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  1. Someone said fatter was better, i wanted to test that (317 tons, 20 rapier engines): Ended with approximatively the same fuel ratio than my lighter SSTOs, but with apparently much more delta-V. So an actual "solution" to the problem would be to have a giganormous craft, and a tinier craft in it, and actually bring the large craft to orbit, then departure from it with the smaller one with full tanks, doing whatever you have to do in space, then get the tiny craft back in the big one and land the big one.
  2. True dat's. Managed as well to get multiple SSTO working, but everytime they had really few delta-v left. I hope squad is planning to add actual statoreactors...
  3. A craft that i wanted to be a SSTO, and which failed miserably at the SSTO part, but still fly nicely (top tank is for adding storage as SSTO): Bonus picture of SSTO failure: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/39731145602940036/9C84EC3EB97585C233DD215811832661EEEF186C/ And finally a nuclear powered ion plane (stupidest design ever): It flies. The interior: