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  1. The snippit of the log is nice, but useless without the complete log LOL Log files, please
  2. Unfortunately, for now, yes. The craft _will_ rotate (relative to the body it's orbiting) around it's axis, it was the best I could do for now. Pics, please, I'm not quite sure what you mean. What were you orbiting, was the body targeted, etc. All I touched was change the craft's reference from the craft's (which apparently is the root part) to the ReferenceTransform, nothing else. You can test the currently released version by using a craft with a single control point and run through your tests.
  3. Here is a beta, please test: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7k9lsedyralfwg8/PersistentRotation- Fixed to use current control point Disabled code for normal/anti-normal
  4. Take-2 is already developing KSP-2, why would they want to continue development of the original, and possibly take sales away from the new game when it is released? Do you have any idea of what it costs to develop a game? What a developer costs, both in salary, benefits, etc? There are already lots of games that are open-source, and in public development that way, but the developers aren't getting paid, there just isn't the money in it
  5. I have it fixed for prograde, retrograde, radial in and radial out, having issues with the normal/antinormal
  6. New release, 3.7.3 Thanks to github user @TakashiSenpai for this: for SSPX, adds the parameters to have a core of a certain size and a habitat in the same size ballpark
  7. You know the drill. No logs, no support
  8. Did you try exiting and restarting the game first?
  9. The subject sounds lie you are looking for a zealot, understandable for such a game. However, CC is such a complicated mod, it really would need some one to work on it full time, and, given that modders don’t get paid, is somewhat unrealistic. CC itself works ok, I’d like it to not generate exceptions, but that isn’t the issue. The first step would be to define what this replacement mod would do, in other words, the contract language would need to be defined. That is probably a big job, once defined, then a language parser would need to be written. Alternatively just rewrite the mod using the current language specs. Still a big job. sorry to say, nothing I am interested in at this time. @nightingale did an amazing job with it,
  10. I was just made aware of this, since you didn’t tag/ping me, I wasn’t notified. so the issue appears to be it is using the root node rather than the current control point. shouldn’t be too hard to fix, I’ll look at it tomorrow if I get some time See above
  11. Ummm, that report is 5 years old, not really relevant to the current version.
  12. Due to the plethora of versions, CKAN has this ability to specify that versions of KSP other than the current version are compatible. See the following screenshots for how to get to it: I maintain over 260 mods, and am unable to update each one for each version, most of which is unnecessary. What you are seeing above is what I use for my career and development installs, and this makes everything needed available.
  13. Minor update to Kronometer, mainly to update the version, no functionality changes Moved ClockFormatter and Date into their own files https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/Kronometer/releases/tag/
  14. Again, use CKAN to install, it has the latest version No offense taken. Just use CKAN
  15. It _is_ needed, and the latest release works fine on 1.12.2 (I use version 1.4.0, installed by CKAN).
  16. Ummm, then what's this? Admittidly I did have the enable the 1.12 compatibility, ( and will get the netkan info updated today to fix this): Seems that most if not all of your problems came from having an incompatible version of Kronometer installed. I don't use FAR, so I can't comment on that. But not having the correct version (and, highly suggested, having the KSP Community Fixes installed) works. Frankly, at this point, I'm at the point where, if someone does NOT install via CKAN, I consider their installation suspect. More often than not, if someone manually installs and then complains about a problem, it's quite often an install issue. CKAN has improved so much over the years that it is now one of the best mod manages I've seen. I install over 220 mods into my games using CKAN, and except for one time 4 years ago, have never had a problem. I realize that it did have problems years ago, but it's much improved since them, and the support/development team is active and helpful Just an FYI, if you refresh your CKAN, you will see the updated info on Kronometer now
  17. I figured it out, for anyone interested it's the ProtoPartResourceSnapshot.flowState
  18. Anything's possible, but right now I have no interest, am busy with other stuff.
  19. Subject says it all. I'm working on a life support mod, which will run even on unloaded vessels. I have it mostly working, except that I can't figure out how to tell if a tank in an unloaded vessel is locked or not. @sarbian @RoverDude Can you (or anyone else) help? Thanks LGG
  20. 182 files is very suspicious. I'd remove it, and then, before you reinstall, manually delete ALL files (except possibly the save files) from the install directory, then reinstall and try again
  21. We all would appreciate it, but development has finished for this game.
  22. Are they tasty? Without any other info, it's hard to say. How about a log file for us to take a look at?
  23. The only DLLs you have listed are the stock DLLs. I assume you didn't install any mods other than the stock DLC? Since this is a Steam install, try having Steam verify the files. Your video board is adequate, how much memory do you have on the computer?
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