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  1. Ok, so Ive gotten ckan working (thanks to your help!) and assigned my game as the default but when I try to use the available command, it gives me this: [FONT=Menlo]Johns-iMac:Desktop Family$ mono ckan.exe available[/FONT] [FONT=Menlo]120 [1] ERROR CKAN.KSP (null) - Could not open KSP readme.txt[/FONT] [FONT=Menlo]Mods available for KSP 0.25.0[/FONT] [FONT=Menlo] [/FONT] [FONT=Menlo]Johns-iMac:Desktop Family$ [/FONT] Again probably over-looking some blatantly obvious step. Also I loaded the game and theres no parts anywhere in the game. Like, none at all. Anywhere. Almost certainly a mod issu
  2. According to CKAN that is not a KSP directory. Am I specifying the KSP game its self is or the folder that it's located in? I've tried both with no success but I may be missing something... Sorry if I'm being a massive imbecile, I never can get the hang of anything concerning these infernal command consoles. Actual message Its self: [FONT=Menlo]Johns-iMac:Desktop Family$ mono ckan.exe ksp add "Main" "~/KSP 0.25 MAC/KSP"[/FONT][FONT=Menlo]Sorry, /Users/Family/Desktop/~/KSP 0.25 MAC/KSP does not appear to be a KSP directory[/FONT] The game, along with all of its folders and such are in a folde
  3. Ok, so when I try to help ckan find my KSP install with the ksp command (I also tried kspdir) , it won't let me. I type: mono ckan.exe ksp ~/Desktop/KSP 0.25 MAC/KSP 0.25 MAC Which is the directory that the game is in. But then the menu reappears without any effect. What am I doing wrong?
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