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  1. You can do that with the GPS system. Have a gps point selected and click the GPS button the the targeting pod GUI.
  2. BD, can you allow us to change the keybinding for slewing the radar and targeting ball to an axis binding, so I can use a hat switch to control it? Currently I can only use keys on the keyboard, and that makes me take a hand off my joystick.
  3. I was bored so I made a montage of the AI fighting each other and put audio to it. However the software added an obnoxious watermark, so be prepared. My first KSP video! Yaaaa!
  4. This stuff looks great! May I suggest a sub-munitions dispenser like the one on the SU-25? Basically it is a cluster bomb without the bomb part, it just drops a bunch of bomblets from the plane.
  5. Once we get the scenario system working we could set up maps like that for people to do! Combine it with Raster Prop Moniter and do a full IVA mission with trackIR and you will have the DCS kerbal Space Program.
  6. No, he means a vulcan turret, just with a limited field of view that sticks into a fuselage. Like this:
  7. So will the formation flying be an extension of burn together or will it be unique to BDA? Also, with the formation flying, it seems that the AI only rolls to adjust their position relative to you, is there a way to make the mimic my exact movements, so I can make an airshow with coordinated aileron rolls and other maneuvers?
  8. I can't wait until you release the formation flying! Looks great!
  9. Currently the bombs are in CCIP, the reticule shows where the bomb will land when you pull the trigger. I do not think that CCRP is within the realm of possibility for BD armory because of the complexity. It would be nice though!
  10. How far do the cannon shells travel before despawning? With the targeting pod you can slave the howitzer turret to it and make it fire at things VERY far away. It was targeting the mountains west of KSC and the shell looked like it was going to hit, but I never saw it hit on the camera. The arc of the shell made it look like it would have made it, but I guess it despawned before it got there.
  11. Only mods would be other weapon packs and any mods that change heating would conflict with BDA. Also, for the radar screen, it is finicky sometimes.
  12. I have a bit more complicated setup. 1: fire 2: nothing 3: next weapon 4: previous weapon 5: nothing 6: flares 7: chaff 8: jammer 9-10: nothing. I am thinking about switching it all over to the keypad to try and make it work with that, but I am not sure.
  13. Will the tracking+locking radar send the information to vehicles with guard mode automatically so we can have missile silos without radar modules?
  14. If we have 2 radar modules on our plane, one facing forward and one backwards, can we view both at once on the same screen like you can with the data link?
  15. The one JDAM exploded before it hit the ground, are these air-burst weapons do they automatically explode when the bomb reaches the closest approach to the target?
  16. When this update is released will it be considered a finished mod?
  17. You are making that far too complicated on yourself, go check out the Maritime Pack, it adds all sorts of neat boat parts. It is what I used for my light destroyer!
  18. What I do is save certain locations around KSC with hyperedit, and use those locations to quickly deploy defenses.
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