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  1. so what do you suggest, ive seen people with tons of mods on their game. what kind of pc do i need to do that? i got a 32 bit with 4 gb of ram and 2.3 quad
  2. i removed crossfeed and got past loading like usual, but this time i actually saw my parts before crashing heres the report error log - http://www./download/t993jc7qru13m29/error(2).log output log - http://www./view/afu33etcdpddecq/output_log(2).txt report ini - http://www./view/n80z3vftoobbkdm/report(2).ini
  3. yes, i do i removed the b9 aerospace and tried again. again i get crossfeed enabler isnt compatible and crash in loading heres the reports error log - http://www./download/o5iz29zyx0rlmhv/error.log output log - http://www./view/y76alzdow0nqj70/output_log.txt report ini - http://www./view/sxxdakhqx0ze38y/report.ini
  4. so, i removed all addons. game works fine. i try to just install b9 aerospace. i throw the gamedata folder into the gamedata, i throw the ships folder into the ship folder. check to make sure the folder went to SPH. which it did. and start game up. says crossfeed enabler (one of the folders that was in the gamedata for b9 was incompatible) and crashed in loading. so i deleted it. tried again. i can make it to menu and other stuffs. i start the world up and the grass/ocean is like black instead of green and blue. and twice now when ive gone to click on the ship building hangar the game crashed
  5. i would like to put mods on my KSP, its a very enjoyable game. ive watched videos and other stuff. but everytime i try i keep getting crashes during loading. please help
  6. Hi, my game keeps crashing during loading since i installed these new mods, which i really want. i watched this video and did it just like he did but with different mods from curse such as b9 aerospace pack r5-2-6, optspaceplaneparts v1.4. kw release package v2.6d. and firespitter 634.here are my error reports report file - http://www./view/sxxdakhqx0ze38y/report.ini output log - http://www./view/y76alzdow0nqj70/output_log.txt error log - http://www./download/o5iz29zyx0rlmhv/error.log i have a crash.dmp but i cant seem to link it to you. thank you for your help
  7. everything seems to be working, i can get to both hangars and fumble around and stuff. and alt tab and more without having it crash. tyvm.
  8. alrighti, i changed the texture quality from 0 to 1 and ill be posting the log output thing through mediafire here soon. let me run kbs and see if this has helped at all
  9. ill do that, but is that suppose to help with the grass disappearing into a solid black color. or the crashes?
  10. so, i decided to try a few things. fullscreen for some odd reason. and such. this time. i clicked on the spaceship building place again and it went into loading. it froze sometime i decided to alttab when i did. an error message popped up. which ill post those here soon. i decided to try a coupel times. here and there the grassy area around the buildings is just pure black. here is what the log said at the end Crash!!! ERROR: Error while initializing dbghelp.dll, GetLastError: 'The operation completed successfully.' (Address: 00000000) Unity Player [version: Unity 4.5.2f1_9abb1b59b47c]
  11. i just bought this game on steam for 30 bucks and i cant play it. i decided to go on sandbox mode. everytime i click on hangar or shuttle hangar my entire kbs program closes. no errors popup no nothing. just from seeing a load screen to the program minimizing to disappearing. help plz
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