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  1. I am trying to build a big vtol capable ssto. It is going along nicely but thermal turbojets I am using for vtol purpose are very bumpy to use with TCA (throttle control avionics). The vessel make a very unstable launch when it tries to hover, I have to wait a long time for it to stabilized by TCA and sometimes it turn upside down altogether. Does anyone have a reasonable solution for this issue? I would go to TCA thread for this but engines have very unique characteristics in KSPIE. I am hoping that some of you resolved this kind of issues.
  2. I was trying to test optimum configurations for me vessels in sandbox. I use antimatter reactor. I realized some changes to previous builds ( versions from last years when i last played) I want to confirm if they are correct or I have bugs. Thermal engines of any type do not work at all higher than certain altitude. I used different kind of fuels but still same. Plasma nozzle and magneto plasma demand only few hundred MW power and giving very low thrust. Vista demands lots of power but do not produce thrust more than 1kN. Most engines do not have plume at all. My test configuration is charged particle power converter coupled with antimatter reactor, hydrogen propellant. I am using this on ksp 1.6.1, realism overhaul and KSP-E only.
  3. I will send what i can now. This is what principia dev showed me from your github pointing faulty part is from kjr next https://github.com/meirumeiru/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement/blob/master/KerbalJointReinforcement/KerbalJointReinforcement/KJRAutoStrutModule.cs#L59 And this is my gist includes my save and info related to principia logs https://gist.github.com/yafeshan/68ae0c4263bc42ca3e31fc1b94968291 I do not have anything else because I deleted and reinstall everything half a dozen times after that
  4. I am a returning player (5th time now :)) I would like to play KSPI-E again as I did everytime but unfortunately some new restrictions to my other favorite mods disables use of KSPI-e in a career. The guilty part is RP-1 real progression of Realism Overhaul mod. Apparently they overhauled the whole tech tree and now there is no way to get KSPI-E parts in a career. I would like to ask if there was a list of KSPI-I tech configs I can use so that I can add those tech nodes to my unyielding rp-1 tech tree manually. Going through every insterstellar part config is laborious work so I am looking for a faster way.
  5. It was all fine until I installed principia. Obviously I went ahead to ask their support. They requested info about my crash, I sent loads of logs and next day, their dev told there is a part ID given as 0 (KJRsensor1)coming from KJR next. They said it is the reason of crash and they were correct. I removed KJR next and installed KJR continued and then everything works perfectly now. RO and principia have no alternatives for me really but I also would like to use Infernal Robotics Next and their suggested mod KJR next. However I had to make a compromise and start another game career instead of waiting. Principia can not be added to a continuing career but any fix for KJR next can be applied later.
  6. Hello, I would like to ask if this works stable with KJR continued rather than KJR next. KJR next causes my game to crash.
  7. I need to report that KJR next creates a serious error when i used in Realism Overhaul. It creates a part KJRsensor1 with partID 0. Causes game to crash. Happens in all compatible ksp versions.
  8. Thanks for the update. You did a great job. I want to report a bug if you don't mind. Ranger3 probe core do not have any electric charge despite it is written in description that there should be some.
  9. Hello my friends. I am building a really huge ship and default work area is not enough. How can I enlarge it. I could not find the settings for it. My version ksp 1.2.2 and I am using hangar extender for 1.2
  10. Hello, I recently decided to return and reinstall all mods I used to have. I was playing Kspi-e and RO together because kspi needs some challenge. My first test vessel with antimatter reactor and atmospheric thermal rocket got crazy amount of twr. I saw three digits on twr scale. Well, did anyone have similar issue before? If yes, any solutions?
  11. All tests are made in space. I used magnetic nozzles before. I tested it again with antimatter reactor, works as expected.Singularity reactor is problem
  12. I was building a prototype ship and planning to use singularity reactor with magnetic nozzle. In reactor window I can see charged particle generation but engine do not produce any thrust. Singularity drive is working, i tried it with other engines without problem but magnetic nozzle is useless. Was this supposed to happen or I have bug? I am using singularity reactor for the first time.
  13. Hello fellow kspi-e nerds, I need a reliable, decent trust, atmosphere capable engine which I can put anywhere i like on the ship(I need it as landing thrusters). I am returning to game after some time and my beloved plasma engine which was fittting the needs do not work in atmospheres anymore. Is my install bugged or do I have another option?
  14. If i have to use direct energy converter with trialpha what is the point of using it anymore. Sorry about RO obsession. I played ksp without it for a long time. Since the time I got RO I feel cheating if I do not have it.