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  1. It will be a bit, but, I have had some guys working on it in my absence (been at military training for several weeks). That is all I will say here, for the sake of keeping this page on topic.
  2. Ok, sorry for being out of contact for a while. Been at military basic training. Should be getting back to work on this shortly. Some news, we will soon be adding a new part to this mod, the P/S6 truss.
  3. Oh, I was wondering how this was doing. Been out of the loop for several weeks due to being in USAF basic training! Will try the new update as soon as I receive my laptop from home at my tech school
  4. One step ahead. Already have a team working on resurrecting and updating the ISS Community mod.
  5. Hey DECQ, unless someone else has done so, I would be willing to adopt the Mir section of the mod for updates...just to have it out as a sister to the ISS mod I am working on (been out of loop for several weeks due to military training)
  6. yeah, in mine, the gear comes out in the VAB and never goes back in (not even an option to retract it) but will try KSPwheel
  7. also, in the most recent update of KSP
  8. Just a heads up, the current version of the shuttle has malfunctioning landing gear also, a wishlist item, full compatibility with AlphaMensae's launch pad mod
  9. unknown, but from what I could tell, he is not eager about taking on more projects that require a ton of work
  10. Nevermind, I accidentally downloaded the wrong version...
  11. so, just installed the present version of this mod, and... https://www.dropbox.com/s/u8by8gyxhdllncq/Screenshot 2021-05-26 00.08.11.png?dl=0 in case the screenshot is not openable, KSP claims that node helper is not compatible with the current version of KSP
  12. well, if you are early in station building, that comes in time, as you learn more.
  13. Also, I have made an agreement with the guys making Inverse Kinemetics to link each other's mods (once mine is running) for the Kanadarm 2 replacement
  14. @Kartoffelkuchen, if you are accepting requests, would it be possible to give this mod compatibility with TAC Life Support? Really like the mod, it is well made, as always, I was disappointed that it presently doesn't play well with TAC life support.
  15. question, I forgot how to use Github, but, how do I download stuff from Github? XD
  16. I am also working on reviving the ISS Community mod, with permission from the original owners.
  17. Alright, I have recently received my ship dates for Basic military training. I will be leaving in August and will not return until the middle of February next year.
  18. Thank you. will add a link to your arm as soon as I am ready to put the mod out (sufficient fixes are made for the mod to be considered functional)
  19. I will see what I can do about that. in the meantime, I have recently enlisted in the Air National Guard and currently awaiting when my ship date is for going off to basic training and tech school. I will work on this as long as I can, but I am going to look for someone to take over for during the time I am at basic training and tech school. If anyone is interested, DM me, please. (I will not have access to the internet during that time)
  20. Progress is rather slow, at the moment, due to the fact that some of the hit boxes on pieces are not right, and I am learning as I go.
  21. just a notice to whoever is maintaining the mod. the Mercury chutes are bugged and seem to completely fail to slow the capsule down at all.
  22. Check the direction of the verniers, to make sure the are oscillating in their proper directions.
  23. That would be great! thank you!
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