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  1. It was appropriate to remove the (very much in anger) threats of violence to animals, but it was VERY WRONG and even possibly irresponsible to remove the entirety of the post. This was a TRAUMATIC event that happened to a cared for creature, and it was caused by another person's apathy and lack of control over his own dog. Some anger is understandable, and the first half of that post describes the tragic event, the neighbor's blatantly apathetic attitude, and the efforts to care for the injured animal. ONLY the last paragraph and final line were inappropriate. I would argue that removing the entire post, and not simply editing out the last half of it (obviously written in anger) is more likely to incite deeper anger in the op, by removing what was an honest effort to vent frustration over a tragic and traumatic event. Venting the events of the tragedy is a means to dissipate the anger over the event, and to focus and ground one's thoughts. My complaint... That post should have been edited for content, and not removed outright. I think that was incredibly insensitive against someone who just suffered a massive emotional trauma.
  2. I hope recovery is as quick and as safe as possible. Good luck, and huge respect for the people keeping the gears of civilization turning, in the face of all the current risks.
  3. At least you don't have to plow out this path in Japan! Here in the state of Minnesota, the most snow I've ever had to deal with was me nearly walking off the end of the roof of a quonset style machine shed (that's a half cylinder shaped corrugated steel structure where we store the tractors and equipment). The snow had built up so thick, that my brother and I didn't notice we accidentally walked onto the roof! It was that deep! I think the snow was up to about the top of the door, blown against the side of the building. It was surreal to just suddenly stop our "lively debate", look down, and see the ground far below!
  4. This is the controller with he small stick at the bottom, right? have you tried using it for RCS? I've always imagined this controller paired with a flight stick for attitude control would be pretty decent for the type not interested in building a controller outright.
  5. Makes me think back to the bag of salty cheesy snacks that I ate back in January, found the bottom of the bag to be kinda gross, looked in, saw light, peeked at the side of the bag, and found a mouse had chewed a big ol' hole in the side of the bag and helped itself to the bag that I had nearly finished. I just gagged merely thinking about it... I also got the quote for my car... $465. NO PARTS for my Kerbal Instrument panel for a WHILE! The engine not firing on all cylinders was a bit of a red herring. The reason is it didn't have enough fuel to supply all the cylinders, cause the fuel pump failed. I realized the oil and fluids all were due for changing too, and a diagnostic got done... Ultimately, the bill ended up topping itself at $563, once all the extras were tacked on! Yikes! It's frustrating... I just applied to a lab, only for the whole stinkin' world to go on lockdown cause history repeats itself... The 1920s called... It want's it's pandemic, economic turmoil, lines for basic supplies, and shuttered bars back. I love the job I'm doing now, but it's just not enough hours to do more than just get by. My entire tax refund has been consumed by catching up on bills (and getting them mostly paid ahead), and now the remainder will be consumed by this car repair. I don't even get to buy the cheap gear sets and position sensors to work on the next bit of my build. I look at my car, see the oil there that's leaking, While my wallet gently weeps I look at the light and I see service blinking Still my wallet gently weeps I don't know why-y my fuel pump failed you Hard to replace the part I don't know how, wear and tear broke you I bought one new for you I look at the wheels and I notice no turning While my wallet gently weeps With hours of labor they must surely be billing Still my wallet gently weeps The pump some-how became impeded The fuel diverted too I knew not how the stall developed No fuel flowed for you I look at the bill, see the digits I'm fearing. While my wallet gently weeps As I'm sitting here doing nothing but paying Still my wallet gently weeps
  6. My car took me to work... My car did not return me home from work. When I started the car to head home, it sounded a bit rough... and it got rougher, then it sounded like it was not firing on all cylinders, and then it got VERY rough and then died. Had it towed to a shop, where I await the news of just how screwed my wallet is about to be... Yet another month with no Kerbal Instrument/Control panel parts, and I guess I'm not building a NAS to replace my TEN year old hard drives, the oldest of my spinning rust collection!
  7. Have you used it as a controller in KSP? I had suggested it as a possible well suited controller for KSP quite some time back, but I didn't own one. I'm actually curious as to how well it works, if you've tried.
  8. I'm buried in circuit boards I'm soldering for work, and I want to finish by tomorrow, but I don't know if I even have the energy to stay awake long enough to do so! For reference... I normally do 25 a week. I have 106 right now. I got the parts Thursday.
  9. I have a digital clock with a pair of alarms that operate a 120 volt relay switched outlet. It's a useful little gadget, for if I need to run something for a limited time unattended. the problem, is that I have to preemptively calculate how long it should run... every 5 hours, it gains a full extra hour! I started it at 7am this morning, and it now shows 1pm, while my functioning clocks say noon! It'd be nice if it... well, you know, could also keep time.
  10. I was tired, thought I'd go to bed at midnight (which for me is early). Decided to watch a model train video before turning in for the night... The guy in the video was talking about track wiring, and how inconvenient it was to crawl under his layout any time he had to mess with wiring. It was at that moment, I knew I'd screwed up... I had an idea. An idea that was screaming at me to let it out. It's 6:30 in the morning. I'm even MORE tired than before, but I came up with this: I'll have you know, that was done with the Mac equivalent of MS Paint. I don't know my way around CAD. That's line tools and fill tools, and rectangle and circle tools... Yeah... The way it works, is you pull the sliding frame out, and let the front part of it fold down and rest against the table's legs. That part folding down locks the rear sliding frame in place. The layout panel can then be folded upwards, from it's forward position. This leaves the entire bottom of the panel exposed, and you don't have to couch lay on your back, or really, do anything difficult. The cable strung up keeps the top panel from flipping backwards. The heavy bracing is all put at the back, to counter the weight of the slide frame when pulled outward. Personally, I'm happy with how it turned out. It's great for single modules, linear configuration with multiple modules, and multi module configurations with outside turns. Inside turns... Are not easy with this system. The only way to make it really work, entirely defeats the whole purpose of building this, as removing a whole module simply is not an easier task than just crawling underneath. It has that one, singular limitation. My best recommendation is literally a cop out... Leave corners alone. build your stuff so corners are super simple, and just have pass through wires that go to the next module. Pick what you want in the corner, and don't ever change it!
  11. I hope your surgery goes well. My mother had weird pressure issues (VERY atypical). I have no idea what happened, but now they're talking about her going in every 2 years. Like I said, very atypical. I hope yours goes perfectly smoothly. Good luck!
  12. Work had a period between two customer's orders where things were very slow... All January... I legit don't have enough for rent coming up in a few days... That sucks. I'm gonna have to hope and pray between his new order, and any other cash I can scrounge up, that I can at least get it paid "soonish", and just suck up the late fee. That's gonna bite. Ain't gonna be no parts bought for the Kerbal controller this month... Or next...
  13. I can't wait to see this develop! I love the work so far!
  14. Yeah, Apple has in the last few versions of their OS, REALLY made some GENUINELY BAD decisions, and allowed some lackluster and mediocre code out the door. I've been using Macs since 1992... I have a Hackintosh right now. I'm not sure how much longer Mac OS will even be worth bothering to make run on anything at all. One thing I'll give Steve Jobs credit for, is he had a knack for having a direction. He kept Apple focused on consumer centric products. Macs under his design either were nicely expandable for pro users, or all in one and simple to set up for the home users. There used to be a focus on computational power, and genuinely useful features. A decade and a half ago, I used to have all the Macs at my house, My G5, a G4 Powerbook, an old iMac, all sharing CPU for video encoding, using xGrid. In 2008 I bought a PS3, but then I lost my job the next year. I was experimenting with an open source implementation of an xGrid node build for Linux, trying to get it to run on the PS3. I'd planned to replace my aging G5 back then, but the job situation was pretty bad back then, and I couldn't afford to blow money, even on a used Mac. Of course, Sony killed OtherOS mode on the PS3. I never forgave them for that... Ultimately, ever since Steve Jobs died, Apple has been veering further and further away from being a useful computer maker, and more towards just a different smartphone brand that isn't compatible with all the other ones. It's beyond infuriating to have no control over Apple's spiral away from being even a minorly relevant computer platform. I feel like Apple is more concerned with making high tech fashion accessories than actually useful (or durable) devices. They genuinely don't understand the entire market that wants products they refuse to even make. They are more interested in aesthetics than performance or quality, and the software on the PC side is being dumbed down and locked down in ways that long time users of the OS find abhorrent. They take an active stance on rejecting customer wishes over the pettiest of issues. Their feud with Nvidia stands at the forefront, and their T2 chip is edging toward nefarious levels of control over upgrades or repairs... And don't even get me started on Apple's blatantly anti-consumer grade anti-repair policies, or the blatant lies and misinformation they spread to attack third party repairers. I will ultimately always have a Hackintosh, and maybe someday, even a REAL Mac (I'd love to get a used cheese grater someday), but I have a bad feeling it will forever be a vintage Mac, exclusively restricted to running old Mac OS apps. I don't know how long Mac OS will remain even tenable as a daily driver OS. I HATE the feel of Windows with a passion, but Mac OS is slowly changing into something I don't recognize either. I already refuse to use the Spaces feature, because it drastically breaks certain things when running quad monitors. That "feature", when disabled, now breaks fullscreen support in some apps. I can't full screen Chrome, cause it will blank all my other monitors, and the option to fullscreen in window mode got removed. I wanna pull out my hair at the way they change or remove genuine functionality, and punish you for sticking with an older way to do something, cause you don't like the problems their new way introduces. At what point, do I just give up and say "I'm starting to hate Mac OS as much as I hate Windows... what's the difference, even? At least Windows will actually run games and do a functional full screen"... I'm not even gonna go into the toxicity of Apple user support forums, besides calling it what it is... A fanboi echo chamber where all problems are your fault, third party repair is a scam, you can't get your data back from your dead iPhone, and if you legit have a problem a forum should be able to solve, you get laughed at for not knowing how to use Google. NOTHING gets answered on an official Apple forum, and no truth is spoken. Only propaganda for the great Appul.
  15. Back when I soldered the Diode ROM sockets onto my "DSKY" style display for my Kerbal Instrument Panel project, I ended up using surface mount resistors, cause that's just what I had on hand at the time. I needed around 100 resistors, and ceramic surface mount "chip" resistors were all I had at that quantity. I knew when i installed them, that the ceramic was fragile, and I was hanging an electronic assembly off the end of them, plugged into a socket. It was only a matter of time before some broke. Had an entire row break all together. Sorry for the blurry pic, but the entire second row from the edge snapped off. You can see the gap between the white ceramic and the metal socket pins above it. It's a cheap fix. Buying 250 resistors will be enough to fix these, and have plenty enough to do the other LEDs on the other parts of the instrument panel. It's under $4 for all the resistors. It's just annoying that I'll have to waste the time to desolder all the existing resistors, then replace them, one by one, with new resistors. Those have secure, sturdy leads, and should hold up. Desoldering about 100 resistors, and replacing them all, not gonna be fun.