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  1. Understand you are very busy with RO, FAR, and life.

    I've sent you a PM, and posted a message in the KJR forum, about possibly adopting KJR, even if for a short time until you are able to pick it up again.



  2. What happened to your mods on Spacedock?

  3. If you don't like failures, then don't install a failure mod. If you think its too hard, try reading the instructions before you ask for help

    1. cratercracker
    2. Bottle Rocketeer 500

      Bottle Rocketeer 500

      I know, stop bombarding me with this message.

  4. Stop it, please

    1. SamBelanger


      @Mudkip909 I think you're going too far :/

  5. Appreciate the support 

    1. etmoonshade


      I'm in IT; I've dealt with too many prima donna coders who cause way more problems than they fix because they won't take advice. I might not have a lot of coding talent myself, but I have enough experience to see code problems and why they're problems. :wink:

    2. linuxgurugamer


      Me too.  I have over 35 years of development experience before I moved up, still love to code.  And atitudes like what I just encountered are the reason projects sometimes fail

    3. ssss222


      LiquidHype's Real Scale Launch Vehicles pls redux?

  6. Hi,

    It seems that TAC Fuel Balancer works well in 1.0.5.  Can you update Kerbalstuff to let CKAN and people know it is 1.0.5 compatible?

  7. Hi,

    I may be willing to take over your old PartCatalog mod, but I would need the latest code for the 3.0RC version.

    Can you upload it to Github?

  8. DuoDex,

    If you aren't going to be updating Coherent Contracts, would you mind if I take it over?  Obviously I'd follow the license you have in there, all I'm really interested in doing is to get it repackaged for 1.0.5 with the current ModuleManager DLL and avaiable for people




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    2. linuxgurugamer


      Oh, just saw you updated it on Kerbalstuff.

      NM then about the MM, I see it isn't there anymore



    3. linuxgurugamer


      Do you think you could repackage it, and put it in a folder in the Zip file?  That would be more standard and make it easier to get Netkan to use it, I'm having a problem in the way it is right now



    4. DuoDex


      I see the NetKan folks have fixed it.

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