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  1. Did you configure the INI file as it says in the OP and the README?
  2. This script is designed to package up all the files necessary to report a bug to the KSP 2 developers The script consists of three files, an INI file, a PowerShell .ps1 file and a batch file. The INI file contains a description for each parameter, full explanation is further down What it does The script will gather up all files necessary to report a bug. You will be prompted for some information, and the files will be compiled into a zip file and stored in a file. All settings are configurable in the INI file. The result will be in two zip files, one containing the logs and the second containing the save file(s) INI file Documentation Copy the file KSP2_BugPackager.ini-example to KSP2_BugPackager.ini and then edit it using the following documentation of the variables: debug Controls debugging level. 0 means no debugging, 1 displays the values read from the INI file, 2 turns on PowerShell tracing allInOneFile If true, all files will be packaged up into a single file. Otherwise there will be one file for the logs and a second file for the save files zipFilePath This contains the full path to where you want the script to saved the zip file userName Replace with your Windows user name pathToGameDirectory Replace with the path to the directory where KSP 2 is. The followin two lines are examples of two different locations where KSP 2 lives on my system: pathToGameDirectory=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2 pathToGameDirectory=U:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2 Usage Once the INI file is configured, you can start the script by double-clicking on the KSP2_PowerShell.bat file. The following prompts are displayed: Enter Bug title: Enter the title of the bug. Keep this short, it is used as the name of the zip file. Also, if there is an existing zip file by that name you will be prompted to enter a different one. It is also advisable not use spaces Please enter the bug description. Enter a blank line when you're finished: A list of all the campaigns in the SinglePlayer directory is then displayed. Select the campaign which you are reporting the bug occurred in. Then a list of the save files for that campaign are displayed. Again, select the one which contains the bug. Do you want to include a workspace? (y/N): Yes or no, pressing return (or anything other than a "y") will bypass the workspaces If you did reply with a "y", you will then be presented with a list of workspaces Select the workspace to include. The files will then be packaged up, and the names of the file(s) which contain the bug report will be displayed. When done, press to end the script and close the window Availability License: GPLv3 Download: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KSP2_BugPackager/releases
  3. Since there aren't ANY visual mods yet for KSP 2, this is the best time to do it
  4. The textures and model files _have_ to be loaded, JC has no idea if anything else is referencing those files, and no way to find out, either
  5. There are very few mods that CKAN can't deal with, Principia is one, Sound Track Editor is another. If you are adding a mod to Spacedock and you select that checkbox, that is the mod author giving permission to have it indexed by CKAN Ummm, I have no idea how you can compile a mod like that. KSP uses C# code, and it takes a little bit to set up an environment to be able to compile KSP code. So far, it looks like KSP 2 will eventually support that, and possibly other languages as well. Since the developers have not yet released any information on modding KSP2, nor provided any guidance, any work done right now is subject to extreme changes Among other things, the CKAN people spend significant time verifying that the indexing is good, any dependencies are specified, proper permission and licensing has been specified, etc. It's not just a program. Also, CKAN is both a GUI-based mod manager (which most people use) as well as a CLI manager. From what I just read (correct me if I'm wrong), Portmod is only CLI
  6. CKAN is also just metadata repositories, yet some mod authors object to their mods being indexed by CKAN. Frankly, CKAN is well known in the KSP community, and setting up an alternate method will just lead to balkanization and fracturing, which we really don't need.
  7. And this is why everyone should consider being a live kidney donor (I did it several years ago). You never know whose life you will save
  8. Volume in the KSP settings page. Not sure about the descent warning, if it goes away quickly, then just ignore it for now
  9. How about some specific steps to replicate? Include a log file, please, and the specific experiments you are using, etc
  10. definitely does help, not sure what to do right now, but thanks, will see what I can do later
  11. Not sure how that compares to a GTX970, I tested KSP2 on a 970 and it was playable.
  12. Logs, please. And did you install the dependencies?
  13. It's a shader issue, I can't fix it right now. Been a long time since I looked at the shaders. I'll keep it in mind, but probably won't get to it. If someone else does and gets me a patch, I'll put out an update
  14. I don't really do much on YouTube, but I am active on Twitch; https://twitch.tv/linuxgurugamer
  15. No promises, but if you zip it all up, I'll take a look at it
  16. In the same "Campaign", there are a list of saves, you can see the last time it was played. I'd load the one just before the last saved
  17. There is no max version specified in the .version file. I haven't had KSPAVC installed for a long time, this sounds like a problem with that, not the mod. I'll see what's going on Just checked, KSP-AVC is simply saying that it was built against 1.12.2, not that it is incompatible The problem is that every time the game updates, I'd have to update the version it's built against. As long as it is for the same major version, you are ok. I will fix the issues page on github
  18. Just an FYI, are you aware that you can copy and paste vessels between totally different saves? I did this last night, and while the editor is a bit slow, it did work, you _do_ need to go over the staging very carefully when you do this. Copy: Ctrl-C Paste: Ctrl-V You can even paste it into a text file, since the copied ship is just JSON code. It's an poor-man's way to share vessels, at least for now
  19. Actually, no. It doesn't do that in KSP, and I don't expect it to work in KSP 2. It does depend on which kind of timewarp is going on. It does work in Physics warp in KSP 1, and when I've been doing acceleration during timewarp in KSP 2 it seems to work as well. It is because of the way non-physics timewarp works. Essentially, it freezes everything and just moves the clock faster. So SAS/RCS isn't working because everything is frozen.
  20. Ummm, First, would be nice if you spelled my name correctly. Second, neither Shadowzone nor myself were at the ESA event. So your comment: "Does an ESA trip really buy that much of someone's integrity?" is totally irrelevant. Third, other than a small Patreon account which doesn't get me that much, I have no financial interest in the game. Fourth, as stated above, many of these issues were publicly visible in the videos for a week before. I've stated my background and experience many times. Would you be so kind as to tell us what sort of background you have in software development, game development, or if not those, whatever it is you do? You are running your mouth (figuratively) off, and it really seems that you are just trying to make as much noise as possible. I was given a trip 3 years ago to PAXWest for the initial event back then. As reported it was a very unfinished product, although they did show us some cool stuff. We were told they had been working on it for a couple of years (you can go back and watch the original video from Star Theory where they talk about that). [snip] Regarding patches, my understanding is that they are using 2 week sprints (a method of managing software development, look up Agile if you want more info). So I wouldn't expect a patch before Friday, and wouldn't be surprised to not see it until the week after.
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