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  1. Vegatoxi, this must be your normal halloween joke...see you next year
  2. I thought this thread was locked, must be a master lock
  3. I use the mun as a testing grounds, lots of debris there
  4. kerbal alarm clock, massive numbers are normal on a side note, having 7 ships arrive at a station to dock at the same time can be....interesting
  5. @T.C. this looks like a normal eula, what part are you looking at?
  6. only downside...mods, I think I'm the only one to still use the AIES aerospace mod in 1.3. would be fun.
  7. black screen of death after install, half installed and scrambled, are the common ones I've seen. my favorite is the empty start menu,
  8. you are lining yourself up retrograde to the direction the moons are travelling(hence the 150 to 220 degree plane change), this is best solved well before entering Jool's SOI as it is quite costly once in orbit. once you have an encounter, focus on jool and look at the track you will follow compared to the orbits of the moons, if you are far enough out a few puffs of rcs can adjust it where you want.
  9. under these circumstances, you'd probably get a pass, since: 1 you are only doing this for a small, private, and very select group of people (not distributing it online) 2 you can do the same thing by sitting at each person's computer for a reasonable amount of time (to download the mods and install them), so it only becomes a time saving event 3 the only people that would really know are the few people you actually do this for (unless you are crazy enough to break part 1) 4 they already own the game. now understand: if any of the above is not true...you can get into a lot of trouble.
  10. hmm, disable crossfeed on the decouplers... wait...are we talking modded tanks? or stock?
  11. physics limit can be changed, probably bd armory part count...tweakscale