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  1. All of you who have had recent problems, you need to provide log files (Player.log) and the craft file, otherwise I can't do anything @Fizzlebop Smith @SyrusDrake @newvegasmatt LGG
  2. I would have to look, but it might be related to the fact that when you are in the KSC view, you aren't focused on the vessel. And it's probably only checking the focused vessel when recovering
  3. Contact the Kerbalism people, they take care of things like that for Kerbalism i'm still here, if you could put together a list of what's wrong and get it to me via PM, it would be useful for when I can look at this. I see that there are a number of issues above, most of which are probably simple fixes LGG
  4. All, Shadowzone did an excellent dive into the KSP2 development story here:
  5. Look at the SimpleRepaint blacklist, see if you can add the parts from these two to it.
  6. What happens when the "break"? What are the symptoms? This is kind of like bringing your car to a mechanic and saying that it's broken, please fix, and not telling them what is wrong
  7. and yes, it does work in 1.12.5 If you use CKAN, it will help you with installs of correct versions, etc
  8. To ALL of you: I would strongly suggest that you watch ShadowZone's video on yesterdays events (link below). He does an excellent job of go over everything known at this point. Overall summary: We don't really know anything:
  9. Most likely not compatible with Kerbalism. You need to contact the Kerbalism folk about that, I don't support Kerbalism in any of my mods, sorry
  10. I'm not aware of anything that would interfere with each other. Re. CTT. I believe that would be in CTT
  11. Well, that's the answer, for now. Can you provide specific details as to what is and is not being taken into account? No promises, but I may get some time to work on it
  12. Best solution is to provide a fix, thank you. Re. the log file, I always ask for log files, among other things it contains mods and what changes were done via ContractConfigurator. I'm very happy you found the problem, I'll review and fix in the mod, will also be providing credit to you for this
  13. I would need to see your complete log file, snippits don't help without a full log.
  14. I don't quite remember, but you can check: <GAMEDIR>/logs
  15. Thanks. I'm a little unavailable right now, but should be able to look at in in about 2 weeks
  16. I see it, not sure why it didn't work. I'll get it fixed in the next day or so
  17. I'll take a look at it in the next day or so No promises, though
  18. You probably did mess something up. Did you install by hand or with CKAN? I'm going to guess it was by hand You can try deleting all the mods, make sure that there isn't anything in the Gsmedata other than the Squad folders, ans then I stall usimgCKAN.
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