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  1. Sorry, I've been out for a while. I'll answer the frequently asked questions: -The mod, as far as I know, should be compatible with ANY other planet pack. -The visuals of the mod also should be compatible with any visual pack. -Moei is NOT based on any Avatar planet, its actually inspired by an artwork mde by @Samio. And yes, that's normal that Moei's gravity is higher than Kolyphemus. The gravity is not the same thing as mass. For instance Kolyphemus has higher mass than Moei, that's why Moei orbits it. -How to install the mod: Just drop everything from the archive into your GameData folder and replace the files.
  2. So... A few months ago I created a mod that adds the system from movie Interstellar to your game. And that I thought "Why not make a mod that adds a system from another Sci-Fi movie?" So, let me introduce... THE KOLYPHEMUS SYSTEM This mod adds the kerbalized version of Polyphemus and its moons from the movie Avatar. NOTE: Two of the bodies in the mod (Kolyphemus and Pandoor) is fully based off the Polyphemus and Pandora. Other moons of the Kolyphemus are not canonical. The system: Kolyphemus - a gas giant with oxygen atmosphere that orbits between Eve and Kerbin Kalatea - that weird moon is often called "The Space Cheese" due to its strange shape, orbits between Kolyphemus' rings Moei - a lava world Pandoor - a habitable planet with giant trees on its surface (the trees are WIP and may glitch) [MORE PICS] [DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK] If you like my mods, then why not leave a small donation to keep me be motivated doing another one? It really helps me out! Thanks to: @Artem Kerman for helping me a lot with the visuals @Samio for uploading the Moei color map in the Posiible planet additions thread
  3. Well... Just now we both started developing the mods which adds exactly the same thing into the game xD (Actually I yesterday started developing the mod which places you into the future of Kerbol , but only now I noticed that another person is already doing the same thing...)
  4. The BH doesn't use EVE or Scatterer to work, so it will look exactly the same
  5. You installed it wrong. You don't need to create an another folder in the GameData for the mod. Just drop everything from the .zip file into the GameData itself.
  6. @EricL @The Raging Sandwich I need your full output_log files. Without it I can't tell what actually is causing the problem
  7. Do you have any non-english characters in the game folder path? ----------------------- The new version is out!
  8. It's actially too complicated to be configurable. But I think I can make some kind of preset for the volumetric disks. I need to think on that. @themaster401 Aaand no, that's not EVE. That's another small custom plugin
  9. Sorry for the long absence, I was busy on my other project. The new update will be released in 3-4 days. It will include: -Completely redone corona & accretion disk. -Lightnings on Limmer, snow on Namm and dust storms on Admun and all the planets will have aurora (thank to @Artem Kerman for helping with it) -Some new moons and an asteroid orbiting EXTREMELY close to the central black hole (the best place to take screenshots ) -And much more!
  10. It's should be compatible with any version that came out after the release. I'll soon release an update which will include this feature
  11. For the depth - you can adjust the scale along the Y axis, but the disk will look, well, pretty strange... And for the rotation - for now i didn't find the way to do that...
  12. @The White Guardian @Gameslinx Now you can use the plugin any way you want, I just released it as a separate mod
  13. About INSTANTIATOR is the plugin that allows you to place primitives and billboards around the celestial bodies and do a lot of manipulations with them. How to use it? 1. Drop everything from the .zip file to your GameData folder 2. Open the file "Object.cfg" in any text editor (Notepad++ for example) This file contains the list of the objects and its parameters. The object config node looks like this: SCALED_OBJECT { name = ExampleSphere type = sphere scale = 12000, 12000, 12000 shader = Unlit/Transparent main_tex = /example_tex rotation = 0, 0, 0 bodyName = Kerbin invertNormals = false } Let's break it down! name - the name of GameObject type - for now there's 3 object types - "cube", "sphere" and "billboard". NOTE: the objects of type billboard can be applied to the bodies that has the Sun template (or to The Sun itself) ONLY. scale - the scale of the GameObject (x,y,z) shader - You can use any shader that is present in Unity. main_tex - path to the texture rotation - the rotation of the GameObject (x,y,z) bodyName - the name of the parent body invertNormals - inverts the normals of the mesh DOWNLOAD: Compiled (An example is included) Source Planet packs that uses it: Gameslinx's Planet Pack by @Gameslinx Kargantua System Warning! It's the alpha version and it may contain a lot of glitches. If you find a one, please let me know. Planned features: -Edit all the material parameters -Load custom .mu files
  14. The mod looks so beautiful but... Did you just take a plugin and the textures from my mod? I mean, it's fine, but if you want to use a part of someone's mod in your own you should give a credit or at least notify the author of that. P.S. Not to being rude, I just don't like when something belonging to me is being taken without any notification
  15. I know what PQS is, I'm just trying to make a realistic gas giant that way. What I want to do is to make a some kind of thick 3D clouds (like in Space Engine) using PQS mods and put the ocean under it and I don't want things to explode when it reaches the "clouds"
  16. It's probably because the BH has a HUGE SOI. As I said before, I'll move it further away from Kerbol in the next release. But if you want to do it by yourself, you can just edit the Kargantua.cfg file by changing the semiMajorAxis value
  17. Yeah, I'm actually planning to move the system as far so it will be impossible to get to it using the stock engines. @wadusher1 And I'm actually do planning to add a wormhole. It will probably be the only way you can reach the system. The plugin for now is 20-30% done, so the wormhole probably will be in the next update Just typed in Google "volcano heightmap" ¯\_(シ)_/¯
  18. It should be fully compatible with any other planet packs, but I'm not sure if its compatible with the packs that replaces the stock Kerbol system, they might have planets that orbits at high distance and might intersect the orbit of Kargantua, so it might cause a lot of glitches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Working on a visual overhaul Also, completely redesigned Admun's atmosphere/clouds (inspired by the Alien planet from Space Engineers)
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