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  1. It still works in the current version? It says 1.9 or something as compatible version.
  2. I did it anyway. Waiting until I had nothing flying. So it's a bit like starting a new game. I wasn't late enough to worry about ore or anything yet. I'm finding KSP very frustrating to play though because the in game alarm clock is so terrible and buggy. Doesn't matter if you only have a single ship at a time and are focused on it. Soon as you switch away though the alarms become very unreliable.
  3. Hey thanks for looking into it. Community resource mod probably got installed as a recommended or something when I was installing that small list of mods through CKAN. I'm happy to add Simplex Resources as an alternative.
  4. SFS loadmeta This website says the file is deleted once it's been downloaded so please leave it for @theJesuit.
  5. https://imgur.com/gallery/p6ausDl I tried to insert image from website but it didn't work so I'll just post the link to the pic. I'm on a completely fresh install of Windows. Just reinstalled KSP and used CKAN to load a few mods. All happened about 3 days ago and it all looks to be in date. New career game of KSP with mods on from the start. If you need the save game or anything let me know. edit: https://imgur.com/a/ig3bn0E Took a couple screen shots of an older save when VAL was 10 days into her flight. Shows both the normal in game supply menu and the Kerbalism one which shows only electricity as a resource.
  6. I'm fairly early into a game, first time using Simplex. I don't think any of my starting kerbals are using food or air, or producing waste products. I just tried to achieve 30 days of Orbit with Val, she started losing her mind so I brought her back down. None of the onboard resources were used though. Saw the same thing when I took Jeb to the Mun. Do the starting 4 use and produce no resources?
  7. Are rescue Kerbals supposed to have no Jetpack? I'm trying to rescue one with a probe cored rocket. He has no pack though. His vessel has mono prop on board, he has a parachute. I managed to get the rocket to bump into him but unfortunately he still wasn't able to grab on. Now he is spinning away slowly and my rockets engine has died from too many ignitions trying to manouvre onto him. Seems unnecessarily hard to capture a Kerbal if this is intended. edit: Oh I see Jetpack is further into the tech tree. Guess that's why this guy doesn't have one. Taking a rep hit on this death I suppose.
  8. Not having closest approach in the stock clock makes it terrible. They should of just implemented the old mod straight into the game. It was so good. We can manually skip orbits until you see the close approach and then set a manual time in the clock but it's turned 3 clicks into about 50.
  9. You absolute legend. I'm just getting into manned flight on this play through. I was thinking I'd have to halt the play to wait on this fix. Worked like a charm.
  10. Scrap seems a little aggressive on default settings. Really by accident I ended up with a lot of redundancy with this build but it still wasn't enough. 3 of the 5 tanks died, 3 of 6 control surfaces, one engine exploded and the other just died. Losing the second engine obviously forced me to land, I was already quite worried if I lost the last control surface on the right side I might not be able to control the aircraft anyway and was thinking about landing before that happened. 51 mins into a 80min flight. The rate of attrition on parts feels a bit ridiculous. edit: Yeah I've tried this flight with this same aircraft 4 times and it's always the same thing. The parts are all gen 4 or 5 with most of them having several reuses. Is there a way to tone down OhScrap failure occurrences? This is the moment before I landed in the water. I just remembered to screenshot it. 8 failures in less than 20mins of flight. It's unplayable like this. I'm scared to launch a probe as the last two I have launched get instant failures in one of the boosters and caused asymmetric launch and rapid disassembly. I want a chance of a failure here and there, not catastrophic results every single launch. I haven't play KSP in a fair while but this isn't how this mod used to work. edit again: Ok so I figured I must be doing something wrong since no one else has reported this problem. Seems like I didn't fully understand how this worked or I had forgotten, who knows. So things get more safety rating by being tested but also by being later generations. So my well tested plane is still unsafe because it's all first gen items. I noticed a 4th gen engine might get a safety rating of 4 without being tested, whereas my engine with 6 uses but first gen is still safety rating 1 or something like that. It means I have to launch every part en-masse for static testing before adding the actual build to the KCT queue. It's a little annoying but I like the realism of testing parts. Yet another edit: The extreme failure rate still happens even with a tested and later gen parts aircarft. I'm onto the 6th launch of the same aircraft with new parts which i launched for a test run first. Then rebuilt the aircraft and went on the mission i've been trying to finish. Ended up having to cheese save my way through it. Any failure that stopped the mission from being completeable got reloaded. Ended up with about 6 failures in the 2 cockpits, both external batteries, 3 of the 7 control surfaces and 3 of the 5 fuel tanks, 1 engine also failed. The second engine failed several times requiring a quick load. some of the additional critical control surfaces failed requiring a quick load. I had to crash land and it took a quick load to not get the science part i needed for the mission to be exploded or the Kerbals killed. Surely parts of quality level 8 and higher should rarely be failing. I shouldn't be getting about 25 failures in a 1hr flight should I?
  11. Probably easier since it has no weight. You arm wouldn't get tired after holding it for 79hrs. Look at the size of that screw driver. mocking us with their weightless environment.
  12. The spanner no longer shows as being held. I haven't played for a fair while so maybe this was lost a while ago but I seem to remember the kerbal holding the spanner and drill. My Kerbal is able to detatch and attach parts but he isn't holding the spanner. If I try and hold the spanner with Jeb it gives me a message saying only someone with the repair skill can hold it. So I assume Bill has the spanner in hand but it's just not shown. Also I can't interact with the JS-1 socket. Didn't it used to place and then have a pipe come out of it to attach to a different craft? I can place it but there is no pipe to attach. Maybe Bill needs to be a higher level to do that as I've started a new game and it's Bill's first trip to orbit.
  13. So if I launch the same aircraft twice in a row I need to rebuild the entire thing manually to reuse older parts? There is no way to make it replace parts automatically?
  14. Downloaded all the mods again and put them in the clean install version and it worked So I copy all the files from the working install to my heavy mod version and now it works too. Thanks for your assistance.
  15. Yeah I tried loading up a rocket that was space capable that I had saved and creating a craft with a pod and SRB and neither would allow me to simulate. Obviously I'm missing something but I can't see what it is. I'll have another fiddle around tomorrow when I get some time.
  16. Yeah I deleted the entire game data folder. Changed the version number to be used in steam which downloads the changes. Then I verified the install which it found 2 files missing or something. Then I add the KRASH mod and it's dependencies and their dependencies.
  17. Ah good. I had used KCT years ago and it seemed to auto use parts that were recovered.
  18. Ok thanks. I see that now. So those parts in the scrapyard inventory section will be free? Also does it stockpile more than one of an item?
  19. Ok thanks for letting me know. I'll try and find what is stopping it in that case. edit: I tried a clean install with only Krash and it doesn't show in 1.7.3 https://imgur.com/a/ifvSYHH edit 2: I forgot to put toolbarControl into the clean install shown in that pic. I added it and now I can at least see the button for Krash but it doesn't have any effect when pushed. I'm now also seeing the button in my heavily modded version of the game but again it has no effect when pushed. edit 3: I tried 1.7.2 and 1.7.1 and it gives me the same result. The button is visible but left or right clicking gives no effect. Obviously I'm missing something but I can't see what. I've been through all the mods looking for dependencies but I'm pretty sure I have them all.
  20. The mod seems to run but it doesn't recover any parts in 1.7.3. The list just remains empty. I have magicore and module manager added.
  21. Doesn't seem to work in 1.7.3 I've got unBlur, click through block, toolbar added. There just isn't the icon showing for SIM.
  22. CKAN.InvalidModuleFileKraken: WaypointManager 2.7.3: C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpC197.tmp has length 75809, should be 75806 at CKAN.NetModuleCache.Store(CkanModule module, String path, String description, Boolean move) at CKAN.NetAsyncModulesDownloader.ModuleDownloadsComplete(NetModuleCache cache, Uri[] urls, String[] filenames, Exception[] errors) Ckan keeps throwing this error at me while trying to update some of the mods I have. edit: Manually updated Waypoint Manager to get around the problem.
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