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  1. You almost made my day, man. remains to wait FAR and i can play it. ah!
  2. Still cant play this game without ur 'construction time' so really hope that the version for 1.3 will be soon. just waiting
  3. oh man, u do so much for this game... so it is just unplayable without u.
  4. one of the most important mod, and Iam greatly love what you now support it. I just forgot how to make the font bold ...
  5. emmm, tell please, will this plugin work with 1.12 build? nothing about version compatibles in release info and no .version file with the plugin.
  6. Still this mod is dead? can anyone carry its function?
  7. I really hope that you're all right and you continue your beautiful work. This game needs a good sound.
  8. owwww, Total War Center work? Hohoho%) love them. ok, i ll test this right now. So. It works. But most of all causes only fast wow-effect. In half an hour I could not repeat something like this: It's great to control the light ... but until someone pick up a good preset, it is almost useless.
  9. Will anyone continue this modification? That would be wonderful.
  10. Tell please, Is there any modification that replaces it? i want it.