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  1. Thread to complain bout stuff

    You know the song "Waiting is the Hardest Part" by Tom Petty? it comes to mind for no reason at all... as I wait on a slow boat from China carrying my new soldering iron.
  2. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Cause they're IN another time zone, back in the stock area of the store.
  3. Thread to complain bout stuff

    When one employer likes to pretend your other job doesn't exist, and you end up working from 9 AM to 11 PM across two jobs, just to keep up- fall behind less ...
  4. Honestly, I'm all for keeping this thing goin' forever! I like the massive repository of information, and I still trust that Mulbin isn't going to abandon this. He just gets busy. Might I suggest simply offering to pre-format the updates, and simply private message them over to Mulbin for a good old copy/paste into the main post? Just a thought.
  5. Thread to complain bout stuff

    He he he he he he... The "Virtual Device" absolutely looks like rows of honeycomb! While Resident Utility bee was the last line of defense for the Virtual Device honeycomb, the bees were prepared to defend it at all costs, and had their best sniper, Service bee, in place. Processing Utility bear is getting darn close, but Service bee is prepared to Execute Processing Utility bear while Resident Utility bee lays distracting cover fire to defend their sweet, sweet home! (Program) bear (It's a nickname, earned on the battlefield) is Logging an attempt to aid Processing Utility bear by hopping those Database walls, but dang it, the chance looks slim... Service Bee already has line of sight and is ready to Execute (Program) bear. He's ready to fall back and Transfer back to where the bears have their Communication Equipment. (Program) bear is feeling guilty about it though... He knows if he Transfers, he leaves grim chances for Processing Utility bear, who has only the slightest chance of falling back to the Database wall. (Program) bear knows if he can draw Service bee's fire so Processing Utility bear, can jump the database wall, his chances of falling back and Transferring to the Communication Equipment is high. Will the bees defend the Virtual Device honeycomb? Will the sniper Service bee take out Processing Utility bear, or will (Program) bear's distraction let him slip away? What is even going on further away from the front lines? Find out, on the next episode of B*A*S*H! Mah LOLs, they're genuine! I had to look that one up... That is A VERY creative censor!
  6. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I'd love to see that! Genuinely LOLed! I'm not even a hardcore one! I just want a cheap flashlight that does the job and looks kinda cool, while not being very big. I like the Lumintop. The cheap ones were about $20 US, and that brass one was only $5 more. I have a buddy who goes and spends $80-150 on freakin' flashlights! Rechargeable on a base, a dozen settings and strobes... I just... want a small cheap light that has a couple settings and is bright. The Lumintop keeps it simple and cheap, but the build quality and style is still nice. It's still cheap "Chinesium", but it's built well. Yeah, they just released a really cool product that I had no justification to buy, and then they released something that I did have justification to buy, but they don't offer it in the already existing style and features that I want. Aren't nerd rants exactly what this thread needs!
  7. Thread to complain bout stuff

    So, there's this tiny little flashlight I got a couple years ago, a Lumintop Tool AAA. I like it. It runs on one AAA battery, puts out decent light (low, medium and high), and well, I ended up getting a brass one last year. Same thing but with a Nichia LED that, while not as bright as the first one's Cree LED, does better color reproduction. I use both for different things and they're both small enough to carry around anywhere I go. No problem. Then they released the "Blue Titanium" Tool AAA. It's so nice looking. A bit spendy, cause you know... space age titanium!!! That's also BLUE!!! I passed on it. I can't justify spending money on ANOTHER AAA flashlight, just cause it's "pretty". Ain't happening. What I DO want though, is a AA flashlight. Something that will run longer, shine brighter, and only be a little bit bigger, and use a single AA battery, instead of the smaller, lower capacity AAA. Sure enough, just this year, Lumintop releases the Tool AA. NICE! I'm happy! I go to buy... Only available in anodized aluminum, and only available with a Cree LED... Don't get me wrong... It's CHEAP, and i bought the blue one anyway... But Blue anodized aluminum is NOT blued titanium... There's NO comparison. Also, the part of the reason for wanting an AA version was to get one with the Nichia LED so I could have something brighter and longer lasting than the Nichia AAA, and even the Cree AAA, even if not as bright as a Cree AA. I have to settle with the lesser housing and the brighter, but poorer color rendering Cree LED. I kinda hope they release the AA version with the Nichia LED and the blue titanium housing as options. No idea if they ever will though. Regardless, I have to wait for it. On a positive, I'm sure the aluminum one will make a great gift to my father, should I ever get to upgrade. I'm sure a compact light like that would be absolutely perfect for late night chores on the farm. Also, the Cree LED would be fine, as brightness would be more important than color reproduction, for most agriculturally inclined endeavors. Why must the thing I want be a combination of things that DO exist, but not all in one single product!!!
  8. Yeah, The Danger Zone keycap set was an incredibly popular group buy at Massdrop, and organized/created by the user Data over at and it looks like it may get a second run in by the end of the year or maybe next. The set's been requested over 4600 times since the group purchase ended back in 2015, and the original group buy was over 1500 sets! And yeah, it's absolutely themed on the movie Top Gun. Some of the optional extra keys were called things like the "Maverick" pack! There was even a "Goose" pack, which contained a few last minute additions that "didn't make it" during initial design of the key cap set! I hope you weren't drinkin' when you read that!
  9. Look up the Red Green Show. It's a low budget Canadian comedy (hybrid sitcom/sketch comedy) that ran from 1991 to 2006, that tends to sometimes air on PBS stations here in the US. Not sure about elsewhere. Lots of jokes about duct tape, getting old, stereotypical "guys and their outdoors fish and game lodge" stuff, run down cars, and WILDLY repurposing things (most of the time not realistically... though they did make a "hot rod" bus once...). It's kinda like Canada's version of our rednecks, but on TV! I've seen most of 'em, but I still watch it now and then. The Harold character was the stereotypical nerdy type (over the top nerd), but did actually produce the show. In the early years, that computer and switch panel actually served as the means to switch cameras and do transition effects, and was legitimately operated within the show. As the show got popular, and got better funding, they got better camera setups, but always kept that gadget in the corner as a tribute to the early seasons. Wow... Looked it up... 15 seasons, 300 episodes. Not bad for what started as little more than a small budget comedy based on a comedian's sketches from the late 1970s and mid 80s! The keyboard was off a TEC Mini-Tec terminal from the late 1970s. It's probably not actually doing more than serving as a few hardwired buttons for the transition effects machine. There are a few dials and switches on the longer portion of the controller. I believe those actually performed the camera selection. The keyboard was mostly for show, if it even did anything at all. He'd usually do some random clickety-clack "moves" to play up the use of the controller. For years the cast said they thought they scavenged the keyboard from a Commodore 64, but leave it to the internet to know better than the actual cast's memories! LOL
  10. I have visions of Harold Green now!
  11. The trick with protocol conversion is simply having a go between. You have a small board that emulates a USB HID keyboard, with he same layout as the keyboard you are using with it. That device then reads the serial protocol of the older keyboard, and sends the appropriate HID compliant keypress over USB. You don't even need to mod the original keyboard, unless you wanna hide the converter inside of it. Some people do that. Others just have a small converter box between the keyboard and the computer. Also, most keyboards use a scanning matrix. You send a pulse down a series of rows, and then read if any columns have a signal (you can flip which is scan and which is read). The controller knows as it scans a pulse down each row, that if any column is active when read, that the key at the intersection has been pressed. A good keyboard will have diodes at every switch, so you don't generate ghosted characters when pressing combinations of keys. By rapidly scanning each row, and reading if any columns become powered, you can scan every key on the whole keyboard.
  12. If you want to do a retro keyboard, that's cool. I'd say keep it stock in that case and use this: I happen to be a regular over at the geekhack forums, and found this thing. Looks like it'd have you completely covered, as far as using the Mac Plus keyboard on a modern USB system. Remember, the protocol is vastly different. You can't just slap a USB connector on the end of the cord. You'll need an adapter like the one I linked.
  13. The protocol is an old style serial bus that even Apple abandoned after the Mac Plus. It uses a connector similar to a landline phone. While you can build a protocol adapter of sorts if you know how to do the programing, you'd still need a Teensy 2.0, at least, and the code to read the protocol, and translate it as USB protocol. What are you wanting to do with the keyboard anyway? If you're wanting to cannibalize it for use as a KSP controller, you're probably better off buying some cheap switches or buttons off ebay that are to the style of your liking, and connecting those to an Arduino or Teensy. There's little about the switches used by the Mac Plus keyboard either. Just cheap Mitsumi switches that don't quite have the right stem for modern key caps.
  14. Not really. A computer like that is most valuable to a collector restoring a Mac Plus. The keyboard isn't even USB. USB wouldn't exist for over a decade after the Plus came out.
  15. Still being crushed at work, but I thought I'd share what finally showed up today! That "RIP JEB" makes me "AYY LMAO"! So, I expect I'll use these keys on the CRT side panel, if I ever get around to building it. Main controller is first priority, obviously. I definitely appreciate the inclusion of Pluto. What I'll likely do, should said project ever get underway, is I'll use the planet keys to select primary SOI, and have some up/down keys to cycle through a local planetary system's moons and planet, to select what map to display on the CRT. I wanna keep things simple, if I ever do the map project, so It'll likely be a top down and an edge on view of the selected body, with the craft's orbit plotted around it. That's ever if I git gud at programming. It'll be a long while, if it happens. I want to focus on completing the main controller. First step to that is finding free time again.