I need the log file to diagnose any problems with the mod. This mod does not add any function with Tarsier, it is completely separate. And I think DOE was removed because of getting lazy with the updates while working on the newest version.
  11. I was hoping for new models but they are still in the works. I'm going go ahead and update to 1.45 and when I get the new models, I'll release the rewrite as a new CactEye. I'll be releasing it in a week or two.
  12. Like I said, you will be able to disable it but it it's in the spirit of the telescope it is inspired by so they will be in there and enabled by default. The JWST could be realistic by raising the price to unlock it the more tech you unlock
  13. There will still be multiple levels of processors, I'm just removing an old one that doesn't work and I'm going to add a couple more plus the ability for others to be made. The breaking of parts is not something I can really use another mod to handle. They will only happen while actively pointing which may be during a long-term study which will be mostly on rails time. This is to mimic the actual Hubble and the issues that it has. For those that don't want it, there will be an option to disable it. As to progress, the programming is pretty much complete but still
  14. I think it was still in it then, but it has not really worked since I took this over.
  15. I thought the same thing at first but then realized this was the release thread
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