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  1. Would it be possible for anyone who has done this to upload a zip of their edited configs? Or even the entire folder?
  2. This isn't listed in CKAN. Do you plan to put it there?
  3. I sure hope my comments were not taken as a complaint so much as an attempt at constructive criticism and commentary. I (and hopefully most CKAN users) really appreciate all the hard work that the CKAN authors put into such a cool product. Your contribution to the KSP community just can't be overstated and I do indeed thank you!
  4. Maybe, but the bigger issue is the way CKAN handles (or doesn't) conflicts when manually installed mods are removed. Mixing manual installation and CKAN installation can result in some pretty disastrous errors, to the point of rendering CKAN unusable. FWIW, I use CKAN for CKAN supported and updated mods, but JSGME for manual installs. JSGME does a really good job of tracking changes and will even prevent the removal of one mod it it was later changed by another mod. (As is the case of many mods that include required mods or other data shared across mods.) For example, I have KSP-AVC installed via JSGME because the latest CKAN version is but AVC is a required mod for several 1.1.x compatible mods. Not having AVC installed effectively breaks at least a couple 1.1.x mods the depend on it. Also, StageRecovery 1.6.5 (a pre-release for 1.1.x) and the MK1-2 Pod IVA Replacement which was for 1.0.4 but still works with 1.1.x are also handled by JSGME. In the end, users may have to pick between using CKAN or installing manually, but not both.
  5. @ComatoseJedi Indeed it does work in 1.1.x! Thank you for pointing that out. I installed it manually and was very pleasantly surprised. What does it take to get mod uploaded to SpaceDock or gethub and getting the CKAN metadata updated for version 1.1.2 (or 1.1.99 if possible)?
  6. Regarding the versioning scheme, any mod with KSP version greater than the current KSP version will be flagged as compatible. That's why mods with KSP version 1.1.99 work with 1.1.0, 1.1.1, and 1.1.2. Until KSP releases a mod other than 1.1.x (up to .99) mods with the 1.1.99 version tag will continue to work. In this way, modders can write mods that should work with future minor updates, but without guarantees on any major updates. i.e. 1.1.x but not 1.2.x My current concern is that some modders are either too busy or not concerned with updating the metadata for their existing mods if they still work with new versions. Many 1.0.5 and most 1.1.x mods work fine on 1.1.2, but CKAN won't allow users to install them because the metadata is outdated. While not updating the metadata may not be a big issue for hardcore modders or mod users, for those users wanting or needing to use CKAN exclusively, this lack of attention throws a major wrench in the KSP mod works. THIS is when allowing users to install outdated-but-working mods is most useful. Case in point... The amazing MK1-2 Pod IVA Replacement works flawlessly in 1.1.x, but has not been updated to reflect the compatibility. The best solution is to encourage modders and users alike to test mods and then update their metadata as quickly as possible when existing mods still work on most recent KSP releases OR to encourage modders to include metadata allowing their mods to work on future minor updates, if no issues are expected.
  7. @alexustas I haven't seen a post about porting this up to 1.1.x yet, so I just have to ask. Is this on your to-do list? As far as I know, these particular switches are all just for show and to give your Kerbals something to distract... ahem, to play with... er, to do on their long, boring voyages. Maybe someday KSP will add simulated systems to the game, but for now, these don't do anything but look cool and finish out the IVA.
  8. Agreed. I like the fact that it's repeatable to the tune of hundreds of science, but that requires both time and effort from the user. (And potential carpel tunnel syndrome.) My current save is self-restricted to contract launches, though I do piggy-back other experiments onto one contract vessel. So, I need each launch to have maximum potential for science. That said, 300+ sci for one run of an experiment is just too close to cheating for my taste.
  9. Do you have a mod that changes the science returns for all experiments? The ABS device is designed to return about 2 science per beep, but let's you run it over & over for hundreds of science if you spam it. If you have a mod that maxes out your science so that you don't have to perform repeated science more than once, it will mess up the ABS science return. "Science - Full reward!" is one that comes to mind.
  10. Doesn't CKAN recommend that mod authors handle CKAN entries for this very reason? Is this something that you can do? My CKAN shows a version, which AVC identifies as for build .25! How did you get CKAN to load
  11. What about providing a means to have CKAN install an "external" mod not hosted on Gethub or Spacedock? We could point CKAN to the .zip (or whatever) file and analyze the structure to find either the GameData folder or the root mod folder. Once the structure has been determined, CKAN could install it and track changes that it makes and would know what to delete when removing the mod. I use the mod manager JSGME, JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler, that had a pretty robust algorithm to track mods and the changes made by each. I've been using JSGME for KSP since around .24 and haven't had any issues and I still use it to "manually" install mods not supported by CKAN. If I could merge the functions of JSGME and CKAN, I'd be in KSP mod heaven.
  12. Yours aren't the only updates not populating to CKAN. AVC, SpaceY Heavy Lifters have also been updated but not showing up with new versions in CKAN. There are probably more. Hope this gets straightened out before the official 1.1 KSP release or it's back to manual updating of MODS again. WildBill
  13. I have a contract I can't seem to complete. I've made it through each waypoint and they all show complete, but I now see a requrement for "Vessel: Any" that is incomplete. What gives?
  14. I may be missing something, but I can't scroll down the list in the Decay Manager. The scroll bar is there, but clicking & dragging on it has no effect. Also, with the Decay Manager window up, my FPS drops from 60+ to less than 10.