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  1. Probably, this only does what stock does, but for multiple parts
  2. New release, 1.20.1 Added check in SettingsApplied() to make sure actually in a game to avoid a nullref Added text entry field to enter text and have it translated to Morse code Removed silly way to open the More Morse window, now it opens when the More Morse radio button is toggled. If not closed More Morse window will stay open until the settings screen is exited Hard-coded layout in More Morse window
  3. I have over 240 mods installed, and yes, it's a huge amount of work, but I've done it several times to resolve mod conflicts. I'm sure you understand that I don't have time to do it anytime someone has a problem That's sad. Did you try the exact same vessel in a different career? Worst case, remove it and just use Stage Recovery
  4. New beta Reduced performance impact Added pause after repeating countdown reaches 0 Added realtime timers, both up and down Made window a bit wider Added saving of timers to save file https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/BigBen/releases/tag/
  5. That doesn't make any sense Got it. So, you are using multiple complicated mods, KRAMAX, FAR. You have a lot going on. Including what appears to be something that might be wrong with the craft file. There may be a mod conflict, not sure. Try making a new, clean install, with just FMRS and try to replicate it. If it works, add a few more mods and try again. Keep doing this until either you have it fail, or you have all the mods installed.
  6. Snippits like that are only helpful if the complete log file is also provided. They are usually out of context without the rest of the log for reference Only think I can say is, do you have enough disk space available?
  7. They obviously are not identical. So, first thing would be to copy over one of those installs onto your laptop and see what happens. Until you do that, you have nothing to compare
  8. Those numbers sound reasonable. You have over 100 mods, lots of them big parts mods, Add more memory, or remove the big parts mods.
  9. On purpose. If it gets added to all the parts with ModuleCommand, extra overhead is created, also keeping track of notes got very difficult when dealing with vessels with multiple command pods
  10. First, you can't depend on this being run in stock. Second, I'd make it more expensive, if anything, not cheaper.
  11. It's been deleted. Problem with file.io is that once it's been downloaded by anyone, it gets deleted. I prefer other services, but if you still want to use that, send me the link in a PM so no one else will download it You definitely have a problem, those FormatException messages are indicitive of it
  12. new release, 0.2.2 Thanks to @JadeOfMaar for this: Raised their costs, masses, capacities and ElectricCharge demands to compare well with Nertea's Heat Control. Disabled parent cooling only so they're effective from anywhere on vessel. Updated titles and descriptions. Nuclear jet Decreased Isp so it requires more air. It's extremely efficient just by handling IntakeAtm, but it can't be that efficient with IntakeAtm itself. Decreased heat production so it doesn't threaten to overheat so soon. Waterfall Waterfall configs for all engines. Contributed by Hohmannson (same name on GitHub and KSP forum). Derived from Stock Waterfall Effects by Knight of St John.
  13. Read this BEFORE asking for support: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83212-how-to-get-support-read-first/
  14. ummmm, first, this isn't my job, it's a hobby. Even companies take time to get back, you need to have a little patience. Second, you gave me absolutely ZERO information, other than something isn't working, so I can only guess. If you tried to include a picture, it didn't work. I can't really make any guesses, other than possibly that you forgot this: Every vessel which should be listed needs to have a probe core, command pod or a RealChute on it. If the "part" you want to recover doesn't have one of these, it won't work
  15. Thanks, I'll try to get to it today, if I have time
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