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  1. Hey dude! I do plan to re-enable comments but considering I'll be uploading less (real life issues and events) there isn't much point - but don't worry, they'll be back one day as I do plan to work on YouTube far more frequently in about a year (sorry but school exams get in the way).
  2. You may not be aware of this program but Space Engine simulates orbits of planets, moons and comets + spaceships! Recently, we hit 400 pages! Woo! But we're requesting talented, new members to join the wikia to keep the wiki strong as ever. When you do come to the wiki, please be polite, do not spam random pages and leave them with little to no info and do not be rude/offensive to another member's page; they spent a lot of time working on that page!! If you're interested in joining us on the Space Engine Wikia, then here is the link: http://space-engine.wikia.com/wiki/Space_Engine_Wikia
  3. Glad to hear that! I haven't used 1.0.3 but I'm glad I haven't so my spacecraft won't be affected.
  4. You do seem to have a lot mods installed. I'd recommend uninstalling all those mods and then try again. Besides, those mods may not be updated just yet for 1.0.3 so the mods maybe the cause.
  5. Burger Kerman! I'm not even kidding.
  6. I searched across the forums but I couldn't find one the same as this. I guess I was wrong...
  7. I never quicksave but once when I was trying to dock (by cheating infinite fuel) with my space station, I crashed into it and blew up most of it. That teached me a lesson.
  8. What are you going to do when 1.0 is officially released? For me, I would try out the new re-entry effects and see if my ship explodes in mid-air, trying out the new parts and definitely trying out the overhauled aerodynamics (and hoping I can create a stable plane since I'm not very good at constructing planes). So, what will you do?
  9. I'm really interested to see the overhauled aerodynamics, all the parts being added and the re-entry heat.
  10. Amazing, great job on the new IVA's!
  11. Ooh boy! I can't wait to see what it is.
  12. I enjoy "attempting" to colonize Kerbin's moons and eventually other planets. I just like putting a Kerbal city on each planet and moon, even if its for decoration.
  13. In my time playing KSP for the last year and half now, I have learn't many things. Two things I cherish the most is orbital mechanics and travelling to other planets.
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