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  1. It is a GPL3 license so I do not think it would be a violation. My concern is that if it is posted then some will expect support and start bugging the mod author. My testing has been limited so I am not sure if there are any major bugs that would require code work which I cannot do, I am not a coder. It appears as someone has asked DIazo to take over the upkeep judging from the public post on his profile. Let's give hime some time to respond. If he does not I can post the DLL here with the understanding it is as is, use at your own risk, with no support implied.
  2. If you know how to recompile the DLL it works in 1.4.2. Haven't tested on 1.4.3 yet.
  3. @FreeThinker I get the same 30 MM Errors. Log and screenshot here:!Al6GOD6z9Sxci8IqsKqkfwFAzzxIJQ MM cache cleared prior to load.
  4. No it does not. Spams NREs. Although that is with a lot of other mods installed, I can't attest to just by itself.
  5. Already did that before posting. Everything is installed as directed. If the DLL itself was missing VOID would be throwing an error as well. Interesting though, I changed nothing else but I replaced the toadacious tools DLL with the last one released with the BETA VOID before linuxgurugamer took them over and it fixed both issues. I no longer have the log error and the gimbal is back to normal. UPDATE: Uninstalled all 3, Toadacious Tools, VOID, and Tweakable everything. Re-installed via CKAN. Boom, same issue. Uninstalled again via CKAN, made sure no folders were left over. Re-installed via D/L manual unzip method and walla, issue resolved. Evidently CKAN is whacking the install of one of those 3. I am beginning to agree with others about the reliability of CKAN, the install time it saves may not be worth the issues it causes. Thanks for the assistance Jacke.
  6. It is the correct version for sure. I am getting the error and the gimbal issue reported above as well.
  7. I am getting the exact same issue on my install. Verified ToadicusTools is there. VOID loads fine, IIRC VOID uses this as well. After VOID has loaded it then starts putting out these errors for Tweakable Everything. I think this is a coincidence though. There is a conflict with a mod somewhere. I will try to narrow it down. Log is a bit of a mess as tweakscale is throwing a lot of errors I think with either Vens or SXT.!Al6GOD6z9Sxci8IqsKqkfwFAzzxIJQ < This one is with current Mods installed.
  8. @Yemo Couple of questions: I know it has been a while but was anything ever figured out with TAC LS so that we can have integrated 3 day life support back on crewed parts. I think you had to disable that due to a math issue IIRC. Would it be hard for you to integrate this mod into your Alkaline Fuel cells? This is sweet little mod that will automatically turn on and off fuel cells based on a configurable threshold. Looks as if FuelCellTweaks already made the adjustment
  9. If I set custom resource parameters via the settings menu all is well until I reload the persistent save, it then loads the default global values. Now if I load a quicksave the custom values are re-applied correctly. Is this how it should work or is something amiss? I can see the custom resource settings for TAC LS within the text of the persistent save file but it appears to fall back to the default for some reason. Log and Save sfs file attached!Al6GOD6z9SxcivVEYHl8RjhkodReyw - Log!Al6GOD6z9SxcivVFPmtkSEKdzwTw5g - Save sfs file
  10. Oh I wasn't expecting nor asking you to , new mod and I know there are bound to be incompatibilities. Just providing info for posterity in case someone else has the same issues. Nothing I can't live with. Thanks for the quick response.
  11. @Galileo Earth atmosphere kicks in at approx 63000M. Of course all of the info in the tracking station shows 70KM. I assume this is a by-product of the scaling and not really a bug? Also noticed that some contract packs that auto detect RSS will load RSS sized parameters, I would also assume that those would have to be corrected by the pack author? Awesome job on this. I'm really enjoying the added challenge of the inclinations.
  12. Beautiful. I am firing it up now. I finally have SETI and most of my preferred mods working with it. I've been waiting for this one for a long time.
  13. Yeah, I was able to find it. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.
  14. @Galileo Link is broken. Looks like it has http://%20 inserted before the actual url. So is the Planetshine link