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  1. The Pentium will perform better in KSP. The FX in other, better multithreaded games. Both run KSP fine. If you play a LOT of KSP, then go for the pentium, if you also play a lot of other games, then go for the FX.
  2. I think he is just trolling. If yes, then he is not a bad actor. If no I lost faith in humanity again.
  3. And thats a .... thing happening. Germany is like: Nuclear reactors have a small chance of making a relative small space unusable. Better get the whole planet ....ed with coal power plants.
  4. Already tried with antivirus turned off. Guess ill do a clean installation with Windows 10. I can wait for that.
  5. Tried reinstalling curse voice and CCC. Still the same. - - - Updated - - - And if i use the repair function on the OS disk it says that the hard drive is locked. - - - Updated - - - One file from Terraria gets corrupted everytime i start it. Steam downloads 544 bytes. This is getting weirder and weirder.
  6. Some programs show up in the task manager for 2 seconds and then just disappeer. I guess something with the net framework is wrong but im not sure. Programs that do this: Curse Voice, Terraria, Mechwarrior Online and Amd Catalyst control center. Hope you can help me. Dont want to reinstall everything.
  7. For Ksp, the Pentium will be better (hope that changes soon), but for most other stuff the Fx 6300 will be better. Thats because KSP doesnt take advantage of many cores, but it will probably change with Unity 5.
  8. Currently installing Mint. Hope it installs on my ssd.
  9. I want to install linux because of 64bit and stuff. But I cant decide what distro I should pick. Mint, Arch, any other?
  10. An i5 4460 would be nice. In KSP intel is about 40 - 60 % faster than AMD. Im currently running a FX 8350.
  11. So if I understand that right I can return it to them and get a replacement in a week or so? ( The card is 4 months old )
  12. Ok the artefacts are gone after reinstalling the drivers again. As long as my second monitor is connected its fine, no crashing at all. How long would a RMA take? (its a sapphire card and i live in austria)
  13. I did a fresh install. Didnt help. Connecting a second monitor fixes the crashing but gives me horizontal stripes that flash up for 1 frame. I think its the VRAM that causes the crashes. (Connecting multiple monitors prevents the VRAM from downclocking) Anyone knows how to fix that without connecting multiple monitors?
  14. Just build it yourself. Its not hard.
  15. My R9 290 crashes randomly while at the Desktop or other non demanding application. I have to reset the computer after that. A temporary fix is to turn off the downclocking of the card while in idle but that increases power consumption by 30W. Hope anyone knows a fix for that. My Specs are R9 290, FX 8350, Msi 970 Gaming AM3+, 8GB Ram and a 750W bequiet power supply.