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  1. [NOTICE] Horizon just got an employe that wants to design rockets to launch these parts. if they work they will be added ETA:Unknown
  2. OK, thanks for your advice. here's my conclusion: Obs: i got a "Could not initialize DirectX10" error message Mirrlilis Action: looks awesome, demo sucks fraps: didn't try baditcam: didnt try DXtory: works great because i figured out how to remove the water mark(my personal choice) Thanks for all your help!
  3. mirllis action looked cool but recorded in 3x speed.
  4. this is an amazing design. here have some rep!
  5. have the loading screen pic turn into YOUR COMPUTER SUCKS!!! if it takes more than a minute to load. destroyable terrain (you know how much that would lag if you crashed a rocket into the ground) parts the size of the mun.
  6. profile not edited +0 Sig +2 (i made it:D) no profile pic 0 2.22 posts a day +1 8 rep +1 over 150 profile visits +1 from Laythe +.5 First to comment on my company +1 6.5
  7. i combined my name with terminator. the 200 came from when i played roblox, natonator was taken so i added the 200 and it stuck!
  8. 7/10, so true. could use a picture or something.
  9. 6/10 nice quotes, but you might want to make them the same colour. Also make the banner go all the way to the other side.
  10. Hello, i have been looking through you tube today and i saw some really cool KSP cinematics. i decided i wanted to make one , so i got camera tools 1.2. then a hit a wall... my webcam software could record the screen(doesn't use webcam) but if i put ksp into full screen it would just record the desktop. if ksp wasn't in full screen then i would have the border of the game in the video. and i cant cut it out with my video editing software. what program should i get so i can record ksp in full screen?
  11. The USS enterprise blows up the world "photon torpedoes at the ready..... get a lock....... FIRE"
  12. i don't have kethane right now (i have used it before though), I'm using kerbodyne because it has more engines. however here's a suggestion: take a basic section, then take the docking port of the top and put a kethane sensor there, or put symmetry on 2 then put a radial attachment port on the side and then attach a kethane sensor. up to you. the first option will be harder to dock, but the second option will be hard to aim the sensor.