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  1. omg just found out about all your new mods BEN NEVER MISSES!!!
  2. Can you send me the MAV 3D model? i needed for a proyect. Thanks you very much. <3

  3. Hi y'all! Love the mod wolf, I made a couple decals for NEBULA that fits in perfectly with ur Apollo stuff! Includes: 4 United States/Flag decals LEM Docking Target Apollo 11 Lunar plaque (only works when extended) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ltj3u0hpjnnlnf/HMApolloDecals.zip?dl=0 NEBULA's decals required:
  4. Awesome! Glad to see someone willing to continue it! Keep it up man
  5. Sorry guys, Me and OrbitalEscape has decided to stop working on this mod. Our school work have been increased drastically and have pretty much taken over our lives. We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you guys who have constantly supported us through this journey, you know who you are! This mod meant a lot to me, it has taught me everything I know about 3D modeling, texturing and made me more interested in spaceflight and physics. T'was fun while it lasted, I've posted all the files on dropbox if anyone wants to continue this mod. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b5p7dan58wat83y/AADUhRoklx_6QZfWSMpMPM4sa?dl=0 feel free to download and do what you want with them (as long as you give credit) I'm probably not going to make KSP mods for a while, maybe I'll get back to it one day. Well, I guess this is a goodbye, for now, Au revoir, 再见! - Hanson, Colt
  6. Hey there yall. I just got back from my vacation to China, I didn't bring my work along because I wouldn't have time to work on it. OrbitalEscape is currently on his vacation out in the wilds I think... thats what he told me, he'll probably be back around August. I know there's a lot of bugs playing with the mod in 1.1.3, right now its still designed to work with 1.0.5. I don't have the unity files right now to fix it, all I can do is model the IVAs which I will start soon! Sorry for the wait guys
  7. Finished off the crew module IVA @Alewx I bet its possible to fix it but it's very hard @brumby Thanks! I do plan on adding a single ring module in the next update
  8. Sorry guys, I don't think I would be making the Hab, it's just too complicated... @Voodoo8648 yea man @Alewx Well from my blender calculations it should fit perfectly, but it just doesn't... rn u can just use KAS struts or something like that @[MG]Atlas They're 2 completely different IVAs Here's the leg textured!
  9. @davidy12 How do u assemble a circular building? @Chainbullet Same, I think @OrbitalEscape fixed it, will be in next release
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