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  1. I did have those renders I showed you, but I never realised for each one I saved, I overwrote the last one, so right now the current only render I have is the Poodle Rework I showed you. But yeah, tomorrow I will post pictures.
  2. Another new update: Added the Skipper, Mainsail and Spark remodels and added a 2.5 metre Science Package!
  3. My god...
  4. Finally did something after a long time! I landed a probe on Eeloo and got some great pics!
  5. Hello!

    remember your engines plus mod?

    the donwload doesn't work,google thinks its unsafe and it says this: The supported formats are xml, json, php, txt. Append the format to the current uri.

    do you have another download link?(ex:Spacedock and Github)

    and if you don't,could you please create one?


    sorry for bad english

    1. SmashingKirby148


      Sorry, that mod has been abandoned for a long time. But, they were easy parts to make, so I can recreate them in my newest mod if you want. :)

    2. ThiagoDoge7


      ok,please,and thank you i loved that mod i saw it :D

  6. Ayyyyy I was right Wait, that's breaking the chain, isn't it? Dammit... ummm, @Just Jim? xD
  7. Sorry, but I was at school. xD I don't really know many people here, despite being here for two years, but I will guess @CobaltWolf Nope
  8. New update, guys! Added two new parts, including my first animated part!
  9. Decided the nest big step was to investigate the Jool System. So, an army of probes set sail for Jool! I also found my new Desktop Wallpaper.
  10. Sorry I've been away guys! My internet shut down for 3 or 4 days so I couldn't do anything. And school has really been straining my time since when I go home, I don't want to work for the rest of the day on the mod (or else I'll get burnt out (or maybe I'm a procrastinator (maybe both))) so I get very little time at home since I'm 30 minutes of a drive away from school, and school lasts from 9:00am to 3:35pm (or to 3:20 on Thursdays and Fridays). Fortunatly though, I am quite a doodler, but my doodles are actually the plans for new parts for this mod. Now that the weekend is here, and I have my internet back, it's time to start making some parts.
  11. ...WHAT?
  12. Oh my good god. xD Today I finally sent a probe to Duna and it's system of Moons that my mod gives it. But no pictures, yet... Because I got a video of it! ...which isn't made yet. xD
  13. Oh, so I guess it is just a bug... annoying, but I guess I'll have to temporarily turn off CommNet. Thanks, everyone!
  14. Wherabouts is that?
  15. I have your AntennaSleep mod installed, but I assume that can't be the reason, as it's fully updated. I have no real other antenna mods installed.