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  1. I had the same problem. I had to update the AntennaRange.cfg to this file to make it work. I suspect that it has something broke with one of the latest module manager releases.
  2. Have you tried this patch? On another issue, does anyone have problems loading the antenna configs with the latest module manager (v 2.6.20)? It looks like I have to remove the :NEEDS[!RemoteTech] and change the /= 1.414213 in the commDish section to *= 0.7071068 Does anyone have any idea on why this might be happening?
  3. @Kerbas_ad_astra it looks like the antenna on the solar panel does not work in "vanilla" (without antenna range or RT installed). Is it the intended behavior? I'm able to extend it on but it won't transmit science back to Kerbin.
  4. [quote name='marchingknight11']Are there any plans to add this mod to CKAN? Would make it much easier to keep up to date.[/QUOTE] I've opened a pull request to add SKY to CKAN. It should become available soon-ish.
  5. An update is waiting to be merged. Long story short, when Stock Plus was rolled into the main mod, the zip file used to distribute the mod was renamed. CKAN was not aware of it and could not update to the latest version. To make things more complicated, the mod was set to work for any 1.0 release, so the old version was automatically added to the 1.0.5 list. The new version (1.0.5a) should be available as a new mod pretty soon.
  6. Thank you for including orbit inclination info and an intuitive way to change it. It makes planning rendezvous so much easier. Do you have any plans to implement a way to hide the precise node windows when not needed? Maybe the 1.1 interface overhaul will include it.
  7. Wait, are we getting an aerospike engine? I completely missed it when it was posted.
  8. It was fun! I definitely over-engineered the spaceship. Here are the pictures:
  9. If you download near future propulsion, you will find a patch to convert these engines to liquid hydrogen. It's in the extra directory. If you use CKAN, you will find the mod as an extra for NFP.
  10. Well, it looks like your pull request is being held back because of the proposed change to the netkan file. I fixed it up for you. This is the new pull request.
  11. The best way to contact the CKAN admins is through the IRC chat on the #ckan channel or on their forum thread.
  12. If it helps, this is what I have in my log: [LOG 10:26:52.975] Reference Frame: Rotating [LOG 10:26:52.976] Cannot find InternalPart 'Soy2_RPM' [EXC 10:26:52.977] ArgumentException: The thing you want to instantiate is null. UnityEngine.Object.CheckNullArgument (System.Object arg, System.String message) UnityEngine.Object.Instantiate (UnityEngine.Object original) Part.AddInternalPart (.ConfigNode node) Part.CreateInternalModel () Part.SpawnCrew () Vessel.SpawnCrew () Vessel.MakeActive () FlightGlobals.setActiveVessel (.Vessel v, Boolean force) FlightGlobals.SetActiveVessel (.Vessel
  13. Orionkermin, have you fixed the SoyJuice retro rockets yet? If not, this fixes them for me: MODULE { name = ModuleEngines [B] engineID = LES[/B] [B] powerEffectName = running_closed[/B] [B] thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform[/B] throttleLocked = True exhaustDamage = False allowShutdown = False ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 50 heatProduction = 550 fxOffset = 0, 0, 0.25 PROPELLANT { name = SolidFuel ratio = 1.0 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 100 key = 1 100 } } RESOURCE { name = SolidFuel amount = 20 maxAmou
  14. Are you using the atmospheric TWR reading from KER? I think that if you use the extended window in the VAB you will be able to switch to atmospheric readings. The upper stage engines have really a really low atmospheric ISP. The 1.60 is probably for their vacuum performance.
  15. Did you try this patch? It adds liquid hydrogen to the stock ISRU.
  16. I get ~6000 m/s for orbit. I start the gravity turn when my speed is about 70 m/s, tilt about 5 degrees, then I keep the rocket within the prograde marker (I also use KER and I try to keep my apo 30-40 seconds ahead of me during lunch - it might not be efficient, but gives me a little of margin when the upper stage kicks in with its lower TWR). For the heading, I spin the rocket around just before starting the gravity turn so that the navball points south and I have East at my right (like it is in stock). I think that turning towards 90 degrees is still the optimal way to go to orbit. However,
  17. As NathanKell said, it's a Kopernicus bug that will get fixed with the next version. Did you also notice that sometimes you also get ground effects about 100 m into a flight? Or that your rocket parts explode when you are coasting to the ground with a parachute open? I suspect it's the same bug.
  18. Well, I was trying to write a config for Nertea's cryo engines pack. This is how far I got: @PART[cryoengine-125-1]:FOR[RealFuels_StockEngines] //VL-1 'Volcano' Cryogenic Rocket Engine { @mass = 1 @cost = 923 %entryCost = 4615 @maxTemp = 2400 @MODULE[ModuleEngine*] { @name = ModuleEnginesRF @maxThrust = 206 @heatProduction = 206 @atmosphereCurve { @key,0 = 0 394 @key,1 = 1 468 } !PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] {} !PROPELLANT[LqdHydrogen] {} !PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] {} !PROPELLANT[MonoPropellant] {} PROPELLANT { name = Lqd
  19. SkyRex94: Would you be interested in indexing your mod on CKAN? Now both KSC switcher and Kopernicus are in the index, so it will be easier to keep the mod updated for the ones that use CKAN. I already have a CKAN config file in the pipeline, but there is a catch. As of right now, SKY replaces KSC switcher file with its own. CKAN does not allow mods to rewrite files that have been installed by another mod or a user. To fix it, you should include a module manager patch for KSC launch sites in the SKY folder and leave the KSC switch config file as it is in its folder that you bundle with your mo
  20. Hey guys! What are the procedures for adding support for a mod? I messed around with the web app and have a config file for the engines, but I honestly don't know what I was doing.
  21. You know what? I had a , instead of a ; between the values. [COLOR=#333333][I][LOG 07:31:47.509] InsterstellarFuelSwitch: error parsing resource amount 0/0: '90[B],[/B]110': '90' [/I][/COLOR]Right here -----------------------------------------------------------------------^ sometimes I am so dumb. Thank you for trying to fix the issue anyways! I really appreciate it. Also, thank you for fixing the tank root problem.
  22. It is the heart of the problem. We agree that 1 fuel unit of liquid fuel or oxidizer = 5.5 liters of liquid hydrogen. However, if we use this conversion to fill the tank we get tanks that hold very little liquid hydrogen, making is to engines that use liquid hydrogen (mostly converted nuclear engines) end up working really poorly. The rocket equation tells us that the only thing that matters in space travel is the wet/dry ratio of your rocket. If you have a tank that holds very little propellant weight in relation to its mass, you are going to have a very difficult time getting any delta v (ye
  23. Look - sorry I'll be very blunt with you - I respect your work and what you did for KSP, but no matter how you put it, or how good of an argument you make, liquid oxygen is not going to happen. Simply there isn't any tangible benefit to add liquid oxygen as a resource. Trying to make sense of stock oxidizer properties just requires to suspend all beliefs of anything real. Heck, we need to have a fudge factor for LH2 density to fit enough fuel in a tank to lift the rocket off the launchpad. I just gave up and I think that this thread should be about balancing the NFT tanks for their LH2 and LH2
  24. Finally!!! Thank you Claw for fixing it!!!! You might not remember it, but my first post was about complaining about this bug as soon as 0.90 came out. Good job on the PID controller, btw. I really like how you used a dynamic factor to adjust the values for the response limit. Is there a reason why you deleted the I term? I don't know anything about PID control theory (beside the stuff I read about how to fix the jitteriness), so I am curious to learn from someone that knows more than me. Also, do you know if the stock values are based on any PID tuning algorithm or if they were arbitrarily as
  25. I'm having some problems with the fuel switch script over at the NFT thread. For some reason, IFS throws a fit with the NFP tank weight. The correct weight is calculated by Module Manager (the tank is configured correctly in ModuleManager cache). I get something like this: [LOG 07:31:47.509] InsterstellarFuelSwitch: error parsing resource amount 0/0: '90,110': '90' [LOG 07:31:47.510] InsterstellarFuelSwitch parseDoubles: invalid float: tankCost [len:0] ''] and this: [LOG 07:34:13.896] InsterstellarFuelSwitch nextTankSetupEvent selectedTankSetup++ = 1 [LOG 07:34:13.896] InsterstellarFuelSwitch
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