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  1. Any ETA on stock? If at all? I so need this to hold me over till KSP2
  2. Don't you just hate it when your comms with your deep space probe gets lost? I don't now with the Lagger's Brand Comm array! We aren't happy until you get less than 15fps!
  3. Hey, are you behind this? I want to know where I can get this? https://imgur.com/gallery/wP0BA

    1. Drakenex


      That's an old version. New version:



      PM me if interested on the build.

  4. Hello, the separating of the FLC-1000 fuel tank from making history. For those of you who don't know, the fuel tank looks like the Soyuz Side booster. When I separate the tank (any decoupler, 0% force) it spins a little. to confirm this, I set up just a random craft with 1 attached with a decoupler with it's force to 0% and cheated it into orbit. I separated them and sure enough, it spins. I found out why. The COM for it is wayyyy of center. Is there any way to fix this? Let me know if there is.
  5. The Github link on the website is broken @katateochi 404 error
  6. I have a problem: If I launch from one of these mod's launch sites and if I were to go to the space center after getting a failed to launch, it focuses on the thing i tried to launch from and it is impossible to use. Any help? Also, can you make the PAPIs brighter? They are clearly visible during the day IRL.
  7. This makes my RO crash in the middle of loading. Any help?
  8. Can we please be able to put the sea pads in our saves and not the mission editor?
  9. My Kerbals have pink where their visors are supposed to be. I am using Astronomer's visual Pack + Scatterer.
  10. None of the file names are changed, I did place the mod files in the right place (Gamedata) and the textures are not corrupted nor missing.
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