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  1. The licence is creative commons so anyone can pick it up. OP probably has real world stuff going on and may not be back for awhile.
  2. Eh, thanks for looking. I think I am done with KSP for awhile. I get my install right where it works and then an update comes and whacks everything. (Not yours mind you, KSP in general).
  3. I am getting this exact same issue on 1.8.1 install with "lots" of mods. I am almost sure it is one of them, forgive me I am not a modder, maybe going back and touching a patch after Tweakscale has already withdrawn support for it? Anyhow, here are the logs to see if you can make sense of it. Thanks in advance. Side note for clarity - I am getting the same issue but not the exact same part. It is the EP-12 and EP -18, I think those may be new parts from Missing History. EP-12 is added via Missing History, EP-18 is stock, it is happening on both. I took the liberty of screenshotting the ALT F12 Screen with the offending error too, not sure if that helps. It is in the shared folder now as well.
  4. Getting continuous log spam from KER in the VAB and during flight. Using 1.8.1 and JNSQ. Any ideas what could be causing this? I can provide the full log if needed.
  5. In addition, I see the AIES mod has been revived. Would love to see support for it as well. That was a staple back before it died. Lots of good engines and ant. parts.
  6. Unfortunately due to the recent updates to many part mods, Ven's, restock ect. this mod probably needs a major update to fix some issues with placement of parts due to callbacks of some mods. Ven's and Restock are the major. I have tried to track down where the issues are but I am not a modder. Hopefully we can get an update that addresses this. IIt is my favorite tech tree mod but I just can't do without some of the other mods this does not play well with.
  7. Ahh I thought that might have been the one. Thanks for the quick reply. That took care of it.
  8. My apologies here is the KSP log. Not sure which is causing the issue Tweakscale or All Tweak, If I remove one or the other the fatal error goes away.
  9. I have 4 fatal errors going on. Logs are here: Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Always a good idea to read the release posts anyway as some do not play well with CKAN and the authors recommend manual installs. They will usually say so on the release post. DoctorDavinci has the best advice, read through the first post for install instructions. Even when using CKAN you can always use the link to go to the mod page quickly.
  11. Unfortunately the mod is basically dead. Yemo is no longer around and unlocked all his mods for future versions, you'd have to modify the patches yourself to get it to work. His license does not allow for someone to pick it up either so it is best to move on to one of the alternatives. Head over to the release thread and read through the last few pages and you will see that a few have released their own versions in the spirit of the original.
  12. See post by Ger_Space 4 posts above yours. There is a new version with new dependency CustomPrelaunchChecks. Don't use CKAN. Go manual. CKAN did not install correctly for me.
  13. You can use this mod to trim down parts you don't use. You can block part in VAB, SPH or both. Has ongoing list so if you need to unblock them later it is easy to do. Works excellent for trimming the fat in the VAB and SPH.
  14. It is a GPL3 license so I do not think it would be a violation. My concern is that if it is posted then some will expect support and start bugging the mod author. My testing has been limited so I am not sure if there are any major bugs that would require code work which I cannot do, I am not a coder. It appears as someone has asked DIazo to take over the upkeep judging from the public post on his profile. Let's give hime some time to respond. If he does not I can post the DLL here with the understanding it is as is, use at your own risk, with no support implied.